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Friday, December 5, 2008


The pictures are of our "Hot Pockets" ready for the oven...tonight I take the box over to my "right hand" Sharon for her to bake in the morning as my oven will only hold so many....we will keep them warm in thermal coolers...(they work great) and our small grill with warm any that need it during the day....Tony has it down to a science...he will keep the potatoes hot on the grill and then keep them warm in the popcorn machine so they are not TOO hot!! He's a is suppose to only be 32 degrees tomorrow.....YIKES!! he does this on the porch....!!
I am as ready as I can be....Brenda is coming in this morning with MORE goodies...she does the "Mixed Media" - "Altered Art" items for the store. All glittery and fun! We have certainly seen that the customers do not want that "grungy dirty look" in the treasures they purchase but are still looking for the "olde and worn" look of yesterday - AND mixing that with the vintage look of olde papers, cards, books and ribbons and trims. We never did get into the "grunge" (well maybe alittle bit) but soon got out of it. Sticky coffee dyed items do not really excite me. I know there is a HUGE market out there as I have been asked but it is not for us. What I love about our artists is the "PRIDE" they have in their work....making sure it is perfect for THE CINNAMON STICK!! Barbara of Turkey Hollow Folkart is making an angel for one of our customers as a special order and was not happy with the she remakes the whole is one of the round ball heads and if you have ever seen one of her dolls you will know it is "perfectly round"...I am so pleased to be able to bring our customers wonderful craftmanship and know I am truly blessed. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!
I am already thinking Valentine's Day....we LOVE Valentine's Day.... BUT right now I must concentrate (stay focused Judy) on our Sleigh Ride and Christmas...hope you have a great Friday ~~~~~


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Good Morning-I think the Hot Pockets are the cuties idea. I had a smile on my face when I read your post about the way they use to use them. Have a great day.

theoldestonehouse said...

Good luck on the Sleigh Ride. I do so wish I lived closer to enjoy all the festivities.
Stay warm