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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Only kidding....but for everyone who says...."I wish I had a store"......let me tell you about the other side of the job!!! I have just spent two full days ( and I mean hours upon hours) of taking down, rearranging, and then rearranging again....and THEN rearranging get the idea! Cobwebs...with dried evergreens in them - (we are having lots of sunshine and boy does that show you every little cobweb you missed) dust that just floats in the air and falls on the newly dusted and waxed counter, olde wooden floors that you have to "pry" with a butter knife the "stuff" that falls in the cracks cause even your very best vacuum cleaner will not get it out!!! Sore knees, elbows, arms, legs and oh the poor back....Up and down the stairs to the cellar finding room to put the bins till next November - back up with the Valentine decor! I had to dye Valentine fabric to age it today and hang it outside on my "country clothesline" at the is an olde wire fence with clip clothespins...(sunny and very windy today) and then rip and iron it to fit the tables and benches and cupboard shelves....I am not half done - !!! All the work I did, and although I am happy with the furniture "arrangement" (finally) looks so bare and void of color and life!! That will be my job tomorrow - to get all the wooden hearts displayed and the fabric ones....of course that is the FUN part of being a storekeeper.....unfortunately there is more cleaning and fussing that has to be done too.....(wrinkling my nose in dismay) !! I haven't even touched the upstairs....but I did get the stairway all done....and all the poinsetti's are up in the attic on the two windowsills.....(I will try very hard to keep them alive as long as I can!!!)
Tomorrow customers will come in and say "oh it is so empty"....GRRRRR and I will just give them the "stare"....LOL!!! Hopefully by the weekend I will be a "happy" storekeeper again - but today.....the STORE IS FOR SALE......XO, Judy


Beehind Thyme said...

LOL... Judy, you scared me to death when I saw the title of your post...

I know exactly what you mean... my shoppes are EMPTY as of today. I have been looking for last years leftover Valentine Wares... I can't find them... maybe it all sold... have to get busy!

Many Blessings 2 You in 2009, Pamela

ctlogcabin said...

LOL...Judy ~~ I so Love You and your Honesty !! First I gasped then I laughed out loud. Every word you spoke is True...and don't forget.....After they say its "So Bare",they will also say "So Whats New" ?? Hang in there Honey...I know the Happy Store-Keeper will be back and smiling by the week-end. Rest your Back ~~
Sending New Year Hugs ~ Connie xox

Janet - underthewillow said...

Wow, Valentine fabric for tables and shelves even!....I would LOVE to see!....I hope you will have time to take pictures to share!....Happy New Year Judy! Janet :)

Kudzu said...

Congratulations on a Christmas well done! I'm looking forward to Valentine's photos in your shop.

Grace Maurer said...

Judy, you are simply inspiring! I know what hard work it takes to keep a store like yours looking fresh and exciting each day. o matter how you sometimes feel about the way the store might look at any given time, I want you to know that it is always A PLEASURE to come to Cinnamon Stick. Even if the store was half empty, the fact that you great me with a special hello and a hug makes the trip worthwhile. I feel truly blessed to know you and look forward to many years of friendship. Best wishes for a New Year filled with joy, happiness and love.


Karen said...

All I can say is you deserve a vacation girl!
All of your efforts I'm sure show in your shop and your customers appreciate the care you take.
HAPPY NEW YEAR JUDY to you and your family.
Hugs, Karen

Dennis said...

Excellent work!!

Bringing Candle Making Home

Barbara said...

LOL Judy, you're a hoot! I was 'feeling your pain', remembering how it used to be...then I smiled and thought to regrets! I'm enjoying my 'semi-retirement' and even more, enjoying reading about your continued hard work...LOL Blessings to you olde friend! Barbara @ Cabin In The Woods