We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, November 28, 2008


You gotta love Black Friday....when I looked out the door at 9:55 cars were parked already....I was busy setting out plates of homemade Christmas cookies ( in cool places so the items they were displayed on would give customers and idea of how to serve some goodies....and it WORKED - some of the displays sold!!) Sharon was busy pricing items she brought in this morning and we were sort of running around in circles....finally hung the OPEN flags and said "let the fun begin" !! I love my customers....they are always so upbeat and as excited as I am. I truly think they appreciate and realize the amount of work that goes into having special events....and I will say we do try to go "over the top" if we can. It's the little details that people remember - the tinsel bell tied to their package....the pretty tissue and curling ribbon tied on each purchase before it goes in the sack...the cookies and warm tea....It's like playing store only I get paid in "real" money instead of "play" money!!
The pictures are of items that came in today and out today....didn't have time to take more...but will certainly try tomorrow. The Santa's were made by Sharon of Vintage Threads and were sold to the first two customers who walked in the door...and MICE.....GONE....still can't figure what it is about mice things. The single mice were placed on olde brass doorknobs from Tony's stash of goodies - he just hammered the bottom alittle so they would sit flat....and the scale with the "Lemon Raspberry Swirl" cookies (baked by Sharon) is gone ....we confiscated the cookies though!! LOL!!
It was a good Black if we can keep this pace for the rest of the weekend I think I might go Christmas Shopping on Monday!!
More pics posted on our Olde-Fashioned Christmas blog...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Posted some pictures of new snowman pillows from Turkey Hollow Folkart on our Christmas blog !!! Take a peek !!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Woohoo!!! Lots of goodies came in today from the gals who make items for the store...I tried not to put them out until late in the day but some sold anyway. There is still plenty for Black Friday shoppers though. We got a box of treasures from Turkey Hollow Folkart, Connie Steinbeck and Dianne Galloway.....Sharon of Vintage Threads will bring her goodies on Friday morning when she comes to help out for the day - we are anticipating a very busy day...Woohoo again !!!
I never know what the gals are making...they don't show me or ask me...they just DO and I have NEVER been disappointed.....just extremely excited... I think they get better and more creative as the season goes on. No one could ever convince me I don't have the "funnest" job !!! (I make up words)
I left a bit of a mess at the store and will have to go in super early Friday...we are baking Christmas cookies, serving Herbal Cranberry dip and warm orange tea. Should be a fun day! Black Friday use to be the "start" of the Christmas season..and still is to alot of shoppers. Here in PA, and I am sure it is everywhere, stores are opening as early as 4 am - NOT US...we will open at 10 am like normal and close at 5 pm.
Friday I will get to see members of customers families that have moved away or just come home once a year at Thanksgiving.....a sort of "homecoming" for me at the store! I look forward to Thanksgiving and Black Friday every year.....this is my season....from now till Christmas....I will just be a jolly olde elf...!!! Have a very Happy Turkey Day....!!! I am sure I will bore you with tons of pictures on Friday....XO to all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


THANKSGIVING...I love this day...everyone coming together to share family news, cook together and just celebrate our families! Shannon, my daughter, has dinner at her house...with a houseful of kids, Moms and Dads and Nanas and Pop-Pops, Grandads and Ba-ba's...Aunts and Grammies...oh it is a great time...How wonderful that my son-in-law's Grammie is still running around in circles telling us how to make this and that....
I have much to be thankful for...good health, wonderful family, the bestest friends and a business I love - economic times are tough but when you take the time to reflect on what is GOOD it brings you to a sense of reality and that all will be okay. Our family will all hang in there and help whenever anyone is of need...maybe we don't all live together in one big house like long ago...but we are all still family and are never too far or too busy for each other....that is a feeling of comfort. I hope your family is close and helps you celebrate this Thanksgiving.
I am off to purchase some goodies that I will make for Thursday.....I work and have a busy Wednesday in prep for our "BLACK FRIDAY" sales, so I must get as much done as I can today......Black Friday is another fun day as I get to eat that sandwich I was telling you about in the Cinnamon Thymes newsletter.....LOL!!!
I am thankful for all my new friends that I have met and am able to visit via "cyber-space" I so enjoy reading about your adventures, your family life and what you are stitching or glueing or celebrating - my extended family of sorts....HAVE A GRAND THANKSGIVING - Love to all, Judy
Pictures are from last year.....couldn't help myself sharing with you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It is a very, very cold Sunday morning here in PA...trying to be "frugal" the heat is turned down low but oh my....we are much to olde to be chilly...(the young move fast and therefore keep warm - we are a tad bit slower) !!! It is suppose to be cold but NOT this cold yet! (the heat is turned up to a respectable number now). I have been busy paying bills and reflecting on the Christmas gifts we will give this year. We have 11 grandchildren - love them to pieces...ranging from age of 18 all the way down to almost 3. The older ones...18, 16, 14 get money....they love I no longer "know" what is cool and what is "not"...and when I see how the kids dress today...I am glad they want to pick out their own clothes!! (however I am not a prude and do remember how it was when I was young and wanted to be "cool" in the clothing department - (and we won't go there about "hair" ) So I am quite content in letting the boys be boys and wear what they want....(oh did I mention the three teenagers were BOYS.....doesn't that make it easier considering what some of the teenage gals wear today.....oh my!!! Oh My!!! OH MY !!! I am glad I don't have to fight that battle.
The little ones 12, 2 - 8's, 7, 5, 2 - 4's and an almost 3 (big smile) are easy in the clothing department but very hard in the toy department. I am not up on the DS's and WII's and all that I just get what my son and daughter tell me....Christmas made easy - with the time I have to shop I suppose this is a "good thing"...although I will spend some time at the mall with the hustle and bustle of shoppers, Christmas music playing, rude salespeople (only cause of rude shoppers and being overworked I am sure) I usually manage to find the one person who has had the "worse" day....been there - so I am extra NICE !! I will drag my hubby with me this day and he won't complain - every year his Christmas Spirit arrives a bit earlier.....and we will have a nice dinner and go home broke and exhausted!! I can't wait !! I love Christmas !!
The pictures are of my children....a long long time ago.....Now they are 38 and 36 !!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, I will admit the pictures above are beautiful.....serene and fresh as new fallen snow...OH YEAH - it is new fallen snow!! I have no qualms about letting anyone know that I DO NOT LIKE snow....I don't hate it I just find it a "nuisance" !! My grandbabies have to be in absolute joy this morning...(glad I live here - LOL!!) I so remember putting the leggings on, the extra pair of socks, struggling with the boots - finding mittens that matched (cause we had a sweet daughter who refused to wear mismatch mittens) scarves, chapstick, hats that covered the ears !!! And THEN - 15 minutes later them being so cold and wet they wanted back in ....quickly drying their outer clothes so I could do the whole routine all over again......!!! I also remember rolling in the snow with them making snow angels, constructing snowmen and having snowball fights.....the "snow fort" when the snow was as high as they were - Hot chocolate and cookies when we ALL were wet - HEARTFELT MEMORIES....guess I really do LIKE the snow...

Have a warm wooley day today - Judy

Thursday, November 20, 2008


But was it ever a "fun" day. We were busy in the store (that is always fun) and had our second "Snow Globe" class Wednesday evening. Very creative bunch of gals...the best part of the class (after listening to all the moans and groans and the uncertainty that they can actually"do this") - is to see their faces at the very end when they add the mica snow to the jar - throw in the pom-pom snowballs - and it comes to life...."in the attic we can build a snowman"....smiling faces...proud faces...relieved faces...LOL!! After tying on a repro "tinsel" ribbon around the jar and adding the tag they hand stamp, it is time to decorate the sacks they will take the jar home in....AND now the pressure is off and some of these gals get so creative decorating their sacks...of course we are using MORE GLITTER !!! I am so glad we decided to have classes in the attic - this is a fun way to spend quality time with your peers. I left the camera at the store but will post pictures in my Picture Trail.
Sharon, my helpmate giving the classes, made new items and brought them with her....she never ceases to amaze me how much she can get done in a few days. Most of it sold right from the counter before it can even be displayed today. Mice....??? What is it with MICE ??? Anything with a mouse disappears quickly....!!! Somebody explain?? Seems that crows are "out" and mice are "in" !!!
It is very cold here in PA and it will take me awhile to is suppose to be cold but I am never prepared for the sudden change in the weather...70 degrees last Saturday....28 degrees yesterday ??? I am off to the store early to clean up the mess of last night as we have another class Saturday - Yo-Yo Candle Mat - Sharon teaches this as I have never made a yo-yo in my life, so I will just do the prep work. Hope everyone has a great day today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been a busy little beaver today....finally took down all the Halloween decorations...(about time huh!!) and am baking Christmas cookies for the store, making sacks to hold candy canes and Christmas cookies, framing prints and in general making messes all over this little house. Tony is home too and we keep getting in each other's way....he is working on alot of cool antiques and we both want the sink at the same time!! It is way too cold for him to wash down anything outside today. :( Tomorrow he is rid of me LOL!! All day and night as we have another "Snowglobe" class tomorrow evening. I spent yesterday cleaning the attic and setting up so that is all done...and now tomorrow I can just play.....
OH MY!! Looking out the window we are having "snow flurries".....not my cup of tea.....It is not that I hate snow....I just hate driving in it and getting wet feet and having to shovel and then it gets all dirty looking. Maybe if I lived where they took care of the roads better I would feel differently - but this olde country road I live on, with many twists and turns, gets ignored by the state. It will not last so I will enjoy the first flurries of the season...and hope it is the LAST !! LOL!!
Guess my break is over - back to the sewing machine....

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Is there such a thing as too much fun? Our first Snow Globe class was yesterday and it is great getting a bunch of gals together to create! They don't have a "clue" what they are in for and when it is all finished you get those happy faces of accomplishment. Believe me there are times (like when you are singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - while holding sprigs of green trees in a glass jar with just your fingertips waiting for the glue to adhere) when you feel that "I will never be able to do this" !! But just look at those happy faces....AND WE MAKE THEM DO IT ALL BY THEMSELVES!!

GLITTER !! That just seems to be a "magical" word....and we use lots of it. You can't see in the pictures but everything is "sparkling" ! I think my "alter-ego" comes out of me when creating these whimsical items - it really is fun.

The store was busy too....seems everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit even though our temperatures hit 70 degrees.....doesn't seem right for this time of the year - but okay on the heat bills. It rained all day yesterday...sometimes very hard....but today the sun is shining - and I am looking forward to a good day. There is SO much to do...I love being busy but I also am one of "those" that needs to have everything ready a day or two ahead of time - not a last minute person at all....I DON'T WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE... so today I will go into the store early (we open at noon) and get the attic ready for our Wednesday night class. Then I can relax (LOL!!) on Monday and Tuesday when we are off I go...Have a good Sunday...I know this is a favorite day for many! (mine is Monday)...

Friday, November 14, 2008


These last couple days here in PA have been very "dreary" and quite bone-chilling even though the temperature hasn't been that low. The dampness just goes thru these olde bones. However, the store looks quite "magical" when the sun is not shining - ...(although you have to take items to the doors to see the price)...everything is all warm and cozy. Candlelights in the windows and twinkling lights here and there make it look like a "happy place to shop" !!
I have much to do in order to finish up for our Snowglobe class tomorrow....I wish you all could come to our classes...they are lots of fun. I will post some pictures of the class on Sunday...I am still putting "snow" on trees - takes alot longer than anticipated!
Wishing everyone a "magical" day !!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today Sharon and I went SHOPPING !! She is great to shop with....what I miss - she finds and our kindred hearts love the same thing....We haven't been out "fun" shopping since Miss Barbara of Turkey Hollow was with us (we missed you Barb!!)...We also didn't miss a wholesale warehouse....went to them all and found some "good" stuff. Of course these are all imports but much needed to fill in the store from last week. I found the BEST faux holly.....some of the leaves even "curl" like the real holly. I am loving it for filling the sacks and baskets we have for sale. Some wonderful "root" wreaths...small like a nest....that are all glittered up ( and my glitter these days!!) Some Christmas ribbon and faux snow - between the faux snow and glitter and mica snow the store looks like a "Winter Wonderland"...I got some pine picks that we sold out of and red glittered Merry Christmas ornies to hang on the tree...the Christmas notepads from Prims by Kathy (she has such cute ones) and then we hit the Hayloft Fabric store in Morgantown. SO-O-O-O many wonderful fabrics....and I filled the cart and could hardly push it.
Oh - how could I forget.....we went to Family Creations in Intercourse....I have never been to this store in their new location...and have heard so much about it from customers and friends...well it was quite wonderful - a must see for every prim lover! I met the owner Julie and she was right there to give me a big is neat when you meet someone for the first time but feel like you have known them forever....that is just how I felt...super nice person...super nice store!! Highlight of our day!!
Now I must write a store newsletter with a picture of our Yo-Yo mat for our class on Nov. 22nd...never a dull moment....thank goodness!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Just thought I would introduce you to one of our winter friends. She stands at the back entrance greeting everyone who enters! We have to purchase her a "new" scarf as the olde one was so moth eaten - hasn't been that cold yet but we know the weather will be changing any day - Holly's hands are always cold...therefore her "muff" You know what they say...."cold hands, warm heart" and I must admit Holly's heart is very big and generous...she lets everyone have their picture taken with her...she is sweet.
Our snowman is a winter loving friend who makes sure no one "tumbles" the outhouse....the birds visit him often sharing secrets of the day.
Just letting you meet some of my friends who I spend the most time with.....!!!


What a great many wonderful friends - olde and new - visiting the store and making the beginning of our Christmas season so exciting! I haven't had much time to write as every morning I am making cookies or dip ( you can eat your way around our store...LOL!!) I think "food" puts people in a "relaxed and fun" mood while they are shopping. Funny story though...Sharon...THE BAKER...made gingerbread men...(I will definitely get a picture today) and they were decorated so great that customers thought they were "ornaments" and would bring them to the counter to purchase and then ask how they could hang them!!! Didn't help that I had them with the "faux" gingerbread men !!! AND the best is that they are delicious!!
It has been a really good start for the Christmas season and already we are ordering more from our artists. I haven't had the "energy" to take the pictures that I the beginning of the day I am rushing to fill cookie tins and our Christmas punch....and at the end of the day I am rushing to put it all away....I am much better in the morning than at night.....
Our snowglobe class is this coming Saturday and since we "overbooked" as we could not say "NO" - (he is so cute - wish you could see him in person) that I have to rearrange the attic to accomodate another table...(this is a good thing)....just not alot of time. I use the attic for storage and will have to take all the bins down to the basement in order to do this. Tony of course will help but I am one of those that has to have it done yesterday.....I am NOT a last minute person and do NOT work well under know....I get "grouchy" barking orders!! :( We have another class the 19th in the evening....still have a couple openings if you want to come. This is a fun time of the year....lots of activity....Christmas music...lots of twinkling lights...the scent of pine and cinnamon....candles flickering shadows.....happy faces all aglow !!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I entered the store yesterday morning and slowly turned all the lights on - I put the Christmas Carols on.....and then just stood there in awe of how magical the store looked....I have to admit I was quite pleased and alittle cocky that I pulled it altogether - - -- it was amazing!!!! It was cloudy here in PA so the twinkling lights just sparkled....AND then all heck broke loose....the parking lot filled up - customers came rushing in and I do think they had a good time finding lots of goodies for Christmas!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS...everyone's spirits were high....talking of going home to pull their Christmas decorations out....that is the best compliment - to make people feel like Christmas on November 5th!!! All the gals that make things for the store did such a wonderful job making THE CINNAMON STICK so special. I can't thank them enough. Brenda worked at her REAL job 21 days straight and still brought 3 boxes of her altered art and mixed media treasures....Dianne worked till midnight on the 3rd to finish her goodies and then got up at 5 am to have a nice "talk" with them before she left for work at her REAL job and turned them over to me.....and Sharon...well it wouldn't be open house without her - I don't know how to thank her and her family for allowing her to work non-stop for weeks on end.....and NOW I have wonderful treasures coming from Barbara of Turkey Hollow that customers are just waiting for....Barbara who after arriving home from her "over a month long trip east"...went straight to work making Christmas goodies for us....Love you Barb and can't wait for that box to arrive!!! THE CINNAMON STICK IS A SPECIAL PLACE BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU !!!

I will try to post some pictures soon.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Oh my goodness......Dianne and Brenda....(friends who never get to see each other)...just was like "Christmas Morning"....with all the ohhhhs and ahhhhs as we had so much fun looking at all the treasures they brought me....BOTH gals are always last minute....they work into the wee hours of the morning (and both have full time jobs) just to make THE CINNAMON STICK a very special place to visit! I had to show you pictures of their don't have to guess what I will be doing tomorrow morning before opening! I am so blessed with good friends who love me...yep they do!!! AND Sharon - my right hand and mind....God Bless her as she will be here tomorrow morning bright and early to help me get all this priced and displayed - TRULY BLESSED I AM.....and Thursday my box from Turkey Hollow will arrive just in time to fill in all the empty spaces....and we will be looking all MAGICAL AND SPARKLING again after our first's the most beautiful time of the year !!!
PS. The snowmen are corncobs covered in aged fabric and made into an ornament...the olde springs have a paper mache head and hand embroidered fabric tag...TOO SWEET !

~*~*~*~LET THE FUN BEGIN.....!!!!

I am ready...well as ready as I can be.....waiting here now for my artist friend Brenda who does the Altered Art treasures for the store (can't wait to see what she has come up with - "angels in teacups" is one item I know of....and Dianne who is a prim doll maker who works in paper mache and fabric.I took pictures but they never look as great as the store looks...."MAGICAL - WHIMSICAL and SPARKLING....that is the best way to describe it !! Sad it will only look like that for one day....LOL!! Of course that is what it is all about....bringing customers the best holiday treasures we can find and the most unique...
Attaching a couple pictures.....will work on my Picture Trail a little bit and the rest as soon as I can....The empty spots will all be filled in tomorrow.....with the new items coming tonight and the faux greens that still have to make their way from the basement....ENJOY !!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Things are starting to come certainly looks like Christmas....will tell all tomorrow....!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


You can't even imagine the mess unless you are a storekeeper who is having an OPEN HOUSE in two days.....yikes! The tree is up......(unlike many other stores I only put ONE tree up in the store)....but not decorated....I am still cleaning - and will most likely be cleaning most of the day tomorrow....the furniture is "almost" all rearranged....still have a few things that need - let's just say "adjustment" !! BUT it is coming along and I am sure I will reach my deadline in time to make lots of Christmas Cookies for customers to enjoy -
Pictures will come ......Sharon is working with me tomorrow and she is a real good worker with a great eye for detail - it should be a fun day! Till then.....


Just wanted to pop in this morning before I left for the store and let you know how excited I am....the porches are decorated.. finishing touches will be done today (I will try and get pics).....Tony is out now rustling up some pinecones to fill baskets and tins for the is SO very windy at the store that we have a hard time putting too much on the porches.....BUT bushels of pine cones work very well!! You would be surprised how many people do NOT have access to pinecones....really!! They will purchase them to add to their bowls of potpourri or baskets of greens.
I am putting all the fall/Halloween away today in the store and will start the "cleaning process"...I told all the spiders their fall decorating job is done and now it is time to begone!! Hope they listen and don't hang around (if you get my jist) !!!
It is going to be a fun day -I love to rearrange and decorate....well, I should add when it goes right. Today is going to be a good day...I can just tell. Hope you have a good day too!