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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Not sure if I mentioned it here before, but Create & Decorate's Holiday issue (on newsstands now) did a little article with some pictures of us last November. I have gotten such nice comments and cards from so many that I just felt I needed to thank everyone thru here. It is fun being "famous" for 15 minutes !! So much attention and how sweet the customers are all wanting a copy of the magazine.

Tony has given me lots of new antique items for the store and I have been having fun arranging and rearranging...and then redoing as something sells....Lucky for me I have fun doing that! (Especially the selling part !!!)

Our weather here has been a bit on the "chilly" side - nice cozy warm afternoons but mornings and evenings there is a chill in the air....fall is on it's way. And then comes WINTER???? me....I do NOT like the when it snows (and I will be happy with none)....this will become a "groaning board" - so let's all hope NO SNOW....chant it...over and over!!! I can't imagine living anywhere but here though...snow and all.... NO SNOW....NO SNOW....NO SNOW.....!! I once told my friend Brunie Mae of Saltbox Farm that if I had as much snow as she gets living in Michigan I would put my "head in the oven"...that has become a bit of a "joke" between us when the word snow is mentioned.....I am no longer young and silly when I loved the I am olde and silly and you know the rest! (how in the world did I get talking about snow...???
The pictures at the top are of two new to the store - olde iron scales. Both have two flat scale plates and weights that go with them. I love olde scales...they make the coolest displays!

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Saltbox Farm said...

And if I might say a very fine feature it is in Create and Decorate, you deserve the "hats off" my friend. As for the *snow* head in the oven here!! It's getting chilly and I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!!!
XX BrunieMae