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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tony and I just came back from the Philadelphia Gift Show - a 25 minute ride from our home - at the NEW Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Seems ever since they tore down the Ft. Washington Expo Center the area trade shows have been a mish-mosh of times, schedules, and places. Very disconcerning for those who have to travel far to visit. We are lucky. However, I must say this location for a trade show was quite nice...a few wrinkles to iron out I am sure, but not the confusing mess that we have experienced the past couple years. Some shopkeepers stopped in the store over the weekend after attending the show and were not that excited about the goods is a GIFT show and not a country show....where most pharmacies, hospitals and tourist type shops buy from.....I found it interesting and there was a lot of good items I could have ordered. Not all that "cutesy" stuff (that is not what we are about) like it use to be. I did place orders with my tried and true vendors but going into something new is just too "iffy" right now with business on the slow side! I do have paperwork though for new stuff!! When you are at a show where you are not interested in over 3/4's the booths you have a tendency to take a deeper look into one that normally you would avoid....this is where I found some cool stuff for fall and Christmas....I did find two new candy lines - which is exciting because I think my candy counter was getting I am excited for the new delicacies to arrive !! Raspberry cheesecake fudge.....oh my....!!!! It is so easy to spend money....hoping it gets easier to make it!!! LOL!!!
We have two more trade shows to visit in the next few weeks and I am anxious to see what they are offering. For now I am thinking I must get ready for spring and Easter.....
(shhhh -Miss Barbara told me she is starting on rabbits....) Gotta stay one step ahead of that possible??????


ctlogcabin said...

Hey Judy ~ Glad to hear you and Tony had a day out. Ohhh Raspberry Cheesecake Fudge sounds delish. When I was away in the Fall (VT) I had Pumpkin was to die for...did you see any of that ? Either way I will tell Paul there will be some new additions to the candy counter. lol
Hugs ~ Connie xox


Miss pumpkin fudge but I am sure this company (small hubby and wife in Virginia) make it in the fall. You can't even imagine how delish the raspberry cheesecake fudge creamy...!!! We promise to have Paul's fav's this fall !! XO Judy

Janet - underthewillow said...

Raspberry Cheescake Fudge huh?....oh that DOES sound yummy! Janet :)

Karen said...

Glad you found some things at the show...I know how hard the decisions are because we feel the same way.
We're going to Valley Forge the end of the month and it's going to be iffy as well on what to order for the coming season. One just doesn't know what the next 6 months will bring. We may just be sitting with lots of stock.
Ohhhh, the fudge sounds great!!!