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Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW??? ICE???

I am not really very fond of snow.....beautiful yes but it causes so many problems with driving and does absolutely nothing for business. AND the weekend before Christmas with three storms on the way - I am not a happy camper! We are on the cusp of snow or maybe ice or maybe rain...we will most likely get all three - My friend Barbara in Washington State is suffering ( I say suffering she loves it) thru 2 foot of snow when I talked to her yesterday afternoon - The picture is one she sent me of her kitchen garden - YIKES !! I would be a mess - there is so much last minute shopping for food and things that the weather will certainly interrupt - I am grateful that my family is very close and we don't have someone sitting in airports waiting for a plane. My heart goes out to everyone who has this worry! Who out there was wishing for that White Christmas???? LOL!!
I am busy working on Valentine items for the store....I am ready for the change over - why I get so antsy I don't know but by January 1st no sight of Christmas will be left in the store and I am sure it will look very barren until we got stocked up again.
I look out my window.....and nothing is happening....BUT I am not going to work as all the schools are closed where the store is located - seems silly not to go but I am going to believe the weather reports after watching the news and seeing Detroit and Chicago with their snow filled roads! Hope everyone can stay home in their warm and cozy home today...


CatHerder said...

Just surfed into your it..will have to MAPQUEST and see how far you are from us, we are in Jersey. I used to work with a Judy Doyle in Warren County YEARS ago at a merchant services company. We are sitting here awaiting the snow as well...nothing yet!

Karen said...

We are in the same situation as you with the weather....I believe the entire half of the states from the midwest to the east are on this alert....during the night (and still falling) we got 9 inches and more to come this evening and throughout the weekend.
I guess we're all sounding like weather people right now but it's fun! No, I don't like the stuff AFTER it has fallen but it sure is pretty coming down.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Oh Judy! If it snows, blow some this way!! We've been under fog & rain all week, but I'd MUCH rather have snow! If nothing else, save it for when we come up next week! But, gosh, I hope you'll be open if it does! :)
Hope to see you soon!
Happy Holidays,

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy!....all we have here in Central Virginia right now is rain ::::sigh:::: you know I'd LOVE to have some of that white stuff....I need to move just a bit farther north I guess! Janet

ctlogcabin said...

Good Morning Doll ~~
Me, Me, its was me hoping for a White Glad to hear you are staying home, so you'll be safe and sound.
Also glad to hear Miss Barbara is well and good. I miss her !!!! I'm going to finish up my baking today I hope. We have nothing here as far as snow right now,but we are on high alert. Paul has the plow on and the sander is filled up so he is ready to roll. :-)
EnJoy the day !!!
Hugs ~ Connie xox
Since I am still wrapping Christmas gifts I am ignoring your remarks about Heart Day !!! (((hugs)))

Carolyn said...

We got about 8" here in northern NJ and it is beautiful. My golden "Sadie" is in heaven...jumping around, making snow dog angels and burrowing to her hearts content. I'm getting a little cabin fever today, so we are going to venture out and try not to skate away. Wish we were closer to Cinnamon Stick...I would be there in a sec, just to hang out with wonderful Judy and Sharon and see what treasures I might have missed since the last time I was there.

Kudzu said...

I feel bad for you who are being snowed and iced in. It's been hot and humid down here, mid 70's all day, I had doors open til I couldn't stand the 75-feels like 85-degree mugginess. My grandson even ran in asking for popsicles! He had on shorts and tee playing in a mud puddle with a stick :D It'll get cold again soon enough :D

Barbara said...

Awwww Judy...I didn't mean to 'wish' for so much snow...just enough to feel like Christmas!LOL
Wishing you a Blessed & Merry Christmas! Barbara @ Cabin In The Woods