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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting ready for the 4th of July....

I love the fireworks...growing up we would all get in my Aunt's car (it was a convertible) and head out to the park where a great firework display would take place. We would sit on the hood and trunk of her car and watch the sparkles in the sky. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Valley Forge, PA. But never thought much about the history....we played in the log cabins...we waded in the creek and swung from the monkey vines while tourists visited Washington's Headquarters....I lived only across the creek and up the bank - less than 100 yards away...! Visitors would come all dressed up...wearing hats and their Sunday clothes (this was the 50's mind you)!! We would run in and out of the buildings....barefooted and dressed in shorts and tops, mud between our toes! When I got older we would ride our bikes across the covered bridge and right into the park until the Rangers chased us. Horrid little brats we were. The Rangers knew us by name so we really weren't that bad - cause in those days - woohoo - you KNEW how much trouble you would be in if the Ranger came knocking at the door! My grandparents were married in the Valley Forge Chapel and my uncle was the fire chief for many years of the Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company. We attended the Valley Forge Baptist Church and I was married in the Valley Forge Methodist Church - Valley Forge TODAY has a very special meaning to me...all the history - both Revoluntionary and MINE....!! When I had children and we visited Washington's Headquarters - THEY taught me so much as they stood in "awe" of seeing what they had learned in school. Yes, I love the 4th of July, the fireworks, the history and all the wonderful childhood memories. Maybe when next I visit my parents (they are buried in Valley Forge) I will stop at the park and revisit some olde memories. WISHING YOU A SAFE AND HAPPY FOURTH!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Traveled to the Cash & Carry in King of Prussia, PA yesterday and found some interesting items. To my surprise there were quite a few vendors there but not many with the handcrafted goods that we sell. The furniture people were great but we don't sell repro furniture - the couple antique vendors were "show stoppers"...lots of great garden stuff....too pricy for us though. I did manage to spend quite a few $$$'s on candles, potpourri and some really cool wax items. I am really excited about some Halloween treasures we purchased from an artist from New York! I picked up some dips from Castlecreek Farms which are delish! There is more, but that will have to be a surprise for open houses!!!

Sharon, from Vintage Threads, is giving a class at the store on making a Yo-Yo Candle Mat - picture of the candle mat is shown above....The first class is Saturday, July 12th - all the particulars are on our website and Picture Trail. We have lots of fun projects in our heads and are putting them into motion right now. Time seems to go so fast when you are busy and have lots on your to do list!

Thursday we travel back to King of Prussia for the order writing at Market Square - hoping to find that NEW and EXCITING treasure...we are always out there looking for inspiration that sometimes eludes us! I visit many blogs and websites and can spend more time than allowable doing so...but there are so many creative artists out in cyber space that I have much fun clicking here and there and back again! I love the "mixed media" and "altered art" artists and would love to get into this more. Brenda - one of our artist, has been doing Halloween and Christmas altered art for the store for the past two years....and it has really become more popular with the "country gals"... we are planning on giving some classes (beginner's as we learn together) on this too. So there I am adding another "iron to the fire"....gosh this is fun!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Our shopping trip was a complete success....if you call paying for your purchases as they are turning off the lights a success!! What fun to be with a good friend who loves just what you love...who is filled with creative ideas and so willing to share...who finds the best treasure and says..."I found it for you" !! It truly was a wonderful shopping trip. I love to go to places "unknown" adventure not knowing what the end result will be. We left early in the morning, traveled 142 miles one way to find the most wonderful antique co-op - The Roller Mills - in Lewisburg, PA - 400 antique dealers, and most were just what I love. Highly recommend to everyone!
Back to work today but that is fun too! Today the new book (third in a series) called A Simpler Time arrived at the store today and what a great job Judy Condon did putting this book together. If you are interested in seeing some wonderfully decorated homes - GET THIS BOOK!
I have an attic at the store that right now is a real mess.....this is where I store seasonal items, have an ironing board, sewing machine and stacks of patterns and fabric....nothing is neat and tidy. I am a "messy" crafter - but even worse is that I hate to clean up the messes. Soon we are planning to have some classes in the is a pretty attic (when I clean up the messes!!)....with lots of lighting and two small windows. The stairs are curved as the building dates to 1860...curved, but wide and a railing has been installed for safety. This is where we will give our classes - starting in July. Our first class with be making a Yo-Yo candle mat. It should be fun as the instructor is our own Sharon Nolan from Vintage Threads. (she is also my shopping partner) We made all our plans yesterday while driving to Lewisburg and are ready to put our kits together for this fun project. If you are interested sign up at the store.... as spaces are limited!
Do I dare take a before and after picture.......???? I think not....well maybe an after picture.!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


What a wonderful sunny Monday morning here in PA....the birds are chirping - sunbeams are filtering thru the trees - and I have gotten off the Merry-Go-Round (which I have been on for the past few weeks). I love being busy and having lots of irons in the fire....just sometimes it is fun when the fire goes out! Today is "catch-up" day with stuff I have pushed aside. BUT TOMORROW is a fun day! One of life's simple country pleasures is having a "kindred spirit" to have fun and shop with - I am lucky to have such a "spirit" living very close to me so we can GO when both can clear the calendar for a day. Sharon is always willing to go for any adventure...we do have so much fun when we take off - many times to parts unknown until we get there! Most of my "kindred spirits" live far away....too far away....and thank goodness for the "internet" that we can tell each other of our adventures and "finds" and good times! AND, every once in awhile we get to go on ADVENTURES together too!!! Life is "sweet and busy as a bee", but I have learned thru my years to stop and smell the savor those moments when the birds are chirping and the sun is shining....and to just "go" when a friend wants to "take-off" for parts unknown....will let you know how that turns out tomorrow!
The store is looking great - filled with lots of country goods - the herb gardens are ready to be harvested ...and we will have herb bunches for sale in the store next week...
The October, 1983 issue of Country Living had an olde "triangle" standing herb rack on the cover...Tony reproduced it for me "way back then"...and after much prodding he has made some for the store. I love it..great display for pieces of vintage fabric, candles and of course a great place to dry your herbs. The herb racks are in the store now for sale - just in time to fill with your herbal harvest - I think you will love it just as I do. Picture coming later in the week.
Today I hope you can stop and smell the roses - they are sweet as honey and as you smell the roses, take a moment to thank the honey bees.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Our weekend is Monday and Tuesday, when the store is closed....and just simple plans of cleaning the house, catching up on getting the winter clothes away and the summer all pressed and in the closets, is on hand... Summer came to us in a day a wool sweater was worn the next sandals and shorts...weird weather we experience anymore.

We had our second "Fairy Garden Class" on Saturday and it was a wonderful group...we had a lot of fun together. We also had our first "male" gardener.....He wins the prize in my book for being the best hubby and father! The story - Mom and Daughter signed up for the class....unfortunately Sarah, the daughter, had a prior commitment to babysit a family. Now Sarah is special to me as she is one of the "young ones" who loves the antique and country look....not many younger gals want that nowadays...but on with the story....Mom (Beth) was going to ask a friend when Sarah convinced her to ask her Dad as she really wanted the "fairy garden" to take back to college with her in the fall. First Dad so "no way"...but when he was told the story agreed to come...Our first man...and he was fun...attaching a picture so you can see how good he did! He offered up "shut-up" money to everyone...but hey I didn't get any so I can post away. Thank you Scott for being such a good sport...putting up with us silly gals, and joining in the fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Seems that I must have "disturbed" the garden fairies somewhat as they have certainly been testing me with the "rain" on my special events. It was a thunderous rainy day last Saturday for our scheduled Fairy Garden Class - but the "fairies" quieted the skies in time for us to play and make our gardens...pictured above. The gals in the class were so much fun and ignored the rain as it pounded the tent we were under! We opted to eat our picnic lunch inside with the threatening skies above - HOMESPUN WOOLENS & YARD GOODS - the store attached to ours - let us use her "workshop room" to enjoy our lunch! We have access to her store thru ours so it was convenient for us. Our store was once the storekeeper's home while attached to us is the original Hereford country store and post office (where Homespun is now located)...Kay has a wonderful store selling wools, country fabrics, all kinds of rughooking and punch needle kits and supplies....well worth the trip to Hereford...and a good friend to help us out of a jam! All and all the day turned out great and we had lots of fun. We posted more pictures on our Picture Trail.... take a peek - We have another class this coming Saturday and are hoping we have apeased the "fairies" and they will give us lots of sunshine...fingers crossed.