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Sunday, December 28, 2008


What a fun couple days this has been at the store. I have met some new gals who visit The Spicecupboard and really do READ my silliness!! First on Friday, Marissa visited! (whose sister found our blog and emailed me to say her sister lived close and would visit).....Marissa and I had a fun time gabbing and hopefully Marissa had a fun time shopping too....thank you Donna of for sending your sweet sister !! Linda Stinson, from Lancanster and the Prim and Rustic Forum, paid us a visit too.....what fun she was - we swapped some "stories" and talked of creating for the New Year - she is already working on Easter....even has a "PLAN" !! Good Luck with that Linda!!!!
Olde friends, Lisa and Dave from "Homethrown Pottery" ( )in North Carolina came yesterday and we had a nice long visit. Lisa is very talented and has her "hands" in just about everything from antiques to pottery to candle making....and more and more!! I love meeting and sharing stories and ideas with fellow shopkeepers. Lisa and Dave are lots of fun and I must visit their store one day....a trip to North Carolina would be fun!
Today is the last day of our "Merrie Discount" on Christmas items for the store and I am anxious to get it all put away and start with Valentine's Day.....I have been working on hearts of all sizes, shapes and fabrics.....Valentine's Day is very special in my heart - I think everyone should make a "BIG" deal of telling family and friends how much they mean to you....!!!! Be sure to visit our Holiday Blog to see what we will have for sale!!!
AND I don't forget George and Abe.....we will celebrate their birthdays too!!
Have a nice Sunday - it is raining here in PA but the temperature is "springlike" - only for a day....My Johnny-Jump-Ups are going to be so confused !!!


Karen said...

How wonderful to meet new friends. Isn't this blogging just great bringing everyone together...just look at the contacts we all have.

Glad you Christmas merriment went well and good luck cleaning it all up and bringing out a new holiday line. Stores do keep one on top of things.


Janet - underthewillow said...

Oh what fun indeed it is to meet those you've met online!....even though you've never seen their face in person you feel like you've known them all along!....and I am anxious to see what heart shaped things you have in store! Janet :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I swear I'm going to drive your way but first I need to get a GPS!

I'd love to visit your store and see all the great things that you have:)

Have a wonderful New Year and I'd love to see the hearts that you have been making:)

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Judy ~~ That was great to have new friends from Blog World come in and visit. Wish I had been one of the customers in your store this week-end. Yesterday was the last of the Christmas get togethers/birthdays we have in the family. I think today might just be a "PJ Day" for me, Im plain tuckered out. lol
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Blackstone Cottage said...

Hello, thanks for the lovely comment about my house. I love having Gristy's across the street. I love Homethrown Pottery, what a small world. A few years ago I ordered coffee mugs from them and each morning I start my day with them in mind. I hope to visit your shop soon. Happy New Year.

Pots 'n Prims said...

We had a wonderful visit Judy!! I always love catching up & sharing shop stories!! :) Can't wait to see ya again! :)