We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today Sharon and I spent the day with Miss Barbara....we shopped and shopped all day....enjoyed a good lunch (with excellent service)...and told our stories to each other - and some tales were told that made us laugh silly!! The day was spent smiling - and good treasures were found by each of us - ...........BUT it was my last day with Barb....and it is hard to hold back the tears even now! A faraway friend is a treasure and when you can hug and spend some good times together... saying goodbye is really hard. REALLY HARD! I am happy for the time I had - it was comforting to know she was so close.....BUT all good things have to come to and end and it is time for the Youngs to finish the rest of their journey - meeting with more friends and finding new adventures as they travel. I am sad to see my friend leave but happy her life is so carefree and wonderful!!! Love you Barb and Jerry!!
YES...I am humming Christmas Carols....trying to stick those tunes in Barb's and Sharon's heads.... blink blink it will be Christmas....Barb did find some treasures that will turn into Santas and snowmen.....can't wait to see the finish piece. Sharon is still in Halloween mode but soon we will put a stop to that....I just have to sing louder!!! (big smile)
Now I am going to go wrap myself up in a fat olde quilt and feel sad for me....
Have a safe journey my friend......

Monday, September 29, 2008


In another day it will be October...well two days, but OCTOBER just the same! I have to get Christmas on my mind....I told Miss Barbara to fly home and start stitching...!!!LOL!! We have our witch class this Saturday and then I must pull out any surprises from last year's "Christmas in Hereford" - I have this problem that I can't stop buying items I love....which is really a good thing cause I have a nice start for Christmas this year. I do forget what I purchased though and it is fun opening bins and seeing what treasures have laid within for 10 months.
Tony is at auction this morning hoping to find some goodies to refill the store. Hopefully he can find some treasures!
A really nice young couple came in yesterday and purchased some neat items for their basement turned rec room...they are doing it like an olde barn. This tickles me as the "young ones" seem to be going more for the cathedral ceilings and modern look instead of the warm, cozy country style of decorating! She asked for an agate soap dish like the one in our powder room...and I had one for her!! Tony just gave it to me and she was happy...this young couple had some great ideas to share too!
I think today I will pull out the two (once white) olde wool blankets I have been hoarding to make snowmen and snowmen pillows....and hum a few Christmas Carols to get me in the mood.(those who come to the store know that I play Martha Stewart's Scary Halloween Sounds CD from the beginning of open house until the the Christmas Carols start to play....I love it and the cackling witch..hooting of the owl and the thump thump of the heartbeat sets the mood for Halloween!!!!) BUT...I am getting ready to "secretly" start humming my favorite Carols..
We wish you a Merrie Christmas....we wish you a Merrie Christmas..............fa-la-la-la-la...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The very best customers...loyal , kind, and sweet.... shop at The Cinnamon Stick! I hope you know how much you mean to Tony and I. Makes my heart sing for the wonderful support you give us - and I send hugs to each and everyone of you...XOXOXO (and kisses) !!
We had a grand day.....a light drizzle but who was perfect inside...!! Olde friends and new friends meeting and greeting is just the way I love spending the day! And to have "THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN" Miss Barbara reigning over the "doings" was a feather in my cap for sure! Sharon and I, mere PRINCESSES OF HALLOWEEN, did the grunt work - writing invoices, wrapping treasures purchased, and hmmmm...taking the $$$$, while everyone kept Miss Barbara busy as could be signing their treasures...many bought for gifts that will travel near and faraway - all signed by the creator - how cool is that!
I am much too tired to give a good description to the pictures (I took lots) but will do so tomorrow morning when I am fresh and clear headed.
A dinner of Veal Parmagian (sorry, I love love love veal parm!!) at a favorite little Italian restaurant ended the day.....Barb and Jerry headed to their home away from home....for some much needed rest. (Tony and Jerry spent the day at Cabela' need to wonder if they had fun!)
I love my customers.....XOXO Judy

p.s. Sharon made our crowns.....what would I do without her!!!!
~:~AUTUMN FROLIC~:~ pictures are on our picturetrail - - ENJOY!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


We are all ready for our big day....the pictures do not do justice to how cool the store looks....Barb and I had a ball putting it all together - I am really excited to open tomorrow! I have more pictures that I will post on our picturetrail later....and of course I will take some of Barb, Sharon and I having fun.
The Chili is done, two batches of brownies and pumpkin dip are all ready.....and oh my....if you come early you will get to sample those chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops...(they are really cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate......YummmmmmY!!!
Now I just need to get in the store early in the morning for the last minute vacuum and cobweb swishing!
LET THE FUN BEGIN.........See you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I know I get silly but I love to have "events"...sometimes it is alot of work but I try to make it playful one way or another. Usually coming up with some schemes that makeTony roll his eyes...some of them work - some don't but you have to try right???
I'm ready....all we have to do is make our "goodies" that we are serving - Chili and crackers, brownies, pumpkin dip with gingersnaps, fresh cold cider...and Sharon's husband James is an Executive Chef...(dinners at Sharon's are scrumptious) -although she is the baker, James is making us chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops.....We had these for our "Valentine Social" and he promised to make them for Barb's visit - (do you realize I mentioned Christmas and Valentine's Day within two days!!!)
Barbara and Sharon are both coming to help set up Friday after we close - we have a fun gift for Barbara too....I will post pictures of our day Saturday...especially since you have all "beared" with me thru this...!!
Opted not to meet Barb and Jerry at Renninger's Extravaganza this morning - it is windy and the possibility of rain is evident. I hope not for the vendors sake - hard enough to make a living without the weather being a deterrent.
The pictures at the top is where Barbara will greet our customers and sign a treasure they may purchase from her. I will empty all our other stuff and make room for Turkey Hollow's Folkart - I am pretty good at mingling items together. I will take an "after" picture Friday night....when all is ready. This is fun!! Enjoy your day...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


YOU DIDN'T KNOW....IT IS 92 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS...!!!! Merrie Merrie !!!


I didn't do what I said I was going to do yesterday...funny how days just go that way! My main concern was finishing up the store for Saturday - so very early this morning I will go in and vacuum and mop!
Barb and Jerry came for dinner and we had a delightful visit....they are so much fun - full of stories of their adventures and the sights they see as they travel across country. There isn't any internet service where they are staying right now but I am sure she will share her adventures when they get service. What would we do without cell phones??? All I have to do is dial and can talk to them in a heartbeat!! (they are still answering my calls even with the caller ID) !!! I fought getting a computer (too high tech for me) and then the cell phones - and now I can't live (exaggerated) without either! AND I call myself an olde-fashioned girl...hmmmmm....
Not much more to write about today - it is very cool and "fallish" here this early morning....Have a fun day today!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I must be getting good at this after all these years of moving displays and rearranging cause it is DONE....well...I didn't vacuum and mop - saving that for tomorrow....and as far as the cobwebs go... they are part of "Halloween" decorating aren't they??? Sure they are!!! I'll just add a few fake spiders here and there and everyone will think I am so clever.....hmmmm.....well I will think I am so clever if no one else does!!

I will get everything cleaned and then come home quickly as Barb and Jerry are coming for dinner. We are going to make plans to meet at Renninger's Extravaganza this Thursday morning. I still have to find someone to open the store but we will go very early in the morning....have a nice breakfast ...and rush to find the best goods we can as soon as the gates open! Look for us in the big white van parked right at the fence (if we are lucky to get an early spot)!!! Don't forget to say "HI"...

Will fill you in on how the cleaning goes and how the dinner turns out....I am not that good of a cook....I try ...but....Tony didn't marry me for my cooking that is for sure....!!! LOL!!!


Today will be a very busy day as the store is closed (Mon. and Tues.) and has to be completely rearranged to make a "special" place for all the treasures from Turkey Hollow - in January Tony and I rearranged the store and we have a couple very "big" display pieces (I love them but....) moving them is a challenge as we are olde and getting (dare I say it) feeble!! It will most likely be a "circus" of a day - thinking most of my days turn out that way anyway so maybe nothing will really be different!
I know it will take all of two days and will keep doing and doing until I am completely happy with the arrangement. I am more than happy to do special things for special people and certainly Miss Barbara is very special! She is coming Friday night to help set up the displays with her wonderful folkart (hey thought I should put her to work)...and this gives me MORE time to play with her. With Barbara having over 25 years of shopowner experience, I am the one who will certainly "benefit".
All I need is my bottle of IBProfen and off we go. Will keep you up-to-date with the goings on.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

NAWWWWW......just couldn't ruin the surprise!!!

So here are a couple of empty boxes that held all the country treasures!! You just have to come on Saturday !!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


A big surprise today at the store when Barb and Jerry Young just walked in among the other customers....I looked up and there she was!! A real hug instead of all those XO' the end of our emails. AND...with her came two huge boxes of had already arrived at the store via UPS - so we have lots of handmade treasures for Saturday! We left Tony and Jerry in charge of the store while Barb and I went up to the attic and opened treasure after treasure ...all so perfectly wrapped in tissue - wrapped with the same love that they were created with. I can't wait till Friday night when Barb and I will put up our much fun it will be to get some lessons from the Queen!! I do hope you can come on Saturday and join the fun. Such wonderful treasures we will have for you!
I promise to post a picture tomorrow of the attic...all full of boxes and tissue paper and of course a few witches and bats and pumpkins, and bird make do's, wonderful unique garlands and wooly pumpkin chair pads...and dear me...pumpkin pillows and more pumpkin pillows....and oh my onions.....lots and lots of onions...and corn and squash....and...........................................oh just come and see!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Not sure if I mentioned it here before, but Create & Decorate's Holiday issue (on newsstands now) did a little article with some pictures of us last November. I have gotten such nice comments and cards from so many that I just felt I needed to thank everyone thru here. It is fun being "famous" for 15 minutes !! So much attention and how sweet the customers are all wanting a copy of the magazine.

Tony has given me lots of new antique items for the store and I have been having fun arranging and rearranging...and then redoing as something sells....Lucky for me I have fun doing that! (Especially the selling part !!!)

Our weather here has been a bit on the "chilly" side - nice cozy warm afternoons but mornings and evenings there is a chill in the air....fall is on it's way. And then comes WINTER???? me....I do NOT like the when it snows (and I will be happy with none)....this will become a "groaning board" - so let's all hope NO SNOW....chant it...over and over!!! I can't imagine living anywhere but here though...snow and all.... NO SNOW....NO SNOW....NO SNOW.....!! I once told my friend Brunie Mae of Saltbox Farm that if I had as much snow as she gets living in Michigan I would put my "head in the oven"...that has become a bit of a "joke" between us when the word snow is mentioned.....I am no longer young and silly when I loved the I am olde and silly and you know the rest! (how in the world did I get talking about snow...???
The pictures at the top are of two new to the store - olde iron scales. Both have two flat scale plates and weights that go with them. I love olde scales...they make the coolest displays!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Talked to one of my bestest friends, Barbara Young, today (via the internet)...and she is now in Pennsylvania...touring Gettysburg ( I swear she knows more places and has seen more places here than me)...They (Barb and Jerry) are making their way to Pottstown (where we live)....for a fun visit. I live such a charmed life....really I do. A visit from a faraway friend is so exciting and makes me want to just do tumblesaults (oh would that be a sight)!! In case you haven't noticed (big smile) Barb will be at our store on Saturday, September 27th -ALL DAY - to meet and greet everyone who comes. She will personally sign any treasure you might happen to purchase from her that day. Some fall, some Halloween and some everyday items to please everyone! Hope you can stop in to meet her.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woohoo....what a fun time. We only had three goode witches sign up for this class but it was a great success - as you can see by the pictures. Lots of fun was had....and I do think these goode witches were very pleased with themselves! Our next class is October 4th. We still have a few openings... More info can be found on our Picture Trail along with more pics of the Witch Jar class... !!!!

New witches arrived at the store too....just look at these sweet souls! Designed and created by Dianne Galloway exclusively for us. The olde humpback witch is a sight to behold. She is stuffed with rags and sits quite properly waiting for her cauldron to be found. Someone is playing a very mischievous trick on the olde witch.....I hope they don't get caught....YIKES! The sweet little witch on the very olde bedspring is just as happy as can be with her hand embroidered tag that reads" There's a little bit of witch in all of us" true....!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I just can't wait till this sweetie lands in Pennsylvania...she is on her broomstick and on her way!
Dressed in her best party dress she plans on being the "life of the party" come September 27th at THE CINNAMON STICK ! You better come visit or she might turn you into one of the pumpkins like you see in the picture. She has been known to do some mighty "flighty" things at times. There could be a string attached to her.....what does that mean?? Well you will just have to come to our AUTUMN FROLIC to find out....Toodle-loo !!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh my - today...I go to the post office (we do not have delivery as the store is right across the street from the Hereford Post Office)...and I have two packages there waiting for pick-up. Now I was only expecting one from Dawn Bittner ( North Carolina artist and one of the best little crafters around - her own unique style and I love her items)...anyway, both packages had the name DAWN in the return address and I thought ...what the heck is she sending me two boxes for! Well I open the first and find the coolest cat and scarecrow bobbins I had reordered (like the ones pictured in my heading)...these are the third time they are being replaced. And then I open the other box.....AND IT WAS FROM DAWN EDMONDSON of fame - WHAT A SURPRISE IT WAS....never having met Dawn but truly having a "kindred spirit" feeling about her - hmmmm...she is what I call more fru-fru ...and I am quite prim ... but kindred just the same...well.. she couldn't have surprised me or given me a finer gift (quite unexpected and truly for nothing more than she is just a total giving and loving person - that I hope one day to meet) Knowing my fondness for goode witches she sent me a "Witch's Shoe"....most likely lost while flying very high across that big olde Georgian moon....Dawn made it into a pincushion - and these pictures do not do justice in any way shape or is MAGNIFICIENT....OH DAWN...I LOVE IT TO PIECES... a note attached said I could keep it or sell it....SELL IT...???? Never in a million years....what a special piece of folkart and made by DAWN EDMONDSON - how lucky can one get! The picture with the top of the shoe has a little tag (and where she found this gosh only knows) says Witchcraft Lace !!! Thank you sweet friend...I just had to share with everyone!

That was the beginning of a most perfect day. The attic is all cleaned ready for our "Witch in a Jar" class and happy customers filled the day. And I ate half a bag of black licorice that I purchased for new "olde" candy jars that Brenda is bringing in tomorrow I said "a perfect day" !!! Oh forgot....the barn got the new doors installed today and no more tarps blowing in the wind! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just thought I would share a picture of one of our goode witches on her way here (by broomstick I presume)...handmade by Barbara Young for our "AUTUMN FROLIC" !!! I hear she is very anxious to get together with her "pumpkin sisters" !!!


Guess you know the only way to make up for a "lost" day is to go SHOPPING!! That is exactly what I did. Sharon, who works with us, was in much need of a day of play too - so off we went to the wholesale warehouses about 1 - 1 1/2 hours from our home. A lot of imports but we desperately needed fall candle rings and garlands...and unfortunately that is where you have to get them.....and then of course you see this and that...a basket ...a vine pumpkin ( or two or three)...wonderful with orange polka with black polka and orange stripes...all in grosgrain one inch. Will be great for tying on wreaths and everything else. I picked up fall/Halloween notepads and some other odds and ends. All and all it was a fun day - making up for yesterday's "horrors" !!! Now I am a happy storekeeper again!
We always run into other storekeepers too - Chastity and Mark from Magpie Primitives....we had a nice visit and promised to visit for their "Open House"!!!
Lancaster County is filled with lots of goodness some are so "different"...don't know what other word to use. I am so "traditional" and tend to stick with the regular olde pumpkins and gourds....which is strange since I am getting to love all the "altered art" and "mixed media" stuff. Oh well...I can have it any way I want, now can't I ....(big smile)!!
(I did buy this big 24 in. black wreath (like fake Christmas tree) and orange sparkly glittered stars to put on problem is I just love it all!!!) Will take a picture when I get it together.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I am mentally nerd I am challenged YES !! Finally the problem with this dang machine showed it's ugly little trickster face. The printer went bad....goodbye - so long - not gonna work anymore! AND YES...there is a new printer already installed....but what a challenge that was! It is done....I printed a sentence on a piece of paper with the trusty handbook by my side. My olde HP was so EASY..this one seems more does all that silly stuff - (that I have no idea why I would ever need it)..but it comes with it so I am trying to ignore the buttons and flashing lights. It is a Canon something or other and hopefully it will not take me forever to get the hang of it. Sorry to be all complaints but my whole day was wasted just dealing with this (I did get a good lunch from Mr. Nice Guy through our travels) !!
So that is my saga for today....stay tuned for happier posts (fingers crossed) !!!


Now this is when you know you have problems.....when you lose sleep, get sick to your stomach and fidget all day and night....ALL BECAUSE you did something dumb and made your computer conk was in complete heart failure but the meds kicked in and it is back and running as good as new!! WHEW!!!
So I have no new pictures....but will later tonight...hopefully!!
This Saturday is our "Witch in a Jar" class - there are still a couple openings if anyone is interested. It will be a fun project - price is $26. and everything is included! I am not sure who has more fun, Sharon and I giving the classes or the gals taking them...!!
We also have some NEW items coming in this week.... everyday is a "holiday" at The Cinnamon Stick. Did you see the new Country Living magazine with the old fashioned candy jars??? Well Brenda was ahead of them and has been working on olde apothecary jars with Halloween labels for next fill with your favorite Trick or Treat candy - she did these last Christmas for herself ( her house is to die for - just know how creative artsy people are)...well at our Christmas Ornament exchange (which we do after Christmas because we are all so busy during the season) she had these wonderful olde jars filled with all kinds of holiday candy with great holiday we will have some too - except for Halloween - hmmm....good idea for Christmas too. (I had better stop mentioning Christmas or I will be the one in heart failure)! Have a good day - will try to get some pics at the store today.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

..and the rains came

Hanna arrived this early afternoon....but not as forceful as predicted. Just rain, rain and more rain and more rain! Still raining here - it is dark and humid and just plain miserable. A few shoppers made their way to the store and we are very grateful for that!
Otherwise the Pumpkin Buckle was absolutely delicious and a BIG hit....Here is the recipe -
1/2 butter or margarine, melted, 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 4 tsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 cup milk and 1 t. vanilla

Filling - 3 cups cooked or canned pumpkin, 1 cup Evaporated milk, 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 c. packed brown sugar, 1 T. Flour, 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. each of ginger, cloves and nutmeg ( I used 1 tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice)
Topping - 1 T. butter 2 T. sugar

Pour butter into a 9X13 baking dish, set aside. In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar baking powder and salt. Stir in milk and vanilla until smooth ( I used a whisk and no lumps)Pour into the prepared pan. In a mixing bowl, beat the pumpkin, milk, and eggs. Combine the remaining filling ingredients and add to pumpkin mixture. Pour over crust mixture - DO NOT STIR. Dot with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 55-60 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean and the top is golden brown. Serve warm or cold with ice cream or whipped cream.

If you love pumpkin anything than you MUST make this....again...this recipe was taken from the Prim Sisters Radio Talk Show.....thanks girls...!!!

PS...the winds are now picking up and bending the trees.....I do not like this kind of weather!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Hanna....

I am hardpressed to believe at this moment that we are in for some really bad weather....(well it is open house weekend so why not!!) !! The crickets are chirping...there is a slight breeze in the air and it is cooling down a bit from the 95 degrees it was today! However, we did batten down at the store.....put the witch laying down on a table outside.....(she looked very frightful laying there)...took the BIG pumpkin and stood it behind the bench....didn't want that flying up the road. Hoping the cornstalks are tied securely enough to the porch posts (but I doubt it)...I can see me tomorrow morning chasing cornstalks thru the parking lots.....!! I left Cornball our resident scarecrow standing guard at the back door....fingers crossed all is well in the morning.
New items should be arriving tomorrow.....and today we received all our wax items from Cabin Creek Farm...the box just smells so divine....I can't wait to put it in the store....(it came to the house instead of the store - must change that address on Paypal...duh!!) I also received some really cool tags of "Witches captured in a jar" from an Ebay listing....they are super cool. Just need to be strung tomorrow.
Right now I am making "Pumpkin Buckle"...(a recipe I got from Prim Sisters Talk Radio on the internet)....It is for the store tomorrow...I will let you know how "delish" it is !!!
No time to take pics today - Sharon will be there to help tomorrow so I will take some and hopefully post tomorrow night.....Have a great evening!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


That is the only way I can describe the first day of our ~~Harvest Thyme Open House~~.... the "witch fairies" were all about sprinkling their magic dust and putting happy spells on all that entered the store! A whirlwind of excitement was present most of the day and I am -happy- sad- that so many items found a new home. It was enchanting if you love Halloween....I play Martha Stewart's "SCARY HALLOWEEN SOUNDS" and will continue to do that (inside and out) till October 31st...I never tire of hearing it! The cackle of the witch..the hooting of the owl...the thump-thump of the heart beat!
All I need now is to find a "Pumpkin Patch" to pumpkins here in PA yet - so the promise of lots more to come is in the wind......listen...can you hear the spirits talking among themselves..?? The chatter is all about the new items that will arrive at THE CINNAMON STICK ....shelves will be filled again .....and our fall presentation will go on an on.....!!!
Sadly I have no new pictures to share....BUT maybe a sneak preview is in store for the next event.....when Barb Young of Turkey Hollow comes to PA to meet and greet and personally sign her magnificient folkart! Mark that calendar...September 27th !!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Everything is ready -

OPEN HOUSE can now happen. The store is dusted, floors are mopped, decorating is finished....I even will share my fall/Halloween decorating secret with you....USE REAL COBWEBS! The ambience is outstanding.....and customers are always quite amazed at all the places you decorated.....!!!

Goodies will be served - Pumpkin Dip from Castle Creek Farms with Gingersnaps - Mini Pumpkin Muffins and Ginger Molasses Cookies ( by our wonderful baker Sharon !) Ice Cold Cider ( as it will be in the 90's here tomorrow)!!!

We hope to see you there - if far away we hope you will enjoy the pictures of some of our handmade treasures......more to come!!!!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN....guess you can tell!

Monday, September 1, 2008



Lots of goodies....


Just thought I would post a couple pics of what I was playing with today....Sharon Nolan of Vintage Threads, brought her Halloween treasures to me today....I AM IN AWE! This is just a tiny sample that I took pics of as I was displaying them. I have hours and hours of pricing and displaying to do tomorrow and hopefully I will get lots of pictures to post on my Picture Trail.....Hope you enjoy the peek!