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Thursday, January 15, 2009


My friend Barbara from Turkey Hollow Folkart teases me with pictures of the goodies she is making and putting in my box she is shipping next week....The above picture just popped into my INBOX and I am beside myself wanting to hold it in my hands. Washington is a l o n g way from here but thank goodness for PRIORITY MAIL !! Patience is a virtue that I am lacking a bit !! She used very olde feedsack to make the tuffet and a very olde piece of brown quilt for the berry....I can only imagine how wonderful it will be in "real" and not a picture. It is Christmas everyday when you have a "country store".....I sell what I love....How did she know that I just made a very tiny strawberry display upstairs on a chair??? Kindred spirits for sure....


ctlogcabin said...

Evening Miss Judy ~
What is this you are feeling down ?? You are the happiest soul I know..always smiling and always a kind word on your lips. You My Dear, know who your tried and true friends are.
Just love that picture Miss Barbara sent you..oh
cant wait to see it in the store. And the tulips are so sweet....I was playing around today in the kitchen with a box I purchased at the Cinnamon Stick (love it) a few years ago, so you have been on my mind all day.
EnJoy you ice cream tonight ~~
Sending Big Warm Hugs & Love Connie xox

Char said...

Oh how wonderful!..that is just darling...i bet it is even more fantastic in person...I can see you now stalking that mailman!...hehehehehehe

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy! sorry to hear you have been down in the dumps lately....a package from Turkey Hollow will be sure to lift the spirits!....that pillow is fantastic! Janet :)

the purple plum said...

I love that little pillow. Michelle

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I hope the strawberries get you feeling your "berry" best me dear! Sorry to read someone has let you down -- it's hard to take when that happens.

I love the tulip display you made -- yes, wishful thinking where you are but here, the jonquils are already an inch high! Spring comes early but we pay for it with a long hot summer!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Miss Barbera makes the neatest prims for your store, you are so blessed to have her, I have her blog listed under my favs but everytime now that I click on it it says the blog is deleted also that she hasn't posted in 5 weeks. Could you please leave a comment telling me if this is right or that it is just blogger making a mistake. I always enjoyed her blog and left a comment each time.


Hi Rondell...Barb is taking a bit of a "hiatus" from blogging...not sure if I can convince her to come back. She is busy with redoing her kitchen among other things and is amazed that so many have missed her blog. She is quite humble and I will WORK on that! Don't give up hope - I haven't !! Judy

Kath said...

I Love it!!
What a special friend and what a sweet/prim 'heart gift'! ;)

Have a wonderful day!


ohiofarmgirl said...

Things look so cute...wish I could see them in inspire all of us. Dianntha

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Judy-Sorry to hear of your disappoinment. We all have such faith in the human sprit that it is difficult when one has broken that, or betrayed are faith. I hope things work themselves out for you. I also agree with Rondell, I miss Miss Prudence, always loved her blog, and pictures. You are very fortunate to have her treasures.

Karen said...

How lucky are you....and I love the pillow.