We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Sunday, August 31, 2008


The pictures ( I wish they were better) are of some of the items that Brenda Bobbin made for the store...I guess you call this Mixed Media Art as she uses many different types of objects like vintage glass bottles, paper, wood, olde watch faces, stickers, ribbons and rubber stamps to make up her treasures. The little "Pumpkin Fairy" is just the cutest and what you can't see in the pictures is the spider she is dangling....that Brenda makes from "Sculpy Clay" with wire legs...Like I said "Mixed Media Art" !! The words EEK and BOO are glued together from olde typeprint....She made tons of these - as she found a good supply of olde letters !! There is a lot more....just don't want to overwhelm you!!! The olde medicine/perfume and who knows what bottles, spell out BOO ! and HALLOWEEN....aren't they fun!!!!!
This is why I love my job so much.....always lots of fun...."Everyday is a Holiday" !!!
Happy Labor Day...have fun and be safe.....Your friend in the country, Judy

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I would love to have a BIG pumpkin to hang on the front porch between the door and window.....that is all I Mr. Nice PRINCE.....

and I came home to this GREAT PUMPKIN....paint still wet but it will be aged and antiqued for Monday's porch decorating....Gotta love that guy!!!


What a fun day today.....Didn't make alot of $$'s in the store (we know you are ALL waiting for open house) - but I did spend a bundle. Connie and Brenda came in with wonderful handcrafted goodies - all for Halloween!!! I didn't get a chance to take pictures except for the jack-o-lantern & friend make-dos above - but will tomorrow...The make-do is from Connie and she also brought two HUGE cat heads with party hats on!! Just wonderful...and a very beautiful table runner - done in the penny rug have to see this to believe how many tiny stitches were involved....
Brenda is my mixed media - altered art gal...and she is AMAZING! Her attention to detail is exciting and ..."everywhere"..... you look there is a hidden embellishment talking to you...."hey look under here at me"....I promise to get lots of pictures we talked and talked and ohhhh and ahhhh....till way past closing and I just closed up and left without taking any pictures....I can't begin to explain how UNIQUE - I certainly am a very lucky storekeeper to have such wonderful artists selling me their wares!!!
We are going to have the BEST open house - I do hope you can won't see these wonderful pieces of art ANYWHERE else.....nope all for me...all mine ....soon to be yours!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

.....and MORE PUMPKINS !!!

Aren't these pumpkins wonderful !! One of our artist - "Leah Webb" - brought them in today. Her fabric is great and the colors of the pumpkins just made the store look so "Autumny" ( okay I make up words ) !!! I love her pumpkins and especially how she "stacked" some of them....all hand sewn - no glue! ( I am the glue queen so I really appreciate when everything is sewn) There are three different sizes - small, medium and large! They are already in the store for sale as Leah promised more if they sold out.

The olde riding shoe had a marigold planted in it (in a plastic cup) but it died....lack of fault :( !! So Tony shined it up and put an olde jelly jar inside - I filled it with water and now have a "unique" vase!

The store was quiet today so I got alot of work done....except - the last picture is my counter (work area behind the olde printer's desk that we use as our business counter) halfway thru the day....(doesn't look much better now...) This was really an organized mess....honest !! Notice the Dunkin' coffee Barb....keeps me going and going and going......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One basket full.....and one to go....

It was a busy day in the store and I almost didn't get the pumpkins in the basket to photograph.....!!! I do have a few more finished and scattered thruout.....but not enough to fill those baskets to the I will keep stuffing and stuffing...!!

It feels like fall here tonight.....hope next week for Open House it is nice and cool.....the leaves from some trees....(mostly black walnut)...are falling and make it seem more like Autumn. Some are even starting to turn! And some, like the hibicus in my neighbors yard, are still flowering. It has been a strange summer weatherwise....I am hoping for a nice l - o - n - g fall season!

Today, candles that I ordered called "Sugared Pumpkin" (from Scentsational Scents in Ohio) arrived....I burned a small votive and both floors of the store smelled so wonderful. This is a must have scent for the fall!

There is still lots to do before next Wednesday when we celebrate our Harvest Thyme Open House and the official start of the fall season at THE CINNAMON STICK.....slowly I am getting things done. I am really anxious to see all the wonderful treasures the gals that make things for the store bring in.....all of them are working to the very last minute and most will come this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday while I am cleaning and setting (what I am "hiding") up!!! I will take pictures and show off all their great creations.....

After all these years, I am still like a little kid at Christmas waiting for the treasures to arrive....I do have the best job in the world...always getting presents that, even though I only own them for alittle while...I still get to enjoy them! (and play with them) !!!

Better start stuffing to fill that empty basket......soon the day will be done!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


These past two days have been just perfect August days here in PA....but I have been swamped in a pile of pumpkins and more pumpkins...I have an olde shopping cart in the store....a really nice olde one with two baskets - one on top of the other...I am determined to fill those baskets with my Pumpkin Pillows!! So the house is filled with scraps of everything you can imagine....fabric, fiberfil, strings and more strings....angel vine and excelsior - I work at my kitchen table doing most things...and when I am on a roll....nothing gets cleaned up - just pushed to the side so we can eat.....Thank goodness I am married to Mr. Nice Guy who puts up with my messes (for awhile anyway...when he starts eating strings he gets a bit testy!!) With being at the store five days a week, my "creating" time is limited, so I have really had fun these past two days that the store has been closed! I only have enough finished for one basket off I go to stuff some more!!! Will post a picture tomorrow with the pumpkins in the shopping cart.......

Sunday, August 24, 2008


All those (plus more) treasure boxes arrived at the store today! Mixed media artist, Mona Roberts, created these artful boxes for Halloween! Each one is so different and unique. She used vintage buttons, postcards, game pieces, salt and pepper shakers - olde photographs and pages from chronicles and books....I fell in love with all of them. They are different sizes and made from olde cigar boxes - selling for $20. each. My heart is getting so excited for our open is going to be GREAT !!!
Seems that we are getting lots of "OWL" items this year....gosh I am olde enough to remember when they were the "rage".....what goes around comes around and I am happy to be a witness to it!!!! ( now I wonder if I can find all those olde owl things up in the attic)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We captured the witch.........

You can't imagine how much fun it was to create this "Witch in a Jar", fun, fun! Having a crafting buddy to create with is the best. We laugh...give strange looks at each other... applaud, and tell each other how great we are "when it WORKS "!! Sharon, from Vintage Threads, is adventurous, daring, skillful and so much fun.....she loves "glitter" and anyone who loves "glitter" has to be fun!!
The pictures do NOT do this project justice at all...lots of orange and black glitter was used ...(I do not take great pictures...even with a good camera - which I don't know how to use) but the jars are in the store so you can come see for yourself. The "Witch in the Jar" class is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 13th...more info on our Website and Picture Trail. We will have another class for Saturday, October 4th!
The witch graphic was purchased from Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio - ....we have found the best graphics and creative ideas there! Thank you Gail for allowing us to use this photo that we made into a "witch" !
By the way, this is a good witch and she comes with her "familiars"...."Hoot" and "Salem" - they travel with her everywhere - her mystical broomstick is in her hand ready to take her to parts unknown.....the next post will tell of one of their adventures.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Halloween is a favorite the days go on my posts will most likely be all about HALLOWEEN and all that goes with it....the colors of fall, the scarecrows and pumpkins, owls and bats, gourds, acorns, goblins and ghosts - BUT my favorite of all are the "WITCHES" !! All goode witches of course - the fun loving, mischief making merrimakers!!! I know not everyone loves witches but hey....I don't like liver either!

Today Sharon and I are going to create a "Witch in a Jar"... this will be our next class....I will post a picture as soon as we figure out what we are doing!

....the sun is shining, peach cobbler is in the oven, and creating with a good friend is going to make this a most wonderful day..

Sunday, August 17, 2008


That is all it snap and I am in the fall and Halloween...(especially Halloween) mood! A lover of all things that go bump in the night...I opened my "bins" from last year ( you have to know I buy Halloween until October 31st for fear of not having a treasure from someone) - I discovered the bestest goodies. I will start posting them here so you can all enjoy....some are whimsical....some are downright scary...and some just make you want to spend all your money at The Cinnamon Stick (that was an unpaid advertisement) !! (big smile)!!

I started to put some of the goodies out yesterday and seems EVERYONE is in the "mood" as they were selling nicely. Even the displays they were in sold...bummer there....but I will get Tony looking for some more cool pieces. Gosh I love our store. It is fun and exciting and everyday there is something new and fun to play with. Is that brash to say you love your store? Doesn't matter as I was truly meant to be a storekeeper! I love our customers too....that is what makes working long hours all so worth it.

Today I will continue to change over the summer fabric on tables and benches to fall and Halloween - in preparation for our open house September 3rd.

All new items will be displayed for our "Open House"..I know the artists we buy from are working very hard and can't wait to surprise me with their creations....when they get excited I know it is going to be wonderful!

And wait till you see our goodies for the "AUTUMN FROLIC" , September 27th....when Turkey Hollow's handmade treasures will fill the store. Our first box has will be very hard to give up these treasures...Be sure to mark that date too as Barbara Young will be there to greet you!

Off to the store ...have a lovely Sunday....sunshine here....crickets are is sweet!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Carolyn was so kind to send me a picture of her fairy jar - she took our class last Saturday....and look...she placed the jar in her "Fairy Garden"....(she took that class last June) - Thank you Carolyn for all your kind words!

THE PARKING LOT IS DONE....PICTURES TOMORROW...!!! We can't drive on it for a few days but oh my how beautiful it looks. Just the thought of no more dust from all that dirt and gravel! Of course now I have to find a new place for my slateboard sign. I leave newsy notes on this slate - it is an olde iron display rack from a farm store...Tony hung some of his olde schoolhouse slate from it and we had it staked into the ground....don't think the Landlords would like that idea very much now! I will figure something out.

I am really thinking fall and started today to cut my fall fabric that I decorate with...hopefully I will start changing the summer fabric to fall tomorrow...this is a long process as I have lots of display pieces that need to be changed. I think I am still hanging onto summer a bit and even though most of the "Country Stores" are well into fall - I take my time and enjoy the change over. I will say I have some of the most unique and exciting fall and Halloween treasures coming in! Check out those "altered " shoe lasts from Vicki Schubert!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


ME...!!! I forgot my camera today - for the Fairy Jar Class.....I was so disappointed in myself...I never forget my camera...well can't say never anymore!
The class was wonderful and I have to toot my own horn....and Sharon's horn too.....TooT-TooT !!! WE DID IT !! The girls can all call themselves "artists" as they created the best jars ...the best fairies...and even gave us some new ideas! Of course one of the gals was a "graphic artist" can imagine the wonderful fairies she inspired....(XO to you Carolyn!) We served black bottom cupcakes and snickerdoodle cookies...along with Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade...a perfect afternoon of fun and creativity with new friends! Wish I had pictures - (a big frown is upon my face!) HOWEVER, they are all coming back to take the next class -( to be announced...) - we of course, know what it will be, but it needs some fine tuning and we'll do that next week! Pictures to come soon! Sorry about not having pictures to share.....:-(

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


If you haven't been to the store then you might think this post silly...HOWEVER everyone who comes to the store knows just why I am so excited.....WE ARE GETTING THE PARKING LOT PAVED....I attached a before picture (and believe me this is after it was all "smooooooothed out...!!!
The metal forms will be for cement curbing....and in two weeks they are coming to black top the whole lot just like the third picture...(that is of our far lot which is already paved!) NO MORE MUD OR more weeds growing up in the stones.....NO MORE STONES !!! Okay...I will admit it doesn't take much to get me excited....We are celebrating our 9th Anniversary here in the Hereford store on August 14th - and this is a great anniversary gift from our landlords...!!! AND....almost doors are going on the barn....we are going to look so pretty! :-)


I have finally gotten into the swing of "Autumn" and worked yesterday going thru patterns and tracing and sewing. This morning - (I am an early bird) - I cut out what I had sewn and still need to do my aging and stuffing. I will have a basketful of pumpkins when I am done. I also made a few small sacks - which will hold "Magic Broomstick Seeds" and the pumpkin girl garlands that are pictured. It is dark and rainy here in PA this morning....perfect for creating strange things that go "bump in the night" !!

This Saturday is our "Fairy Jar Class"....and we are anxious to have some fun creating together......just wait till you see the class after this! Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We have been busy (I should say Tony) has been busy harvesting our herbs and sunflowers so that we can take them to the store for sale. My porch rooms, at our home, delight the senses of smell and sight - the scent of sage dominates the rooms but there is a hint of rosemary and mint! The sunflowers are always delightful! The storms and high winds, a week ago, took their toll on some of the sunflowers so we are lucky to have saved these. I will take the bundles and hang on the olde beams at the store along with the Sweet Annie and the store will look beautiful.

This has been a really good year for our herbs and flowers....rain, humidity, lots of sunshine...and some prayers have seemed to make the plants just as happy as can be!

Today I will preparing for our Fairy in a Jar class - getting my car inspected - and since I didn't get ANY pumpkins made yesterday - hopefully sewing and stuffing. It is hard to be indoors when the weather is so beautiful - but here it is five days into August already and our Harvest Thyme Open House is less than a month away....exciting and scary that time is going so fast!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A beautiful Monday morning...

With vacation over and August on the calendar all I can think of is fall. I am always anxious to change the seasons.....too anxious sometimes!! Today I will be working on pumpkins in all sizes and hues! I have the most beautiful hand-dyed orange wool which will make perfect pumpkins to fill a bowl with or sit on a shelf. Many shades of orange homespun and repro cotton fabrics are in my bin to be transformed into pillows and Halloween ornies. These are my plans for this Monday...but ...if someone calls and says "Let's go shopping" - off I will go....(big smile)!!