We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Just returning home....shaking my head cause I have this thing about spending money....I LOVE DOING IT !! I couldn't help myself. Told myself to be "frugal" "thrifty" "cautious" ...I was NOT!
The market was not that large...not like previous years - maybe that is why I did not get overwhelmed and was able to really take my time and choose really good items for the store. I am is going to be a great year....I found really nice Easter and spring treasures....imported yes...but I think you will agree when you come that it is "quality" imports. ( not fabric items....paper mache and resin) Lots of beautiful florals.
They will fit nicely with our mainly HANDCRAFTED TREASURES!! And again I purchased more candles....what is with me lately with candles??? Some great spring scents - these are all pillars and we are in NEED of pillars. There were things I wanted for the the battery operated tapers....but I thought....every store has those - I wanted to purchase items I didn't think you would find anywhere else...I think I did a good job.
I did order some fall and is always good to get that out of the way from the bigger companies...
I am spoiled....the artists that make items for the store are so very talented...the detail and love that they put into making their treasures cannot be purchased at a trade show. I am blessed to have such wonderful gals making things for us. I don't know why I am so lucky but I will not question - I will just embrace it !!
ON A FUN NOTE....Karen from MY COLONIAL HOME and I met today....she is prettier than her picture and just as sweet as you can imagine.....and so is her hubby Doug. Neat couple...and it was fun to talk - I wish we had more time. We both had our noses to the grindstone - but next time we will have to meet after the show and have dinner...sounds like a plan to me!
I had a great day today !!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


I love when the Market Square trade show is happening in Valley Forge....Our olde store was next to an antique mall and I got to meet tons and tons of shopkeepers when I was there (9 years) when they would come to the antique mall to shop. Some I have become long time friends with and some BEST friends as with Barbara Young of Turkey Hollow Folkart....Barb was The Speckled Hen back then and even though she is on the other side of the country we have a wonderful true friendship... we lost contact for a couple years but we have picked up our friendship several years ago like there was never that "gap" !! I don't get to see as many since we moved BUT I still have the olde Kris and Joe from The Christmas Barn in Woodstock, Connecticut (storekeepers for 40 years) - I love trading stories and sources with them. NEW friends from Colorado Springs, Colorado I have just met for the first time today.....Two shopkeepers who travel to the trade show together....kindred friends. Last year they found the store ???? Haven't a clue how....someone sent them....hey come to think about it - it was Kris and Joe...LOL!! but I was not there that day (I was at the trade show)....TODAY I was there to meet them and both are super sweet. I feel blessed that this business gives me the opportunity to make new friends who love what I love and do what I do - that is also how I feel about my BLOG...heavens knows I write enough...but the gals I have met make me happy with their nice comments and insights...and just knowing someone enjoys my "words" enough to read them makes me smile.
I am off to the Market in the morning....hoping to find that ONE new and wonderful item - Kelly is working as Sharon, Tony and I will go "shopping" "ordering" and "eating"....can't forget the fun part of having a special lunch!!! Will let you know my thoughts tomorrow evening.....should be interesting as so far the market is getting "mixed reviews" !! Hopefully I will meet some more NEW friends.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I DID get to the trade show last was really good. This was the first time I have been there on the first evening and didn't realize that you could purchase right there from the vendors. I was able to pick up a few items - everything was really very nice and well done. The prices, however, were a bit more than I wanted to spend on some items. Not that they weren't worth it....just more than I felt I wanted to bring to our customers at this time. I am doing my best, in this economy, to find the "best for less"! I fully understand all the "behind the scenes" costs in operating a business so I am not complaining.
Going to the trade show really gives you inspiration and I can't wait to get to the store today (may have to go by ice skating) to pull out my spring and Easter goods. I am also anxious to go to the fabric store and find some NEW fabric to cover tables etc. (NOT that I NEED one more yard of fabric) however buying a few yards of NEW fabric can really get me creating!!
The picture below of "MASTER HIGBIE WEATHERFORD" is a perfect example of what gets me motivated to work hard. MASTER HIGBIE is a Turkey Hollow creation and soon to be on his way to THE CINNAMON STICK....Barb teases me like this - sending me pictures of "soon to come wares" - and I can't wait to "pet" him !! We do sell quite a bit of rabbits and bunnies and peeps and eggs....oh boy can you tell I am ready for SPRING!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am work today - the snow and freezing rain is holding me captive! 10 am and still in my jammies . I had BIG plans for today and not sure I will get any of them accomplished. The Heritage Market Trade Show starts tonight and it is the only time I can go - a trade show to a storekeeper is a MUST as it is important to see what is new - what are "must haves" and getting a good "see" what will be available for fall and Christmas. The Heritage Market is a "handmade" show and I really don't want to miss it. Guess I will have to convince Mr. Nice Guy to get me there. (I have my ways!!)
I have been suffering with the "sniffles"....I get grouchy when I don't feel good and I am not always on my best behavior - I am working on that !!!
Guess I will go sew up some bunnies.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

A PERFECTLY FUNFILLED DAY TODAY....and presents to boot!

What a fun time I had today at our ornie exchange.....I took lots of pictures of Brenda's home and decided to put them in an album on my PT.... cause her home is just delicious!!! Three of us were running around snapping pictures...and Brenda was just laughing at us.
I got the coolest gifts.....we had the best lunch...the best company....and we want to do it more than once a year !!! A couple gals couldn't come as work interferred - we missed them! The pics are of my exchange gift to the girls...I call them Paper Dolls...the anagram is the initial of each gals name!
Pictures of the gifts I received I will post on the PT - I had the best time and really needed a fun time with good friends.


Yesterday after closing the store we went to my daughters to celebrate our youngest grandson's birthday...Today he is "3" !! I just had to share some of the excitement with you...the picture of the four boys are all brothers - my daughter's family....The other picture is my son and daughter (wonder what they are talking about???) ....he also has 4 - 2 boys and 2 girls....what a "crazy, loud, fun time they have together. Their ages are similiar and how neat it is to have cousins to grow up with.
Today is our ornie exchange and I will be sure to post pictures of the goodies I receive and some of Brenda's home.....this has started to be a fun week....this last week in January!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today was a fun day at the store. Sharon and I taught a class making a pincushion from an olde baby shoe....we had super duper fun with the gals that took the workshop! I posted lots of pictures on the PT - - go take a peek. What I love about the workshop is how creative each gal is....someone or "sometwo" always come up with something we didn't think of and makes the class more special. No one even wanted to take a break to snack on warm orange tea and blueberry or cinnamon coffee cake - or both !!(made by me in the wee morning hours)... BUT of course we did - LOL!! We needed "energy" to put all those little embellishments on the cushions after everything was in place.....
The store was "managed" by Tony while the class was going on....we could hear him "flirting" with the customers all the way up in the attic....tsk tsk....he loves working and getting so much attention !!! Gotta say he does a pretty good job too.

Friday, January 23, 2009


My treasure box came today from Turkey Hollow Folkart.....I posted all the goodies on the Picture Trail for sale....I am just so excited...Barb use to always tell me that she would find something that she had purchased from our store and it would have the "Cinnamon Stick" smell....(that would be Linseed oil and spirits)....Tony's concoction of bringing life back into olde wood. She always made me smile with this as other customers would also say...My husband knew I was at The Cinnamon Stick today because he could "smell" it in the house....!!! I would like to think The Cinnamon Stick smelled like CINNAMON...however Tony's concoction wins out!!! LOL!! Well...Barbara's treasures ALWAYS have the Turkey Hollow scent.....a concoction of cloves and cinnamon ....a bit of sweet annie maybe...??? ...whatever it is her home has got to be the nicest smelling house ever! She laughs when I talk about her "scent"....but I swear you could blindfold me and I could "sniff" my way to her treasures!!! Just opening the box it rushes out to you !!! She also filled some small vintage hearts with some "lavender"...this box smelled the best!!!!
The 1803 Soy Candles arrived today too....I am truly in love with them after being told how wonderful they were for over a year by another storekeeper and completely ignoring her ...until she sent me one...that did me in - I was hooked. This is our second order and I already am working on the third....I want all their candles....I am that impressed!!
Do I dare say the little Valentine mice arrived today too!!! I know these will not stay very long.
All and all it was a fun day today....much appreciated....and did you see the temperature....woohoo hit 50 degrees today - that won't stay long either....(sad face) !!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hmmmm....I think these should last me for awhile ...don't you !! Tony got this great olde box full of olde bottles - medicine mostly - at auction on Monday. I think we will have to have a class on making the "altered art" bottles like Miss Brenda does for the store. Maybe for Easter....wouldn't that be fun !!! Now I am wondering if there will be enough.....LOL! He is slowly cleaning them as they are alittle - let's say "dusty" !!
It is still cold the teens...But we might get a bit of a break tomorrow....fingers crossed.
I want to see green grass! Guess I will have to grow some!
I'm expecting new items to arrive this weekend at the store for Valentine's Day and then my mindset has to start thinking spring and Easter. I have the menu all planned for our Valentine Social....gosh that is coming fast better get into the store and fill out your Valentine Card for the entry box!! We will have lots of nice gifts to giveaway....I always love a party!!
Hope everyone has a very pleasant day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I received a couple emails asking about the "mood" of the buyers and vendors at the I thought I would post it here for everyone to see...shopkeepers and shoppers !! This was the last day of the show....and the first I was able to go. Not every vendor was happy....and I tend to think they were the ones with the imports ...the cheap imports. The vendors I dealt and talked with were very happy....said it wasn't the greatest buying numbers but much more than what was expected. They seemed pleased. There is a lot of Fall and Christmas there and buyers may not have been ordering that as much of everyday stuff. The "DEALS" were shipping with so much $$ orders...etc. Many had no minimum orders...
Everyone was cheerful and seemed to be having a good time (I ate my way around the aisles)...LOL!! The buyers were courteous and said "excuse me"....(storekeepers know what I mean by that statement if they have attended the last few trade shows)...It was a fun day....maybe because during my shopping, the PA system and various TV's here and there, were showing the Inauguration....a new beginning for everyone! Crowds gathered in front of TV's during Obama's speech....they even applauded....was quite exciting to see the enthusiasm for this new President from young and olde alike....Maybe that was why the atmopshere was on the jubilant side. For whatever reason, the mood was POSITIVE.....Storekeepers were ordering and looking forward to a great SPRING season.....(me too!!)


Tony and I just came back from the Philadelphia Gift Show - a 25 minute ride from our home - at the NEW Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Seems ever since they tore down the Ft. Washington Expo Center the area trade shows have been a mish-mosh of times, schedules, and places. Very disconcerning for those who have to travel far to visit. We are lucky. However, I must say this location for a trade show was quite nice...a few wrinkles to iron out I am sure, but not the confusing mess that we have experienced the past couple years. Some shopkeepers stopped in the store over the weekend after attending the show and were not that excited about the goods is a GIFT show and not a country show....where most pharmacies, hospitals and tourist type shops buy from.....I found it interesting and there was a lot of good items I could have ordered. Not all that "cutesy" stuff (that is not what we are about) like it use to be. I did place orders with my tried and true vendors but going into something new is just too "iffy" right now with business on the slow side! I do have paperwork though for new stuff!! When you are at a show where you are not interested in over 3/4's the booths you have a tendency to take a deeper look into one that normally you would avoid....this is where I found some cool stuff for fall and Christmas....I did find two new candy lines - which is exciting because I think my candy counter was getting I am excited for the new delicacies to arrive !! Raspberry cheesecake fudge.....oh my....!!!! It is so easy to spend money....hoping it gets easier to make it!!! LOL!!!
We have two more trade shows to visit in the next few weeks and I am anxious to see what they are offering. For now I am thinking I must get ready for spring and Easter.....
(shhhh -Miss Barbara told me she is starting on rabbits....) Gotta stay one step ahead of that possible??????

Monday, January 19, 2009


Our get together for our ornie exchange was cancelled today....regretful indeed...however Brenda's house has that horrid "flu" germ floating know the one that ATTACKS both ends of the body!! She is feeling better but her sweet daughter Brenna ( who is a diabetic) had to be taken to the hospital as nothing.....NOTHING .....would stay down! So next week it is...which is good for me....but poor Brenda had everything ready. I have to tell you that she goes way over board and then two extra miles on top of that, preparing for the party. (I think she likes to play Tea Room Owner too!!!).... Her seating place tags are ALWAYS unique and this year she told me she was using fresh flowers - and that was the only bummer of waiting till next week.....So next week it is and now I have something to look forward to !!
Today I will do some household chores and pull out my Easter patterns....I am ready to think spring as I look out the window and see all white.....remember I am a "color" person and I would love to be seeing blue skies (they are grey) and green grass and yellow daffodils...!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My friend Connie from posted the following youTube video on her blog and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with everyone too....enjoy!! It is quite amazing...


Did I really think I could manage TWO blogs....???.....I am always over estimating myself....guess that is better than under estimating....However....I will deem myself unworthy of taking care of two blogs and will give my Valentine Holiday blog up......(silly of me to think I could do both but I truthfully don't have that much interesting "stuff" to share) off with her head....begone sweet Valentine Blog....I bid you farewell....till we meet again....

Hope that title didn't scare you....LOL!! I have WAYYYYYY too much fun with this blog to go away---------------and I have met so many new to the store I go....Judy

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I guess I am just getting too olde for this cold weather....hmmmmm thinking all my customers must be OLDE too because it was a very quiet Saturday. Bitter is a good adjective to describe todays weather. It started out at 5 degrees and only got to double digits at 2 pm.....the heater just kept humming away.
The pictures are of the cloth heart that I hang on the outside of the back door entrance night I bring it in and hang on the inside. This morning when I went to put it on the outside it was FROZEN....yes frozen to the inside glass door....the second picture is of the ICE !!! ....and this is INSIDE THE STORE. Now I will admit that I turn the thermostat down to 55 degrees when I leave at night BUT the outside was so cold that it made ice inside. ????
Hmmm...that little North Carolina gal who keeps asking me to send her WINTER (yes you Lisa)...well here it is....this is only want it cause you can't have it...LOL!!!
I am home in my toasty warm house but the heater is hummming $$$$'s out the chimney...sigh !
AND... I wanted to thank everyone for their heartfelt comments about my "down in the dumps"...How can anyone stay "down in the dumps" when they have so many good wishes from some very sweet to you !!! Judy

Friday, January 16, 2009


I have all my gifts finished and packaged for the our ornament exchange on Monday!! I just kept working while customers (yeaaa customers!!) browsed and shopped!!! (yeaaa shopped) !!! I am excited to go now - they don't look like much do they??? Remember this is an ornie exchange but no one makes ornies....LOL!! The hard part is four of the gals who come also make items for the store so we have to think of something that wasn't done...or seen before. That is hard ... My gift is simple but heartfelt so I am hoping the gals will love it !!!
I am dying to know what Sharon is making since she is the biggest contributor to the store...and we do the classes together...and go to the trade shows together....and we just about discuss everything together....although....and that is a BIG although...I never know what she is making for the store until it gets there and I am always surprised! I will post pics of all my treasures. Three of the gals are really into the altered art and three of us are more primitive....interesting!Want to know something about me???? I love candy canes....I am still eating them from Christmas...I purchase boxes and boxes of the sweet cheapy ones and am in "candy cane heaven"....I also collect candy canes.....I can't even imagine how many I have....wood, fabric, glass, plastic, big, little, crooked, them all !!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My friend Barbara from Turkey Hollow Folkart teases me with pictures of the goodies she is making and putting in my box she is shipping next week....The above picture just popped into my INBOX and I am beside myself wanting to hold it in my hands. Washington is a l o n g way from here but thank goodness for PRIORITY MAIL !! Patience is a virtue that I am lacking a bit !! She used very olde feedsack to make the tuffet and a very olde piece of brown quilt for the berry....I can only imagine how wonderful it will be in "real" and not a picture. It is Christmas everyday when you have a "country store".....I sell what I love....How did she know that I just made a very tiny strawberry display upstairs on a chair??? Kindred spirits for sure....


It has been bitter cold all day today and tomorrow is suppose to be worse.....not as cold as the midwest mind you, but nonetheless it is COLD !! I had to make this pretty pot of tulips to brighten my spirit - it made me think of the nice days ahead (thank goodness they are not behind me)....I have been a bit down in the dumps with an ongoing saga....and needed something to pull me out of it! Words like trust, friendship and truth...mean so very much to me and I don't understand how some can use them so loosely.....oh well the tulips helped....meanwhile....I have been busy working on my ornie exchange creations and am half way done...woohoo!!
Customers were out and about which was a good thing - I made this heart garland today and stuffed some Valentine pillows....moved some displays around in the store (that usually brings the customers in when I am up to my elbows in messes) every time!! New treasures arrived from my sweet young friend in North Carolina.....she makes the neatest items....always something different....thank you Dawn! I will post some pictures on the PT tomorrow. Want to know something about me??? I love ice cream and eat it almost every night....did I say almost....yeah right.....I eat it EVERY NIGHT!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Went to put the pj's on and then looked on my windowsill and saw the perfect "ornie exchange gift" is something that my sweet friend Barbara of Turkey Hollow sent me a couple years ago...(getting gifts from Barb is so much fun - she is so creative)...anyway, I am excited now and will start work on my "ornies", that aren't really ornies but surely a token of friendship, first thing tomorrow!! is turning out to be a great day....all I had to do was fret to all of you and all is well. Hugs to you guys....Judy
ps...can't tell as someone who is gonna get one might peek!


Just couldn't get myself moving today.....??? It is cold outside..."bitter cold" is a better description. Makes you want to stay inside but I had to go grocery shopping, go to bank and post office. Then we had to take my van to get something fixed on it....again!! A boring dinner of hotdogs and baked beans is ending the day.....EXCEPT favorite show is on tonight...THE BATCHELOR... (I know I am a bit looney) Something to look forward to - yippee.
I will get the pj's on early and fix me some snacks and with the addition of a fluffy pillow and warm blanket.....I will spend an hour on the sofa in complete enjoyment!!! LOL!!
I did get some sewing accomplished for the store. (how come everyone always wants something that already sold, and of course you want the sale, so you have to make more even though you have the item in other fabric already done??) Tis' the life of a storekeeper/crafter !!
A group of us "artists" "crafters" whatever you might want to call us.....get together for an ornament exchange on Martin Luther King's birthday. We are ALL too busy during the season to take the time for this is the perfect day to get together and have fun. PROBLEM is coming up with something new and different.....some do a Christmas ornie ...I do Valentine's as that is where my head is right now....however my "head" is BLANK!! There are only 7 of us so I only have to make 6 gifts .....hmmmmm I better get a move on because it is only one week away...dear me!!! We meet at Brenda's house as this is her "baby"....she makes all the food and it is "delish"....her home is "vintage prim" olde farmhouse with a huge addition...stairways here and there leading to the upstairs...nooks and crannies ....I just love it! She is a "white" person...loving all shades of white and neutral colors....and she keeps this theme all thru her home. Now this is not I am full of color....lots and lots of color....BUT when I am in her home I am so stress-free and calm....I think all my color makes me hyper....but I couldn't live without it....I will try to remember to take some pictures next week. Brenda is the artist who does the altered art items for the store....The pictures above are some of her unique treasures she makes for us! Have a nice evening.....if you get a chance - watch The Batchelor !!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I am having fun at the looks great again and very cheerful with lots of "LOVE" all around!! Are these Valentine mice the cutest ever !!!!! One of these gals will be chosen as "Miss Valentine" at the Social !! I wonder whose name will be drawn out of the Valentine Box to win her...???? Handmade by Connie Steinbeck who always "makes my day" with her treasures!!
The vintage wool pillows are from Turkey Hollow Folkart....always perfect in every way!! They will be arriving soon with more goodies!!!
I know I promised a post that was written but didn't have pictures - the post seems "olde" now so I will just post a picture of our olde-fashioned Valentine Box.. The teacup is filled with "Merrie Thoughts" to keep the "glooms" from getting in the way of having fun shopping!!
Snow is expected here starting in the early dawn hours....not especially to my liking...especially if we can't open the store.....(big frown)....will just have to wait and see what happens....I AM SURE I WILL LET YOU KNOW.....!!! XO

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DUH !!

I wrote this whole long post all about......??? well ....will post it tomorrow IF I can get to work and take some pictures....We are suppose to be getting some very nasty weather!! It is not here yet but I may wake up to a real mess. Anyway...I wrote this post and NEEDED to have a picture so you knew what I was talking about and for some reason I must have erased it from the camera before I downloaded it - this is what the DUH !! is for.
I will write a short note about my day today anyway....I WORKED ALL DAY...sewing, stuffing and was a fun and PRODUCTIVE day! The picture at the top is what is going to the store tomorrow ..IF...and I have a table full (look below) of things to turn, age, stuff !! I like to work early in the morning when I get up...usually very early bird I am but not a night owl by any means! Want to know something else about me...??? I love the show "THE BACHELOR"...I was so excited that it started last night....I know...I am a silly nilly but it really looks like it is going to be a really GOOD series this time! So Monday evenings will be my best TV night for awhile....don't call cause I won't talk....(big smile)....Have a nice evening...Judy

Sunday, January 4, 2009


LOL!!! Look what my friend Miss Connie made for me.....a faux magazine cover....what fun!! I came home from a very quiet day at the store (big frown) to this wonderful gift from a true friend!!! Love you Connie!! If you go to her blogspot you will see how creative she is an a decorator - her eye for color and putting just the right items together in her home is envious!! We did get a "real" article in Create and Decorate magazine last September (NOT the cover...LOL!!) - in their special holiday issue...and my daughter for Christmas had the article framed....she brought me to tears knowing how proud she was. Kids can do that to you!
I am busily working on Valentine's Day as that is what sold yesterday in the store...and hopefully will have some items for sale on our Picture Trail shortly....Miss Barbara from Turkey Hollow told me she is working on some wonderful surprises for the store....woohoo!! and Sharon of Vintage Threads (just coming back from spending Christmas with family in Georgia) will get busy too....I think I put a "sparkle" in Brenda's eye when I gave her a fun idea for her tiny cloches....wait till you see them!!
Have a great I have to go make me a bunch of "red" hearts to fill an olde wooden bowl!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Every year since we have been married (April 22, 1967) we have started the New Year with our best man and his wife....Tony and Judy....hmmmm...we are Tony and Judy....and they are Tony and Judy....!! It is always at our house and I prepare....pork and sauerkraut, corn, mashed potatoes, applesauce, hot rolls and cheese pie !! It is quiet now as our children have started their own traditions with their friends...but boy when the kids were young - yi yi yi !!!
We play pinnacle after dinner....and the boys usually win most of the games... we have lots of fun as we are a "homemade family" and have lots of memories thru the years that we talk and tease each other about. It is a great thing growing olde with friends...lots of memories....some exciting and fun and some sad like the passing of our parents. We can joke and laugh down memory lane knowing so much about each other!! Even though we complain about our aches and pains....being together...remembering ....makes us YOUNG again....if only for alittle while. I am hoping we have 20 more years of "Tradition" ahead of us....oh I can just imagine the conversations then!!! HAPPY 2009 - it is going to be a great year!!