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Friday, November 28, 2008


You gotta love Black Friday....when I looked out the door at 9:55 cars were parked already....I was busy setting out plates of homemade Christmas cookies ( in cool places so the items they were displayed on would give customers and idea of how to serve some goodies....and it WORKED - some of the displays sold!!) Sharon was busy pricing items she brought in this morning and we were sort of running around in circles....finally hung the OPEN flags and said "let the fun begin" !! I love my customers....they are always so upbeat and as excited as I am. I truly think they appreciate and realize the amount of work that goes into having special events....and I will say we do try to go "over the top" if we can. It's the little details that people remember - the tinsel bell tied to their package....the pretty tissue and curling ribbon tied on each purchase before it goes in the sack...the cookies and warm tea....It's like playing store only I get paid in "real" money instead of "play" money!!
The pictures are of items that came in today and out today....didn't have time to take more...but will certainly try tomorrow. The Santa's were made by Sharon of Vintage Threads and were sold to the first two customers who walked in the door...and MICE.....GONE....still can't figure what it is about mice things. The single mice were placed on olde brass doorknobs from Tony's stash of goodies - he just hammered the bottom alittle so they would sit flat....and the scale with the "Lemon Raspberry Swirl" cookies (baked by Sharon) is gone ....we confiscated the cookies though!! LOL!!
It was a good Black if we can keep this pace for the rest of the weekend I think I might go Christmas Shopping on Monday!!
More pics posted on our Olde-Fashioned Christmas blog...


ctlogcabin said...

I Want a Bag with Pretty Tissue, Curling Ribbon and the Tinsel Bell tied on !! And inside I want some of "Tony's Great Finds" I remember all of this from last year...OH I need a PA fix. lol
Glad to hear you had a good day.
Hugs ~ Connie xox
PS..Sharon's Cookies sound Yummmmmmy !!

Beehind Thyme said...

Oh...My...Goodness, Judy you really know how to care for your customers. I absolutely love the photos, thank you for sharing. Sounds like you have been busy... We have "Christmas In The Country" tomorrow, our Open House. Gotta go, back to the shoppes.

Blessings to you... hugs too, Pamela

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think that is so wonderful to treat your customers they way you do! I would be thrilled to have my purchase treated that way and I certainly wouldn't forget it either:) No wonder they come back for more again and again:)

I wonder if Santa would bring me a GPS and I could come visit

Janet - underthewillow said...

I'm with Connie, I want one of those bags too!....oh how I wish I was closer! glad your Black Friday did not dissapoint Judy, I hope you managed to eat one of your sandwiches!....oh and I'm not "feelin'" the mice I'm seeing everywhere either, LOL!! Janet :)

JeanM said...

I am a collector of mice LOL. My Christmas tree has always been mice top to bottom. So sad your mice are gone no chance to add to my collection.

Karen said...

I'm so happy your Black Friday sales went's always so much fun to see success in something we put our hearts and souls into as well as our blood and sweat! lol
Congrats. Oh, the cookies looked super.
Isn't it true that you have to display things on how they can be presented - sometimes people need to be 'led' into buying.
We did the same thing with our products here at our home show. Make suggestions and they will buy.