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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Woohoo!!! Lots of goodies came in today from the gals who make items for the store...I tried not to put them out until late in the day but some sold anyway. There is still plenty for Black Friday shoppers though. We got a box of treasures from Turkey Hollow Folkart, Connie Steinbeck and Dianne Galloway.....Sharon of Vintage Threads will bring her goodies on Friday morning when she comes to help out for the day - we are anticipating a very busy day...Woohoo again !!!
I never know what the gals are making...they don't show me or ask me...they just DO and I have NEVER been disappointed.....just extremely excited... I think they get better and more creative as the season goes on. No one could ever convince me I don't have the "funnest" job !!! (I make up words)
I left a bit of a mess at the store and will have to go in super early Friday...we are baking Christmas cookies, serving Herbal Cranberry dip and warm orange tea. Should be a fun day! Black Friday use to be the "start" of the Christmas season..and still is to alot of shoppers. Here in PA, and I am sure it is everywhere, stores are opening as early as 4 am - NOT US...we will open at 10 am like normal and close at 5 pm.
Friday I will get to see members of customers families that have moved away or just come home once a year at Thanksgiving.....a sort of "homecoming" for me at the store! I look forward to Thanksgiving and Black Friday every year.....this is my season....from now till Christmas....I will just be a jolly olde elf...!!! Have a very Happy Turkey Day....!!! I am sure I will bore you with tons of pictures on Friday....XO to all.


Kudzu said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

kim said...

Happy Thankgiving!! Kim

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ~~ The Turkey has been in
the oven since 4:00am the Pies are baked and here I sit...Oh its gonna be a long one.
Hope I can make the whole day. lol
EnJoy ~ Happy Thanksgiving !!
Love & Hugs ~ Connie xox

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Miss Judy--I love your excitment of Black Friday. Most shops dread this day. I think the diffence must be your customers are also friend and love to see the shop for the holidays. Our house is starting to smell so wonderful. Love the smell of Turkey.
Have a great day and enjoy tomorrow.
Till next time

Kudzu said...

I do love the mice! Congratulations on the Black Friday sales!