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Friday, October 31, 2008


her name is "Maryanne"....isn't she the sweetest. Mommy brings her to THE CINNAMON STICK quite often AND she knows just where the "candy sticks" are....oh they get so smart so quick!
This is a Shout Grandmom in South Carolina...Maryanne says "HI"... and we hope you stop at THE CINNAMON STICK when you visit at Thanksgiving...
I am just itching to get into "high gear" and rid the store of orange and black and decorate for more more day.....TODAY was the LAST day to listen to "Martha Stewart's Scary Halloween Sounds"......can't say I am sorry since they have been playing every day since September 3rd...I am ready to play Christmas Carols.....I have been singing them for the past week and a half....trying not to be too noticeable....Tomorrow (Saturday) Tony is decorating the porch post as it is suppose to be a "beautiful Autumn day"...and if we are not busy I will have him put up the tree - When I get my mind made up to do something and HAVE to wait because you just HAVE to wait, I get a bit jumpy and have a hard time getting out of high gear....That's because I never have a game plan...I wing it.....and never know what is going to end up where when I decorate. I am a doer...not a planner. We have some big display pieces in the store that HAVE to stay put and I must work around them and the antique items change from one day to the next so it is always an "unknown"....oh well....soon we shall see what the final results are....I can't wait to start the game.....

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Pots 'n Prims said...

Oh what a cutie!!! :)
I just told David last nite that I was very much looking forward to changing the music in the shop - it's to the point I'm almost going batty! LoL I may try to sneak in a Christmasy one tomorrow!
Hope you have a wonderful Autumn day tomorrow - and I'm glad I'm not alone with the whole "wing it" problem! I sometimes try to map things out & then it quickly gets thrown out the window! hehe! Can't wait to see pics of the shop all decked out! :)