We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, December 31, 2009



...I can feel it in my bones...a good year is before us !!! I am so blessed with loving family, two terrific children, 8 adorable and ornery grandkids, a kind and loving husband and my sweet friends....God Bless all my friends!!
We are stay-at-home- New Year's partyers.....(Tony is already sound asleep) !! The year ended with a snowstorm...a long phone visit with my bestest far-away friend...and a Burger King dinner...Life is Good!!
Looking back on 2009 it wasn't all that bad...except for August....gosh I don't want to go thru another August in the store ever.....!!! We met many new customers thru out the year are and grateful for all of them. The year started with our Valentine Social...sweets for the sweethearts, an old-fashion Valentine Box with lots of entries for prizes! Easter/Spring Open House was lots of fun.....always nice to bring out the "country" pastels after the drab days of Winter.... lots of bunnies were hopping around. Our Herb Faire was quite grand....even though I had to put all the herbs on the porches because of the STORMS! Yummy....Lavender Egg Salad...(thank you Susan - -for the culinary lavender) Beeskep cupcakes with sugared johnny-jump-ups, tea sandwiches with lavender lemonade helped make the "faire" quite nice....the garden fairies are so kind and left lots of fairy dust for me to sell. Our Fairy Garden classes were so much fun ideas for this year's classes (but the same old food)! I don't really have much to say about was long and very quiet in the store....ppppspssspppstpppssstt (verbal raspberries being given here) But alas...Harvest Thyme Open much fun. We love Halloween...and do it BIG !! Great handcrafters filling the store with such wonderful treasures...and for the first time...our WITCHES NITE OUT !! So much more than I expected....especially when my dear friend Barbara ( showed up in full "witches dress" to surprise me...all the way from Washington State(okay...she was on her way East to visit...but her timing was so perfect!!) she made the evening event just so special....and I put her to work helping too (thanks Barb)! I was amazed at the good witches who attended (Susan from Henny Penny's came 91 miles to surprise me - in her witchy finery too) !! I didn't recognize regular customers in their new "look" ! Planning on making this an annual event! And finally Christmas....jingle bells, gingerbread, the scents of balsam and fir, Santa, angels, snowmen and GLITTER....lots and lots of glitter! Christmas cookies and Christmas fudge - tinsel pipecleaners with bells to tie on packages and pretty bows.... yeah.....2009 wasn't so bad....!!!! Happy New Year Friends....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


What I am thinking today...Valentines!

..I have nothing to say....!!! Same olde same olde....anxiously waiting for midnight tomorrow (not that I will be "awake" to see 2110 arrive....LOL!! Just anxious to say hello to a new year. Although 2009 was not ALL that bad it is just good to be rid of it!
Of course I have lots of paperwork to catch up on for income tax purposes....oh how I hate getting all that stuff ready....
I can't wait for the "trade shows" to see what new treasures will be available to purchase for the store....guess I just feel alittle "stale" right now and am in need of some "excitement"! I was looking forward to seeing Lisa from Homethrown Pottery but she had to cancel her trip to PA (sad face)...
Hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Year's Eve....

Monday, December 28, 2009


Creak, ugh, crackle, pop!, ahhhhh, eeekkk, sigh-h-h-h-h- .....Those noises you just "heard" were my "bones" screaming as I sat down to the computer!!! I spent the day at the store "undoing" the rest of Christmas and moving furniture - two big pieces were a perfect fit just where I put them.....but the others....well, let's just say I moved some pieces 4-5 times before I left at 4 pm. I think I am too olde for this!!! (chuckling and rolling my eyes at the same time)... It will be a FULL day of displaying and redisplaying counters (front and back) are piled sky high and so is the candy counter. The store is VOID of Christmas - inside and out - and looking quite "pale"without the clutter.
I ironed some "blue" fabric for the "Winter Blues" theme and lots of fabric pieces for Valentine's Day.... ( I enjoy having pieces of fabric on benchs, tabletops, shelving..etc...puts some softness and color in the store) Now I have to get some goodies to put on the benches, tabletops, shelving etc....!!! I have been working on some "hearts" and a new little "make-do" I am excited about. Otherwise.....the store will look alittle empty for a bit. Can't let that happen too long! I will add new pictures to the PT when things look better.
A small section for "Abe and George" has to be done too....this should get us by till we start our spring and Easter decorating.....(I need to think spring as it is going down to 5 degrees this night)!!!!!
Off to get some IBProfen.....(big smile)!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

GOODBYE 2009 !!

Hello 2010 !! Christmas was delightful....busy and fun....grandchildren still small enough to be in awe of EVERYTHING!! Memories being made every moment! BUT......2010 beckons and lots of work has to be done. Yesterday in the store I just couldn't stand it....I had to start pulling all the (very) dead greens from shelves and tables and nooks and crannies...that led to undoing the tree (what a mess with all that "sprayed" on snow...LOL!!) Tinsel everywhere and I still have to OPEN today. It was not very busy yesterday (rained the entire day) but the sun is shining today and I am going to open the doors to a MESS! I dread the store looking "bare" and really need to get my rear in gear to fill those empty shelves! Putting the Christmas to sleep for another year is bittersweet....I am anxious to "redo" but not sure what to do! Valentine's of course and a bit of the "Winter Blues"....Barb from Turkey Hollow and I (along with our sweet husbands) met in Maryland one weekend - we toured the country stores and antique shops where in one we saw a glass case filled with ALL blue items and a sign that said "Winter Blues"....since then I have always done the "Winter Blues" to start the New Year..."blue" seems to be coming back after losing favor for a few years - and it's getting hard to find the real true oldetime blue items. I am off early this morning to stop in an antique mall to see what I can find - I have been so busy with Christmas that I haven't had time to go shopping for the store. I am anxious to go out and find some good treasures.
PS..I have not heard from the "Paranormal" people yet....bad weather and the holidays have gotten in the way....however things happened after they left...unscrewed overhead lightbulbs...remember my ghost at Halloween??? A picture of her was in the attic and half of it is "wet" and has stayed wet since last Sunday when I found will be interesting to see if they saw or heard anything!!! I will let you know!!!
Have a good day today....we are going to ANOTHER Christmas gathering this evening.....seeing friends from Virginia - always fun to get together...!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I don't know how it could get any better.....

Today was just an awesome day !!! Started with having Blakely - my 5 year old granddaughter - going to work with me today so her Mom ( my DIL) could finish up all her odds and ends (wrapping for four kids and lots of family) ! I offered to do this and what a fun day we had together. You can tell just by the smile on her face. She is NOT shy and talked with all the customers - of course Grandmom has stickers, glue and lots of glitter to make things...She spent some good time up in the attic making Christmas gifts for what she calls ''My Family" and some for herself!! She was a real trooper and quite the little helper. (She also told me that I should pay her $100. cause she worked hard) !!!
We stopped at the Post Office before opening and there was a PACKAGE waiting for Sweet Christmas Tillie that I won on Lori Rippey's blog give-away... was in the package. goes what I can only describe as one of the best handmades I have had the pleasure to own. AND I am no easy pushover when it comes to handmades....I KNOW WORKMANSHIP MADE BY LOVING HANDS - I have been around for a LONG time and have seen much... I sell handmades by some of the BEST Folk artists and this sweet little girl is one of the best crafted dolls. If you get a chance to purchase a doll from Lori - DO IT will NOT be disappointed. Here she is seated in a chair I had just waiting for someone to occupy!! (this little chair belonged to my daughter when she went to kindergarten, we purchased it along with a "desk" from France for her) !! Here is the desk and chair...AND CHRISTMAS TILLIE!!!!
AND the day was not over....Joanne from stopped in with a PRESENT too.....(what a fun day) !! She "hooked" this "snow" ball ornament for me. What a wonderful gift - I have it hanging in my kitchen already....on an olde pig hook!! The card was perfect too....Thank you again Joanne!!!
and one more picture.....a cute little story....Blakely made this "tin can" reindeer in Nursery School last week....she couldn't wait to show me cause "Grandmom likes things that are rusty looking" !!! Bless her heart!! Here is a picture of her "reindeer".....
Guess who gets the business when we retire!!!!!!

LAST DAY FOR SHOPPING TODAY... THE CINNAMON STICK ! Sort of bittersweet as part of me is sad that the season (which has been much better than expected) is over - the other part of me (the adventurous part) is ready to move on with the NEW YEAR - "Twenty ten"...much easier to say than "Two thousand and nine" - and I am wishing an "easier" year for everyone!! The start of a new decade is full of promise and recovery - but for right now I am going to enjoy the Christmas holidays...spending as much time as I can with my family and friends - then BACK TO WORK!!!!
We are still having our 25% off all Christmas at the store....and will do that for the next week - but you know me...I will need to put Christmas to sleep, tear down those decorations and move on to the "Winter Blues" and Valentine's Day !!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

GHOSTBUSTERS ...they came to the store...

Last Friday night.....they came at 10 pm....set up their equipment and asked questions in the darkness! Concentrating in the attic !!! Saturday they were coming back to give me a verbal report ( I will get a written report too)...BUT the blizzard came and we did not open. Now I have to patiently wait for them to contact me - which they can only do thru my store info and I don't go back till Wednesday.....!!! HOWEVER - on Sunday when Tony and I were there shoveling and moving some furniture around - "they" ( my spirited friends) let me know they were not very happy with me for doing this. It all has to do with LIGHTS ! Good spirits visit the store...not sure if anyone actually "lives" there but I do believe I have visitors. We have "incidents"...nothing scary or anything - coins show up in odd places (I didn't tell the Paranormal people this cause I want to see what they tell me)....A bell moves on the door...just one bell where there are three ...only one dings...for NO reason??? Overhead light bulbs unscrewed....??? okay....enough...I will give you a report when I get it !!! I do so love the unexplainable !!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

...and it keeps coming and coming

One side of the front garden...
Taken at 6 pm....not suppose to stop until 6 am !!! Look how high it is on the milkcan...very windy, very cold. Snow is NOT really my thing....although it really is quite beautiful outside!


Last Thurday evening was Tony's last night as one of our Township Commissioners - it was a bittersweet ending. He was awarded a very nice plaque for his service and I know he will always volunteer for all the events that the township has. He enjoys being involved...Very proud of my sweet husband!
I am home today....SUPER SHOPPING SATURDAY....and I am home....SNOW !! It started here around 6 am and is suppose to last until Sunday morning (hoping that changes!) I am just rearranging my plans - today I will bake and wrap, and Monday and Tuesday, when we are closed, I will do that fun last minute "this pile is too small" shopping for the Grandkids. I am thinking it is a "soup" day - and maybe grilled cheese sandwiches - better go get a pot on!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's all about family - my grandbabies.....although not babies anymore! Our family has been blessed with these happy faces. They keep us young at heart !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"Christmas Tillie".....a giveaway from Lori at and I WON her!!! I truly did - I am on a streak of "good luck" and can hardly believe how "lucky" I am !!! I have the perfect "little" chair for Tillie and her dolly to sit in - I am so anxious for her to arrive! Do you think Santa decided I was a "very good girl" and this is his way of telling me??? WOW!
Tingling.....candy canes and sugar plums are dancing in my head!!!
The first day of our 25% off Christmas sale was really good. Customers who didn't know about it were really excited and it was a very pleasant day in the store. We sipped orange tea and ate Christmas cookies all awhile discussing how much "Christmas" we had already accomplished and what we had yet to do. A fun day!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


WOOHOO !!! The shopping is done...well the major shopping that is !! I still have to get the KING of the house some goodies but that will be easy enough - HOME DEPOT!!! Now onto the wrapping and baking ! I did have a bit of a "panic" when two stores I went into were all out of the Nerf and Strike Bundle Elite Wii game.....BUT I found it!
A store newsletter went out this morning...thought I would share it with you - just in case you are local and not on our email list... it's titled - A Christmas Gift For You...

December 15, 2009 - 10 days before Christmas....

Hi Country Friends,

MERRY CHRISTMAS !! I am hoping that most of your shopping is finished and you are well into the wrapping and baking (I am not) !! Although not that far "behind" I have some ground to make up and hopefully that will all get done this week so there is not "scurrying" at the last minute!
The countdown to Christmas has begun - it has been a good season for us and we want to thank all our customers for shopping at The Cinnamon Stick this holiday season. But HOW ?? Although we don't do "after Christmas sales"... we decided to give 25% off all "Christmas" items starting Wednesday, December 16th....Our Christmas gift to you. We still have a nice selection of Christmas goods in the store (I can never stop buying), so if you need some last minute gifts ~~ many handmades still available ~~ *new* Christmas scented candles ~~lots of vintage finds ~~ stop in this week to finish your shopping and receive 25% off any Christmas treasures you purchase!

We will be open our regular hours... Wed. thru Sat. 10 to 5pm and Sunday 12 to 4 pm this week.
Open Wed., Dec. 23rd 10 to 5pm
Closed Dec. 24th and 25th
Opening Sat. Dec. 26th and Sun. Dec. 27 with our regular hours

Tony and I wish you the "merriest" Christmas ever - the "reason for the season" is never far from our hearts.

Your Country Friends,
Judy and Tony

Monday, December 14, 2009


I am just filled to the top with has taken a bit to get me here ! I think I have been working non-stop on Christmas for the store that I wasn't doing any Christmas for me!! That was over on Saturday when Tony and I started our Christmas shopping - AT THE MALL ! As much as I am not a mall person it was wonderful...lots of beautiful Christmas decorations, gorgeous red and white poinsettias, lively Christmas music and people! I love the crowds and everyone seemed very festive! We had a nice dinner and then shopped from store to store. Today I go back to finish up - I love to buy presents and don't make it hard on myself....I can usually find the "perfect" gift - (in my minds eye anyway) !! (Aren't "gift receipts" wonderful!!!) It is so much fun buying for the grandchildren (even if I don't know what I am buying...X-box and Wii games are beyond my mental capacity)!!! But they will get just what they are asking for whether I know what I am giving or not.....THEN the real fun begins as I go looking for the "special" presents that they aren't expecting! Tony likes to remind me I was "cutting down" this year.....but just shakes his head and lets me be me!!!
The pictures are of a corner of our living room - the bags of gifts are for our son's 4 children - they are "hiding" them at our home....My DIL Wendy is coming over today to "start" wrapping - so Tony pushed everything to the side and set up a table for her - we brought all packages from the storage porch to the living room so she can just wrap and go whenever she can steal some minutes away. They only live 5 min. from us! There's alot of wrapping to do....oh my!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMASTHYME!!!
Have a very "merry" day...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My "JUNK BAG" arrived that I won from AND it is wonderful. I already have it full of my "JUNK" and went Christmas shopping last night - it is light weight, easily hung over the shoulder with nice wide straps and I was even asked by a stranger where I purchased it !!! Thank you gals for picking MY name!!!
Our "Snow Princess" (above) is giving you her biggest smile in hopes that you will want to take her home when you visit! Handmade with rug hooked face (by Amy Mutter) and wearing her prettiest Christmas dress I don't know how anyone can resist! She is even bringing you a little Christmas tree as a present.
Those who are able to visit the store know that I LOVE olde boxes and always have lots on hand to purchase. This box is really neat...opens in the middle (I have it propped) and filled with little keepsakes. A great box to keep your special letters, cards and ephemera! (and that is Snow Cute sitting next to the box... the "Snow Princess' younger sister -just by a day or so)
It is quite cold here this morning...they (weather people) are talking about rain - maybe even freezing rain...which I hope does not happen as I have much shopping yet to do !!! Gosh the days are going by very quickly....!!!! Have the merriest day today!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


We are lucky enough to have two wonderful artists who make us treasures using "mixed media" and "altered arts" in their creations! Their creativity is so inspiring and SO MUCH FUN. It is always exciting to get items from both Brenda and Vicki cause their imaginations are stellar! Using "flea market" finds and vintage ephemera they create unique and many one of a kind items for the store. Most has sold out but the above pictures I took yesterday of a few items we still have -....they just make the store "sparkle" !!
The sun is shining here this morning...(after hours and hours of rain) is cold - hmmmm...guess it should be it is WINTER !!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is one happy boy since he got to tell Santa exactly what he wanted for Christmas....Cullen is 5 and wants all the Wrestle Mania stuff......All four grandsons are hooked on it - they play the Wii and even the 4 year old knows all the wrestlers and what "moves" they are famous for.....(I am rolling my eyes) !!! They wrestle each other (but there are rules from Mom and Dad they told me) - hmmmmm Grandmom will NOT let them wrestle in front of her.
Some wonderful old redware has made it's way into the store. The large vessel has a couple hairlines hence the $48. price tag...the little ones are perfect. I have some good treasures going into the store tomorrow and will hopefully get some pictures.

The iron shoe form is from an old shoe shine you remember these??? They were always at the bus stations when I was growing up....I think they make a unique "hat stand"...!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BRRRRRRRRRRR - it is cold!!!

Meet Miss Holly Wintertree - she is quite happy with the "cold" weather hence that big old smile on her face !!! She was a "greeter" for our Sleigh Ride Event over the weekend !
Here are a couple pictures....I was busy and forgot to take many.....:( ( I thought there were more) The poinsettias were a gift from Neal and Carolyn - New Jerseyites) - Elf Tony was his usual "jolly" self and made sure everyone got fed - IF they were hungry or not!! The whole weekend was fun - I love the holidays - I do think there should be MORE of them!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The first snowfall of the season and it happened during our Sleigh Ride wonderful....(and I dislike snow) !! But today it was perfect....everyone was in the spirit of Christmas (buying lots of goodies) and the day was quite festive. 4 o'clock the snow was covering the roadways and getting quite dangerous (and customers were still coming???) We started to clean up alittle after 4 pm in order to get out of there as soon as we closed. In my haste I left my camera (and Sticky Buns (thank you Cathie) at the store....oh how good those sticky buns would of tasted in the morning !! Although we have one more day of our Sleigh Ride Event it was a huge success - "Elf Tony" kept everyone fed and warm with his Hot Pockets and Hot Cocoa! On Friday I served the Potato Soup and Sweet Pepper Dip with crackers...that dip is so good that in two days 36 packages were sold ! Dang....I wish I had pictures to share.....tomorrow for sure.
Monday I am going to "Breakfast with Santa" with two of my grandsons...Cullen (5) and Crew (soon to be 4)....I can't wait to spend some time with them....all our events are done for 2009 BUT.....I am working on 2010.....Usually our Valentine Social is the first event of the year permitting we might just find something special to do in January when everything is so "blah" !!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


DING-A-LING !! Tomorrow is the start of our Sleigh Ride Event...I have potato soup on the stove cooling - (since we only do the "Hot Pockets" on Saturday I can't not feed the Friday shoppers!) We have a sweet little surprise to tuck into the Friday shoppers sacks when they make their purchase too ! Lots of new antiques have been added to the store this week and new Christmas jar candles arrived yesterday...oh the scents are just perfect for the holiday season! Miss Holly Wintertree is on her way and should arrive tomorrow afternoon sometime. I am very anxious to see her as it has been a whole year since her last visit! Pictures tomorrow !!
The picture above is one of those items that catches Tony's eye at auction and starts his mind creating. They are going to make the best wall racks....the wire hooks are really unique. We think they were part of an old quilt rack ???? Pretty cool old black box with lid waiting to be "cleaned" up sitting there too!!
I am loving my store right is filled with lots of Christmas spirit and I am hoping everyone has fun visiting us this weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


...those words are (I think) meant to be nice but when, as a storekeeper, I hear them I have to admit I shudder. I am NOT the only one - other shopkeepers remark this to me! It almost has become a joke over the years - as the people/customers who say this to you don't ever buy a they are really not one bit interested in your store...BUT they do think it is "cute" !!
Which brings me store is "little"...but boy oh boy did it feel big these past two days as I worked in rearranging and cleaning the three "little" rooms upstairs. I am done...I am thrilled with how it turned out...and now I have to tackle the "little" room downstairs! BUT not until after Christmas.....with that little store is looking quite "cute" !! (The above is all written in good fun !!!)
I would take pics but I did something with the settings of my camera and it won't work....I pulled the "instruction manual" out and will go "TRY" to figure out what I did.....woe is me....

Monday, November 30, 2009


The picture is the "JUNK BAG" I won over at FRIDAY FLEA MARKET.... click on the link to get there and check them out !! - (fun site) !!The bag is reversible and I can't wait to get it....I was in the NEED of a new Junk Bag - the holiday "fairies" must have known that too!!!
I spent the day cleaning the second floor of the store....and of course I can never just clean - I started changing furniture around and the next thing you know the whole upstairs looks different...I spent 6 1/2 hours and only did two rooms....I will go back tomorrow to finish the little room and one cupboard that didn't get dusted or rearranged....!! I am hurting though....I had furniture from one end of the room to the other, in doorways, stacked on top of each other etc. and my foot got tangled in the vacuum cord and down I went....OUCH !! Right smack on my left shoulder. I know it will double hurt in the morning....just carelessness....I am lucky I didn't break anything..
On a happier note - I am getting ready for our Sleigh Ride Event....went shopping on my way home from the store for tablecloths and POTATOES, marshmellows and hot cocoa... I love a good party!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


What fun you ask....why the Sleigh Ride thru Zionsville and Hereford of course !!! Coming this weekend December 4, 5 and 6th, three other stores join us with a pretend Sleigh Ride Event...(if you knew how many times I have been asked what do we do if we don't have snow???) Yikes.....I am embarrassed to explain it is ALL PRETEND !! However, this is our fourth annual Sleigh Ride Event where we hand out flyers with a printed sleigh - each store must be visited and your "sleigh" stamped - when all 4 stamps are had you leave the sleigh in whatever store is your last visited to go into a big old pot for a drawing to win one of 6 gift certificates - $100., $50. and four $25. certificates. If you win you can choose any one of the stores to spend your gift in !! Each store does something special - Friday and Sunday we will have special treats - Christmas cookies, soup and dips BUT on Saturday Mr. Elf Tony will don his "Santa's cap" and prepare "Hot Pockets" for everyone!
Hot Pockets"An olde English tradition of keeping your hands warm while Christmas shopping in the early 1800's. In merry olde England street vendors would sell "potatoes", well baked, to passing shoppers - shouting "hot pockets"~~~Customers would purchase the potatoes placing them in their pockets thus keeping their hands warm while they shopped..
Of course our "potatoes" will come with all the trimmings - sour cream, chives, cheese and lots of butter !! Tony will have the Popcorn machine popping away and Hot Cocoa with marshmellows, if you so desire, will be at the ready!
This is a fun weekend of partying - Miss Holly Wintertree will be joining us...I must take a picture when she arrives.....
The picture is of Mr. Elf Tony last year.....this year we are moving him to the front porch where we will have more room (since we still have that big old feed bin for sale on the back porch)... I even have a new "velvet" Santa hat for him...shhhhh it is a surprise!
Oh and I have to tell you!!! store mannequin got her "wings".....I am so happy for her..!!!
Toodle - loo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A POEM....

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ! (thanks for the poem Betty) !!

The pumpkin pies are done, so is the "filling" (ie stuffing to most) Turkey breast is ready to go in the oven. Pumpkin cake is in the oven and cole slaw was made yesterday morning....I also made some cookies for the store to enjoy Black Friday.
We go to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving....and her MIL does a whole turkey I bring the breast so we all have some goodies to take home. My favorite sandwich is - turkey, filling, cole slaw and cranberry sauce on a good Italian roll - I so look forward to that the day after Thanksgiving !!! I made those already prepared sugar cookies (the ones you just pop in the oven) with a "turkey" in the middle for the I am looking to find a cute little cornecopia box that I saw somewhere to put the cookies in for each I have nothing else to do....(big smile)!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A drizzly damp day here today but that didn't hurt my "happy" mood as I prepared the store for Black Friday shoppers! Fun new items have arrived today from Joanne and Amy.... We have some fine rughooked and wool items....the top pictures are of the wool "Feather Trees" handmade by Joanne McIllmurry - Joanne is a beautiful rughooker and gives classes on making these wool feather trees. She was kind enough to make some for you to purchase - just amazing to see!! (maybe we can talk her into some classes next year!)

The Snow Girls are made by Amy Mutter.....their faces are hooked in wool and their bodies are made of osnaburg - both are wearing the prettiest Christmas dresses! Amy is another beautiful rughooker and has made "snowman face" pins that are also for sale!
Having a country store has opened a treasure chest of friends I would never have met - I still have customers who came to my home when the store was there.....26 years ago....for that I am so thankful. All of my customers have touched my life in one way or another....some became forever friends (love you Barbara) even when they live so very far away (yippee for free long distance) !! Some are young and some older than me...(yeah they are real old)!!! Some come weekly, some monthly and some only for special goings on...but I am so thankful for every visit. I am thankful that I can do what I love every day, thankful for my family and neighbors, thankful for my good health and loving husband, my two beautiful children and 8 MAGNIFICIENT grandchildren, thankful for old friends and new friends and so thankful for all those that "put up" with me whenever, wherever and hopefully forever.
I am thankful for all of you who enjoy this blog and leave comments telling me so....may God Bless everyone this Thanksgiving wish is for all to have lots of family and friends to celebrate this holiday season 2009!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Although some of the "Tucker" family had to go family members will be arriving for Thanksgiving - you can meet them on Black Friday at THE CINNAMON STICK....I am sure they will "tuck" themselves here and there and will be happy to say "Hello" !! This side of the family was a bit hard to please - they wanted "top hats" instead of "caps" and some wanted red wool scarfs, some wanted white....yi yi yi....they ALL wanted holly in their hats!!! (Leah Webb makes the snowpeople and I dress them) !!
It is a rainy morning here in Pennsylvania - not real cold just damp and dreary. I have tons of work to do in the creating department and the "cleaning" department....(my poor kitchen - can't cook in it till I get it spic and span)...Our house is small and I have projects going in every room - Christmas decorations ALL over the living room...stuffing and bits of fabric pieces on the kitchen table and floor - the breakfast counter is filled with projects drying - coffee stained countertops and the microwave....yegads !!! Tony was busy stamping invoices and putting jingle bells on glittery pipe cleaners for our bag ties all morning...until....Tad (our son) needed him to work and he was very happy to leave me with all my messes.
I'm behind because yesterday Tony took me out for a FUN day - antiquing !! We didn't find trillions but what we did purchase will be great in the store. He has the "eye" for the unusual - and amazes me with his ingenious ideas! It is fun living here....(except for that mess in the kitchen) !!! We stopped for breakfast and I had PUMPKIN PANCAKES with cinnamon butter.....a short stake but they were so BIG I needed a "doggy bag" and had them again this morning....delish!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Beautiful weather....really nice customers...some olde and some new...with a good mixture of Christmas and antiques going out the door !! Felt like olde times!!! Everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit - having fun shopping with friends, taste testing the dips and "believing" me when I tell them the "orange tea" I am serving is Turkey Hills's orange iced tea in the gallon container heated up! (Turkey Hill is a chain mini market here in PA) It really is good but everyone thinks I do something "special" to make it taste so good.....I DON'T !!
Gingerbread boys from Turkey Hollow arrived today but I forgot to take a picture :( They are so sweet and smell wonderful! We are on our last "hurrah" of getting new Christmas items in the store - cross-stitched pillows from Susan, Santa ornies from Connie and some BLING bottles from Brenda are still coming in and then it will be time to sell what is there. I could keep buying and buying but (I don't believe I am saying this) but I have to think Valentine's Day soon !!!
( I just looked over on my sewing machine and I see FIVE red wool stars that need to be sewn...??) I am never done with Christmas....
Our next event is our "Sleigh Ride"...with three other stores...December 4,5 & 6 - info will be posted on our PT if you are local (or not) check out this fun event....our resident "Elf" Mr. Tony, serves "hot pockets" on Saturday, Dec. 5th....(an olde English tradition and quite yummy!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


comes to the store it was total "chaos".....Every display I made with my Turkey Hollow Folkart treasures,that arrived yesterday,were taken apart...SOLD....and all had to be put back together again...lucky for me I had some goodies "stashed" for Black Friday. New dips (the absolute best made) and soups from Castle Creek Farm are now fully stocked just in time for hurry in this weekend and be sure to try our Herbal Cranberry Spread which we will be serving! #1 Seller !!!
I have always collected olde country store jars....and sell many in the store...AND I am always sad when they sell - I am just a silly olde storekeeper who would love to keep everything -HOWEVER, I do have the bestest customers and know all our countrywares are going to good homes where they will be loved. Such a rewarding feeling!
Here is a picture of some olde quilt pillows from Turkey Hollow - Barb either cross-stitched or stitched on each one...still available....


Angels are singing all over the store.....bringing you Christmas cheer and well wishes. There was a time when I couldn't get enough angels to sell....and for some reason they are not the biggest sellers anymore. ???? !! The ones flying above are made by Dianne Galloway and are just too sweet! Stuffed with cotton they have the feel of long ago....I can't imagine anyone not wanting to hug one!
The next photos are of Terri's (The Olde Button Tin) snowflakes....made from vintage doilies with handworked snowmen in the center....the back has a circle of wool covering the tiny stitches. Always coming up with something unique, Terri likes to use vintage "everything" in all her this olde perfume bottle as a "make-do" mitten base....tiny flecks of glitter and a tag that reads "Snowy Days"...makes it so special !It is a "dreary" morning here in PA and I think I heard another Nor'easter was headed our way...glad it is NOT SNOW!! I do not have any kind of "relationship" with snow...I know it is "olde age"...but it is what it is!! (Tony's favorite saying to me) !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ALSO ...

For Ginny - these are the pillows from Terri of The Olde Button Tin - made from Vintage feedsacks. The MERRY CHRISTMAS and PEACE, along with the "straight lines", are stencilled on. The other one is called the "Christmas Rose" and is done in "penny rug" style right onto the feedsack top - in hand dyed wools. All are stuffed with cotton for that oldetime softness. ENJOY !!
PS...not as dark as picture shows on the penny rug one!
The backs -