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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Only kidding....but for everyone who says...."I wish I had a store"......let me tell you about the other side of the job!!! I have just spent two full days ( and I mean hours upon hours) of taking down, rearranging, and then rearranging again....and THEN rearranging get the idea! Cobwebs...with dried evergreens in them - (we are having lots of sunshine and boy does that show you every little cobweb you missed) dust that just floats in the air and falls on the newly dusted and waxed counter, olde wooden floors that you have to "pry" with a butter knife the "stuff" that falls in the cracks cause even your very best vacuum cleaner will not get it out!!! Sore knees, elbows, arms, legs and oh the poor back....Up and down the stairs to the cellar finding room to put the bins till next November - back up with the Valentine decor! I had to dye Valentine fabric to age it today and hang it outside on my "country clothesline" at the is an olde wire fence with clip clothespins...(sunny and very windy today) and then rip and iron it to fit the tables and benches and cupboard shelves....I am not half done - !!! All the work I did, and although I am happy with the furniture "arrangement" (finally) looks so bare and void of color and life!! That will be my job tomorrow - to get all the wooden hearts displayed and the fabric ones....of course that is the FUN part of being a storekeeper.....unfortunately there is more cleaning and fussing that has to be done too.....(wrinkling my nose in dismay) !! I haven't even touched the upstairs....but I did get the stairway all done....and all the poinsetti's are up in the attic on the two windowsills.....(I will try very hard to keep them alive as long as I can!!!)
Tomorrow customers will come in and say "oh it is so empty"....GRRRRR and I will just give them the "stare"....LOL!!! Hopefully by the weekend I will be a "happy" storekeeper again - but today.....the STORE IS FOR SALE......XO, Judy

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Seems like Dave from Homethrown Pottery just couldn't get that big olde red thrasher out of his after sleeping on it and knowing they could easily come back past the store on their way to Lancaster in the morning.....well....the end result is the following picture....THAT BIG OLDE RED THRASHER FOUND A NEW HOME....Have a safe journey Lisa and Dave....see you in the summerthyme!!Today I tore the store apart.....what a mess.....but I just couldn't take it any longer...when it is over it is OVER !! Now I must do the big clean-up - rearrange - and redo ....all in two days.....wish me luck!!!


In my last post this morning I spent many minutes looking for a picture to post - but had none....BUT then I received this pic in my inbox.....woohoo.....This is the front yard at Turkey Hollow in Washington State .....hmmm...let's see - it was about two weeks ago Barb wrote and said "we are expecting "some" snow (key word here is SOME) - Yippee !!" - becareful what you wish for...thank goodness her "boys" and "grandchildren" are fearless and made it down her long lane to spend a wonderful Christmas day...This is way more snow then they are use to...a couple inches here and there that soon melts.....doesn't look like this is going to melt very soon....Stay warm my friend....guess she will be making lots of goodies for THE CINNAMON STICK...woohoo...maybe I should wish her more snow....OH NO !! I am too good of a friend to wish that.....LOL!!!


What a fun couple days this has been at the store. I have met some new gals who visit The Spicecupboard and really do READ my silliness!! First on Friday, Marissa visited! (whose sister found our blog and emailed me to say her sister lived close and would visit).....Marissa and I had a fun time gabbing and hopefully Marissa had a fun time shopping too....thank you Donna of for sending your sweet sister !! Linda Stinson, from Lancanster and the Prim and Rustic Forum, paid us a visit too.....what fun she was - we swapped some "stories" and talked of creating for the New Year - she is already working on Easter....even has a "PLAN" !! Good Luck with that Linda!!!!
Olde friends, Lisa and Dave from "Homethrown Pottery" ( )in North Carolina came yesterday and we had a nice long visit. Lisa is very talented and has her "hands" in just about everything from antiques to pottery to candle making....and more and more!! I love meeting and sharing stories and ideas with fellow shopkeepers. Lisa and Dave are lots of fun and I must visit their store one day....a trip to North Carolina would be fun!
Today is the last day of our "Merrie Discount" on Christmas items for the store and I am anxious to get it all put away and start with Valentine's Day.....I have been working on hearts of all sizes, shapes and fabrics.....Valentine's Day is very special in my heart - I think everyone should make a "BIG" deal of telling family and friends how much they mean to you....!!!! Be sure to visit our Holiday Blog to see what we will have for sale!!!
AND I don't forget George and Abe.....we will celebrate their birthdays too!!
Have a nice Sunday - it is raining here in PA but the temperature is "springlike" - only for a day....My Johnny-Jump-Ups are going to be so confused !!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Gosh I have been "gabby" today....but I wanted - .........well.... I just wanted to show-off my grandbabies to you!!! Every year the kids take a picture of their "kids" for their Christmas card....and they are usually the last two cards I get every year. No exception this year either, so I just finished putting together the last two presents. (you can click on the pictures to enlarge)
I scan their cards into the computer and transfer the images onto transfer paper. I then iron the images onto muslin and make pillow ornaments for each of them. Creating memories that I am sure when my children have grandbabies they will enjoy looking back at Christmas' past.
They really do look better than my pictures show....very merry and bright....!!


Hi Country Friends,

It is cold and icy here this frosty morning and I have lots of things to do in preparation for Wednesday evening when we have our holiday celebration....BUT - looking at the calendar and realizing that we will have 3 more shopping days at THE CINNAMON STICK after Christmas (and before I stow away all the decorations for next year) that maybe this year we should have an "after Christmas gift" to our wonderful customers.

We will have a "pail" of "MERRIE DISCOUNTS" on any and all Christmas items in the store. You can choose your discount before you buy - I have never liked the word sale - but we do like to play games - and thought this might be fun. After the holiday is over, (which seems to go so quickly after the huge build up) this would be something to look forward to!

Tony and I wish you the most wonderful Christmas ever and look forward to bringing you the best we can find in 2009 !!

Your Country Friends,
Judy and Tony

Monday, December 22, 2008

4 DAYS HOME...hmmmmm....

Now that doesn't happen very often.....I get to play "stay at home Mom" for alittle bit!! Today has been a good day. Tony and I had Blakely for a few hours...we went to the "Mall" (what a crazy place that was) Tony said it will be all "grey hairers" today....(Like him...not me.....I fix that problem every 5 weeks) and it was.....that and young Mothers with strollers and 2-3 children in tow. A very busy place!! Christmas music was playing loudly....Santa's Ho-Ho's were jubilent as the little ones stood in line to sit on his lap - it was very festive - I don't mind the Mall at fact, it is my favorite time to go !!! We quickly did our business and went to the food court....had a bite of lunch and scurried home to bake cookies. "CUTOUTS" - I am not good with rolling dough....:( so we have a real mess in the kitchen right now - I am taking a 20 minute break from it all.....and then back to the cleaning up so I can make some Russian Tea Cakes that seem to be everyone's favorites. (Blakely has gone home filled with sugar in her hair, red and green fingers and mouth and lots (too much) sugar in the tummy...:) ( well we had to taste to make sure the cookies were good)!!!
It is freezing here....but I am not complaining after seeing what is happening other places around the country. We had horrid ice yesterday but that big olde sun came out and did an okay job getting some of it melted. Walking in our yard this morning was like walking on glass...cracking underneath my steps!! The windows upstairs are frozen solid and you cannot see out...except in the back of the house where the afternoon sun came out.
Well back to the clean up.....going to be an easy dinner night tonight....stay warm and cozy!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW??? ICE???

I am not really very fond of snow.....beautiful yes but it causes so many problems with driving and does absolutely nothing for business. AND the weekend before Christmas with three storms on the way - I am not a happy camper! We are on the cusp of snow or maybe ice or maybe rain...we will most likely get all three - My friend Barbara in Washington State is suffering ( I say suffering she loves it) thru 2 foot of snow when I talked to her yesterday afternoon - The picture is one she sent me of her kitchen garden - YIKES !! I would be a mess - there is so much last minute shopping for food and things that the weather will certainly interrupt - I am grateful that my family is very close and we don't have someone sitting in airports waiting for a plane. My heart goes out to everyone who has this worry! Who out there was wishing for that White Christmas???? LOL!!
I am busy working on Valentine items for the store....I am ready for the change over - why I get so antsy I don't know but by January 1st no sight of Christmas will be left in the store and I am sure it will look very barren until we got stocked up again.
I look out my window.....and nothing is happening....BUT I am not going to work as all the schools are closed where the store is located - seems silly not to go but I am going to believe the weather reports after watching the news and seeing Detroit and Chicago with their snow filled roads! Hope everyone can stay home in their warm and cozy home today...

Monday, December 15, 2008


Really they do! Here it is the middle of December in PENNSYLVANIA and my Johhny-jump-ups are still blooming....they do love me! I have a special fondness for these adorable little flowers....arriving early in the spring and spreading their beauty by jumping all over the place - you never know where a plant might "pop up" !! I was able to pick some to brighten up my Herbal Cranberry Spread that we were serving last week! When we have our "Herbal Affair" in May I sugar them and add them to little fairy cakes that we make - I can't wait to share that with you!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love this "cyber world" !! The picture above is of a snowman one of our artists - Connie Steinbeck - made for the store and now I have met the original artist of the pattern....Robin from - This snowman flew out of the store as soon as Connie delivered him - if you want a fun project to make - go order this pattern from Robin RIGHT NOW!! Merrie Holidays...(I should add Connie made 6 of these guys and they flew out the door...!!! ) He is that sweet!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

BLAKELY MEL...Watch out Miss Barbara you have competition!!!

My sweet 4 year olde grandaughter and I played together last Tuesday while her Mom did some Christmas shopping - she LOVES to make things and oh how Grandmom hopes she follows in her footsteps. She is very creative and we decided to perform some magic this day. I transferred her school picture on a piece of muslin letting her peel off the transfer....her face was enough to brighten my week!! I sewed the pillow and she stuffed it....all by herself. I don't whip stitch my closures, I rather use a "ladder stitch", so Blakely was able to pull the needle and thread thru all by herself after I entered it first....I was so proud of her. We wrapped it up and she was giving it to her Mom for Christmas! That lasted until she got home when she unwrapped the pillow, gave it to her Mom and promptly took it back~ sad thing is I never took a picture of the finished pillow....duh!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Woohoo - Miss Barbara, of Turkey Hollow fame, sent me a picture of three "Winter Pillows" on their way to THE CINNAMON STICK !! Rag stuffed and made of vintage I do love her creativity and workmanship! A boxful of treasures will arrive - along with a very special something for someone - yes Amy YOU !! I will be stalking the post office until they come! (my postmistress thinks I am the silliest but when goodies come in the mail I think of them as presents for the store!!) I LOVE PRESENTS - today some tallow candles should arrive from Saltbox Peddler....really nice tapers - and they smell so-o-o-o good!!
It is raining here again this morning...(glad it is not snow) but a bit chillier than yesterday (it was in the 60's) - lots to do this rainy morning before opening the store so toodle-loo for now!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Oh my was it ever cold.....setting up in the morning for our Sleigh Ride event I wasn't sure how Tony was ever going to stay outside and be his "jolly olde self" !! He did though - (we let him inside every once in awhile to warm up...!!) It was a super day...just seeing olde friends and meeting new ones makes all the work seem so unimportant! I was up VERY early in the morning to bake potatoes but I was VERY organized and everything went smoothly. I love to host events...I am a "wannabee" Tea Room owner and this gives me a chance to play. We had a nice crowd...sold lots of Christmas items...and I think made some customers happy when they found a "perfect" gift for someone....We drove home in a "snow storm" - the perfect ending to a perfect day -NOW - on to my Christmas shopping...
I do have to tell you though....Sharon made 5 new mice items and they all sold 1-2-3 !! Mice seem to be THE THING!! Who would have thought!!! Of course her mice look so sweet and innocent...and come with Christmas greetings...
I have one more box of treasures coming from Turkey Hollow and that makes me very excited too- There are no more events scheduled and it will just be business as usual..!!!
And by the way - we only got a "dusting" of snow...about an that makes me happy this morning!!
Have a good day today...bake cookies, wrap presents and sing Christmas Carols....XO Judy

Friday, December 5, 2008


The pictures are of our "Hot Pockets" ready for the oven...tonight I take the box over to my "right hand" Sharon for her to bake in the morning as my oven will only hold so many....we will keep them warm in thermal coolers...(they work great) and our small grill with warm any that need it during the day....Tony has it down to a science...he will keep the potatoes hot on the grill and then keep them warm in the popcorn machine so they are not TOO hot!! He's a is suppose to only be 32 degrees tomorrow.....YIKES!! he does this on the porch....!!
I am as ready as I can be....Brenda is coming in this morning with MORE goodies...she does the "Mixed Media" - "Altered Art" items for the store. All glittery and fun! We have certainly seen that the customers do not want that "grungy dirty look" in the treasures they purchase but are still looking for the "olde and worn" look of yesterday - AND mixing that with the vintage look of olde papers, cards, books and ribbons and trims. We never did get into the "grunge" (well maybe alittle bit) but soon got out of it. Sticky coffee dyed items do not really excite me. I know there is a HUGE market out there as I have been asked but it is not for us. What I love about our artists is the "PRIDE" they have in their work....making sure it is perfect for THE CINNAMON STICK!! Barbara of Turkey Hollow Folkart is making an angel for one of our customers as a special order and was not happy with the she remakes the whole is one of the round ball heads and if you have ever seen one of her dolls you will know it is "perfectly round"...I am so pleased to be able to bring our customers wonderful craftmanship and know I am truly blessed. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!
I am already thinking Valentine's Day....we LOVE Valentine's Day.... BUT right now I must concentrate (stay focused Judy) on our Sleigh Ride and Christmas...hope you have a great Friday ~~~~~

Monday, December 1, 2008


The big day!!! This weekend we will have our "SLEIGH RIDE" thru Hereford and Zionsville - of course it is just a pretend sleigh ride - you just have to imagine your car being a sleigh. If you play your Christmas Carols very loud and sign along with them I don't think it should be very hard to imagine!! I can get into a "fantasy world" very quickly....a dreamer I am!! Anyway ( I do get off track easily don't I !!) There are four stores involved in this have to visit each store and get your "sleigh" (available at every store) stamped by each store and then you can enter your "sleigh" in a drawing to win one of five gift certificates - redeemable at the store of your choice....sound like fun? It is !! Each store has something special going it discounts on merchandise or good food to eat. We do the food thing. An olde English tradition of "Hot Pockets" - "an olde English tradition of keeping your hands warm while Christmas shopping in the early 1800's. In merry olde England street vendors would sell "potatoes", well baked, to passing shoppers - shouting "Hot Pockets" "Hot Pockets"~~~ Customers would purchase the potatoes placing them in their pockets thus keeping their hands warm while they shopped...".
On Saturday, Dec. 6th "Elf Tony" will do the serving of the "Hot pockets" on the back porch (along with all the trimmings) together with popcorn and hot cocoa! It was a huge success last year and customers told us they hoped we would do it we are!
Today I have been busy grocery shopping and thinking (writing notes and more notes) so I wouldn't forget a thing....(I searched for fresh chives in my herb garden ..but they are no more)... It promises to be a very fun weekend...the event is for three days, Dec. 5, 6 and 7 - and each day we will have something for our customers. Here's my list of notes.....