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Friday, January 30, 2009


I love when the Market Square trade show is happening in Valley Forge....Our olde store was next to an antique mall and I got to meet tons and tons of shopkeepers when I was there (9 years) when they would come to the antique mall to shop. Some I have become long time friends with and some BEST friends as with Barbara Young of Turkey Hollow Folkart....Barb was The Speckled Hen back then and even though she is on the other side of the country we have a wonderful true friendship... we lost contact for a couple years but we have picked up our friendship several years ago like there was never that "gap" !! I don't get to see as many since we moved BUT I still have the olde Kris and Joe from The Christmas Barn in Woodstock, Connecticut (storekeepers for 40 years) - I love trading stories and sources with them. NEW friends from Colorado Springs, Colorado I have just met for the first time today.....Two shopkeepers who travel to the trade show together....kindred friends. Last year they found the store ???? Haven't a clue how....someone sent them....hey come to think about it - it was Kris and Joe...LOL!! but I was not there that day (I was at the trade show)....TODAY I was there to meet them and both are super sweet. I feel blessed that this business gives me the opportunity to make new friends who love what I love and do what I do - that is also how I feel about my BLOG...heavens knows I write enough...but the gals I have met make me happy with their nice comments and insights...and just knowing someone enjoys my "words" enough to read them makes me smile.
I am off to the Market in the morning....hoping to find that ONE new and wonderful item - Kelly is working as Sharon, Tony and I will go "shopping" "ordering" and "eating"....can't forget the fun part of having a special lunch!!! Will let you know my thoughts tomorrow evening.....should be interesting as so far the market is getting "mixed reviews" !! Hopefully I will meet some more NEW friends.


Pots 'n Prims said...

That is the wonderful thing about this biz! I've enjoyed meeting shoppkeepers thru the years, though you, my friend, are the top gem among them!! :)
Have a wonderful time at market! Hope it's wonderful! Hate I'm missing it this year..

big city prims said...

Hi Judy! Have a great time -- my understanding is that the market is for shopkeepers only, or I would stop up and say hello!

Karen said...

Hi Judy, it's Saturday morning and we're here at the hotel waiting to go into Order Writing and am hoping to see you there - I'll be looking at name tags just like you! lol
Good luck.
Hugs, Karen