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Monday, July 7, 2008


I want to make a cool picture on the top of my the altered art and mixed media gals do - HOWEVER I don't have a clue how to do it....the layering! I am sure there has to be an easier way than what I am imagining...!!! I am on a mission - time will tell !

It is a rainy day in PA and a good time to pull out the fall/Halloween patterns and decide what I need to make for our Harvest Thyme Open House...(September 3rd). We have another big event happening on September 27th...our "AUTUMN FROLIC" - renowned folkartist Barbara Young ( ) is coming again this year to do a personal signing of her handmade items. We had so much fun last year - Barbara is the sweetest and most generous person. She hails from Washington State and will come via "their home away from home" across country - visiting friends and kindred spirits along the way. Destination...THE CINNAMON lucky can one get! Much more of these "festivities" later....

Off to work.....


Saltbox Farm said...

would so much love to be there to "frolic" but, as you know...I'll be Marketing! Lucky for you to be getting a visit from Pru, and your customers too!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Judy I found you from the*Feathered Nest* I too am a Washington State gal.
I'm not sure what exactly the type of banner your describing but until you find the perfect image...maybe you could create your own altered collage of random favorite items that represent your,crafts, tools fabric,props what you're aiming for and then snap a(digital) photo and load that behind your tittle. I'm sure it will give you a personal touch with added inspiration. that's what I've done in the infancy of my blog and now I've got all kinds ideas for the look I'm trying to achieve.

Do you have an email address? I'd like to get some info on the mini farm tools and wheelbarrow that was pictured at The Feathered Nest. I've been hunting for the mini wheelbarrows for months with no luck!! Is this item available to purchase from you? Please let me know. Have a*Sweet* day.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Judy, I am coming over from Dawn's blog and wanted to tell you that the fairy garden you sent her is wonderful!
Check out the book, {A Beginer's Guide to Altered Art} A Leisure Arts Publication by Banar Designs. You can purchase this from Amazon. They sell used as well.
The book, Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmouth is wonderful too.

xoxo Nita

Luv Creating Cards & Keepsakes said...

Hello Judy, I've also just found you from Dearesrt Dawn's blog. It's one of my all time favorites. I have just started looking into the thngs that can be done with ditigal images and came across a couple of great freebie websites.
The are:-

There are another two websites that sell lovely ditigal kits etc they are :-

These are just a small collection but you could find many more if you search on google I'm sure. Once the images are downloaded you just have to "copy" and then "paste" into a word document and then you can play around with the emages if you click on your choosen image and then choose "format picture".
If this all sounds a bit complicated, I'd be glad to have a chat with you. I can phone free to the US (I'm guessing that's where you live though I havent checked that info out on your blog yet) So if you want to email me your phone number I'd be very happy to try to explain it to you.
Your workshops sound absolutelly delightful. It's a pitty that I live way way away here in France, otherwise I'd like to book myself and my daughter in for a class.
Warmest best wishes