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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DUH !!

I wrote this whole long post all about......??? well ....will post it tomorrow IF I can get to work and take some pictures....We are suppose to be getting some very nasty weather!! It is not here yet but I may wake up to a real mess. Anyway...I wrote this post and NEEDED to have a picture so you knew what I was talking about and for some reason I must have erased it from the camera before I downloaded it - this is what the DUH !! is for.
I will write a short note about my day today anyway....I WORKED ALL DAY...sewing, stuffing and was a fun and PRODUCTIVE day! The picture at the top is what is going to the store tomorrow ..IF...and I have a table full (look below) of things to turn, age, stuff !! I like to work early in the morning when I get up...usually very early bird I am but not a night owl by any means! Want to know something else about me...??? I love the show "THE BACHELOR"...I was so excited that it started last night....I know...I am a silly nilly but it really looks like it is going to be a really GOOD series this time! So Monday evenings will be my best TV night for awhile....don't call cause I won't talk....(big smile)....Have a nice evening...Judy


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, those hearts are sure turning out pretty! I bet those will just fly out of your store!

Dawn said...

Judy, could you not bielve it when the next week segment was advertised. The bachlorette that didnt choodse him was BACK! Im sorry i cant think of her name? I couldnt bielve it, my daughter and i were astonished. I like her and thought she was going to pick Jason! But then to come back? I cant wait to see what happens!!!!dawn


Oh Dawn..someone to chat with about Jason...LOL!! I am dying to see what Deanna has up her sleeve..I did read that Jason is engaged and I am sure it is NOT Deanna!! Can't wait till next Monday...Judy

Mrs. Staggs said...

Judy, that is the perfect heart shape! I love it, and the old fashioned fabrics that you are using are so pretty. It's the time to sit with a bit of handwork, isn't it? We've been having very stormy days here.

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Judy-Good Morning-We to are the Bachlor fans. I saw a girl from Mt Carmel.(thats not far from you right) and one from Sewickly which is by us. Wasn't crazy about either one though. Your Valentine hearts are looking fab. Hope you have another productive day.