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Monday, December 22, 2008

4 DAYS HOME...hmmmmm....

Now that doesn't happen very often.....I get to play "stay at home Mom" for alittle bit!! Today has been a good day. Tony and I had Blakely for a few hours...we went to the "Mall" (what a crazy place that was) Tony said it will be all "grey hairers" today....(Like him...not me.....I fix that problem every 5 weeks) and it was.....that and young Mothers with strollers and 2-3 children in tow. A very busy place!! Christmas music was playing loudly....Santa's Ho-Ho's were jubilent as the little ones stood in line to sit on his lap - it was very festive - I don't mind the Mall at fact, it is my favorite time to go !!! We quickly did our business and went to the food court....had a bite of lunch and scurried home to bake cookies. "CUTOUTS" - I am not good with rolling dough....:( so we have a real mess in the kitchen right now - I am taking a 20 minute break from it all.....and then back to the cleaning up so I can make some Russian Tea Cakes that seem to be everyone's favorites. (Blakely has gone home filled with sugar in her hair, red and green fingers and mouth and lots (too much) sugar in the tummy...:) ( well we had to taste to make sure the cookies were good)!!!
It is freezing here....but I am not complaining after seeing what is happening other places around the country. We had horrid ice yesterday but that big olde sun came out and did an okay job getting some of it melted. Walking in our yard this morning was like walking on glass...cracking underneath my steps!! The windows upstairs are frozen solid and you cannot see out...except in the back of the house where the afternoon sun came out.
Well back to the clean up.....going to be an easy dinner night tonight....stay warm and cozy!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Those cookies look mighty yummy Judy! Sounds like you did your job as a Grandma to send the child home full of sugar, LOL! I can't wait to have Grandchildren so I can do that too! My Mom used to do that with mine! It is cold here too but dry as all get out today. Enjoy these last few days of Christmas, I can't believe it's almost over already! Janet :)

Karen said...

What a fun day you had with your hubby and Blakely.
Isn't it fun baking with the little ones and we get to send them home all hopped up on sugar! LOl
Your cookies look just delicious.
Glad it was a fun day.

Kudzu said...

Oh, I bet your home smells so warm and cozy now! Save some for Santa! Ya'll stay warm and safe!
Merry Christmas