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Saturday, November 8, 2008


What a great many wonderful friends - olde and new - visiting the store and making the beginning of our Christmas season so exciting! I haven't had much time to write as every morning I am making cookies or dip ( you can eat your way around our store...LOL!!) I think "food" puts people in a "relaxed and fun" mood while they are shopping. Funny story though...Sharon...THE BAKER...made gingerbread men...(I will definitely get a picture today) and they were decorated so great that customers thought they were "ornaments" and would bring them to the counter to purchase and then ask how they could hang them!!! Didn't help that I had them with the "faux" gingerbread men !!! AND the best is that they are delicious!!
It has been a really good start for the Christmas season and already we are ordering more from our artists. I haven't had the "energy" to take the pictures that I the beginning of the day I am rushing to fill cookie tins and our Christmas punch....and at the end of the day I am rushing to put it all away....I am much better in the morning than at night.....
Our snowglobe class is this coming Saturday and since we "overbooked" as we could not say "NO" - (he is so cute - wish you could see him in person) that I have to rearrange the attic to accomodate another table...(this is a good thing)....just not alot of time. I use the attic for storage and will have to take all the bins down to the basement in order to do this. Tony of course will help but I am one of those that has to have it done yesterday.....I am NOT a last minute person and do NOT work well under know....I get "grouchy" barking orders!! :( We have another class the 19th in the evening....still have a couple openings if you want to come. This is a fun time of the year....lots of activity....Christmas music...lots of twinkling lights...the scent of pine and cinnamon....candles flickering shadows.....happy faces all aglow !!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful Judy!....this morning I am going to a shoppe near me, the first open house in this area, it's not a primitive shoppe but she often has things that blend well with my style, plus there's an antique mall attached so it should be a pleasant morning....have a great day today at The Cinnamon Stick! Janet :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Boy, how I wish I could be there to enjoy what has to be a well thought out open house. I think it's great to have the food and punch I know I would have enjoyed it so much:)

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Judy ~~
Just back and trying to catch up with all you have going on. Sending
Warm Good Wishes, and Big Hugs.
Be back later when I have more time. ~~ Connie xox

basketsnprims said...

How wonderful that you offer little treats for your customers. I'm so glad that your open house is a success.


Kudzu said...

Those cookies look good...don't leave me with the whole tray, I'd eat ALL of them! I love all your Christmas atmosphere and can almost smell cinnamon and apples and gingerbread.

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