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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Traveled to the Cash & Carry in King of Prussia, PA yesterday and found some interesting items. To my surprise there were quite a few vendors there but not many with the handcrafted goods that we sell. The furniture people were great but we don't sell repro furniture - the couple antique vendors were "show stoppers"...lots of great garden stuff....too pricy for us though. I did manage to spend quite a few $$$'s on candles, potpourri and some really cool wax items. I am really excited about some Halloween treasures we purchased from an artist from New York! I picked up some dips from Castlecreek Farms which are delish! There is more, but that will have to be a surprise for open houses!!!

Sharon, from Vintage Threads, is giving a class at the store on making a Yo-Yo Candle Mat - picture of the candle mat is shown above....The first class is Saturday, July 12th - all the particulars are on our website and Picture Trail. We have lots of fun projects in our heads and are putting them into motion right now. Time seems to go so fast when you are busy and have lots on your to do list!

Thursday we travel back to King of Prussia for the order writing at Market Square - hoping to find that NEW and EXCITING treasure...we are always out there looking for inspiration that sometimes eludes us! I visit many blogs and websites and can spend more time than allowable doing so...but there are so many creative artists out in cyber space that I have much fun clicking here and there and back again! I love the "mixed media" and "altered art" artists and would love to get into this more. Brenda - one of our artist, has been doing Halloween and Christmas altered art for the store for the past two years....and it has really become more popular with the "country gals"... we are planning on giving some classes (beginner's as we learn together) on this too. So there I am adding another "iron to the fire"....gosh this is fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy - stumbled across your blog tonight and enjoyed reading up on your travels. Sounds like you are having a great start on summer.
I am so ready for fall the heat is unbearable.