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Monday, January 12, 2009


Just couldn't get myself moving today.....??? It is cold outside..."bitter cold" is a better description. Makes you want to stay inside but I had to go grocery shopping, go to bank and post office. Then we had to take my van to get something fixed on it....again!! A boring dinner of hotdogs and baked beans is ending the day.....EXCEPT favorite show is on tonight...THE BATCHELOR... (I know I am a bit looney) Something to look forward to - yippee.
I will get the pj's on early and fix me some snacks and with the addition of a fluffy pillow and warm blanket.....I will spend an hour on the sofa in complete enjoyment!!! LOL!!
I did get some sewing accomplished for the store. (how come everyone always wants something that already sold, and of course you want the sale, so you have to make more even though you have the item in other fabric already done??) Tis' the life of a storekeeper/crafter !!
A group of us "artists" "crafters" whatever you might want to call us.....get together for an ornament exchange on Martin Luther King's birthday. We are ALL too busy during the season to take the time for this is the perfect day to get together and have fun. PROBLEM is coming up with something new and different.....some do a Christmas ornie ...I do Valentine's as that is where my head is right now....however my "head" is BLANK!! There are only 7 of us so I only have to make 6 gifts .....hmmmmm I better get a move on because it is only one week away...dear me!!! We meet at Brenda's house as this is her "baby"....she makes all the food and it is "delish"....her home is "vintage prim" olde farmhouse with a huge addition...stairways here and there leading to the upstairs...nooks and crannies ....I just love it! She is a "white" person...loving all shades of white and neutral colors....and she keeps this theme all thru her home. Now this is not I am full of color....lots and lots of color....BUT when I am in her home I am so stress-free and calm....I think all my color makes me hyper....but I couldn't live without it....I will try to remember to take some pictures next week. Brenda is the artist who does the altered art items for the store....The pictures above are some of her unique treasures she makes for us! Have a nice evening.....if you get a chance - watch The Batchelor !!!!!


Karen said...

I love her creations and your day sounded similar to mine. Busy with things that didn't satisfy me personally! lol

It's bitter cold here too but Doug is on the road so it was just me for dinner with some canned Campbells Bean w/Bacon Soup...YIPPEEEE!

Your friends (Brenda's) house sounds so delightful. Can't wait for pictures.


Kudzu said...

I love those glass bottle creations! And what is used to make the little miniature scene under glass? Just beautiful :D
I hope it's okay to mention I'm having an "I-Heart-You" blog give away in honor of our 27th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday. Just sign up on my blog in the post about it. Winner selected January 23rd, my birthday. Come enter and tell everyone! Kudzu