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Saturday, September 27, 2008


The very best customers...loyal , kind, and sweet.... shop at The Cinnamon Stick! I hope you know how much you mean to Tony and I. Makes my heart sing for the wonderful support you give us - and I send hugs to each and everyone of you...XOXOXO (and kisses) !!
We had a grand day.....a light drizzle but who was perfect inside...!! Olde friends and new friends meeting and greeting is just the way I love spending the day! And to have "THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN" Miss Barbara reigning over the "doings" was a feather in my cap for sure! Sharon and I, mere PRINCESSES OF HALLOWEEN, did the grunt work - writing invoices, wrapping treasures purchased, and hmmmm...taking the $$$$, while everyone kept Miss Barbara busy as could be signing their treasures...many bought for gifts that will travel near and faraway - all signed by the creator - how cool is that!
I am much too tired to give a good description to the pictures (I took lots) but will do so tomorrow morning when I am fresh and clear headed.
A dinner of Veal Parmagian (sorry, I love love love veal parm!!) at a favorite little Italian restaurant ended the day.....Barb and Jerry headed to their home away from home....for some much needed rest. (Tony and Jerry spent the day at Cabela' need to wonder if they had fun!)
I love my customers.....XOXO Judy

p.s. Sharon made our crowns.....what would I do without her!!!!
~:~AUTUMN FROLIC~:~ pictures are on our picturetrail - - ENJOY!!


Char said...

How wonderful!...Glad you had a fairly good day!...Wishing you all the best!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sounds like it was WONDERFUL!!!! I so so wish I could have been there with all of you girls! I read the wonderful article about The Cinnamon Stick today and saw your pretty face in Create and Decorate!!! How COOL IS THAT?? I'm so very glad that you and your amazing store got some press....hope you rest well on Sunday...I'm sure you need it! xxoo, Dawn

Saltbox Farm said...

The QUEEN and her Court, my, my! How fun, it look like it was a great time. Happy for your success : )

basketsnprims said...

What fun it must have been! Everything looks perfectly prim & you had some very happy customers. I am looking forward to you posting what was left.