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Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day and white shoes....

Did you know you are not suppose to wear white shoes, pants, skirt etc. until after Memorial Day? Just thought I would clue you in....after Memorial Day you can start wearing your "white" gloves too.

Traditionally Memorial Day is cold and windy here in PA....but not this year...we are expecting to have wonderfully perfect picnic weather. No longer do we plan picnics as they always end up for the past few years Tony and I go antiquing...stopping at many "yard sales" (and there are hundreds) as we travel along. Not sure how far we will go this year as the price of gas is staggering....but I look forward to our day exploring ( and honestly he will take me wherever my heart desires without complaint) !!

The store is finding itself dressed in red, white and blue in celebration of the summer holidays. Flag pillows, prints and some very olde gauze bunting is available now with new items arriving each week. I have a wonderful olde quilt all hand sewn in reds, whites and is a cutter, but so much work has gone into it I just don't have the heart to cut it up for more pillows.....but then...sharing it with others would be nice too.

I hope you have great plans for the first holiday of safe and have fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm pretending it is NOT raining all day today.....

Not a very easy thing to do since it hasn't stopped raining all day - the woods are "lush & thick" with overgrowth...a good haven for the birds, squirrels and bunnies. Which brings to mind....what happened to the "turtles". I never see turtles anymore.....we use to see them when we took walks in the woods - many times we had to get out of the car to safely remove them from the road. I need to check into that....too many homes and not enough woods - some call that "progress" - not me!
To get back to my "daydreaming" (that it was not raining all day) - I played in the store having fun - creating little gift gardens, aged paper for Garden Notes, and made some "tag" type herb markers...I don't have a computer at the store or I would never get anything done except play - and I do enough of that as it is!
I sold a cupboard today - not that I don't like to sell big pieces .....but........what a job rearranging everything....finding places for all the items on top of the cupboard (thankfully I didn't fill the shelves). Storekeepers do NOT like "holes"....(an empty spot)....of any kind in their store and I am probably one of the worse - as I have to fill that spot ASAP or it bugs me. Mission accomplished thank goodness!
The rainy weather has put me in a "grumpy" mood so I made a sign today on my little slateboard "BEE HAPPY + SWEET AS HONEY! I'm trying....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This morning the sun is shining, although cool, it promises to be a most wonderful day. After experiencing a weekend of cold, damp and rainy weather - (arriving just in time for our Herb Faire) - I am surely pleased to see the sun! Our Herb Faire was rained on and improvising was the course of the weekend - thank goodness we have two porches at the store - as all the herb flats had to be undercover. Nonetheless, we will deem our "affair" to be successful. Greeting olde customers and meeting new ones is a "simple country pleasure" that I never tire of...and having them excited about finding a treasure to take home is icing on the cake! Speaking of cake.....our goodies were a big hit - the strawberry soup - delightful...the herb cookies - scrumptious - and the cheesespreads disappeared quickly! Lots of herbs were sold to make these recipes - especially the Rose Geraniums....what a surprise for customers when they find out what they are eating! Simple and Delicious - our Rose Geranium Cheesespread recipe -


8 oz. softened cream cheese
4 to 5 medium scented rose geranium leaves

Mince leaves into tiny pieces - add to cream cheese and mix with electric mixer till blended well.
Chill and serve - we like to use Pepperidge Farm butterfly crackers....the butterflies love the rose geraniums! ENJOY!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


We always have our Herb Faire Mother's Day Weekend. It has become tradition that some Moms and Daughters come to the store this weekend together. I love that. My Mom is no longer here with us but she will certainly be with me in spirit. She loved our little store.....was so proud of her oldest daughter - wish I could give her a hug right now!
I enjoy having events at the store and our Herb Faire is a fun one. Gives me a chance to play with making some herbal treats - (and get all fancy with pineapple mint floating in the Rosemary Tea Cooler.....and the rose geranium cheeseball completely covered with johnny-jump-ups)....I will surely take some pics and post them here. I made (and saved) some lavender sugar last year to use in a pound cake and this year we are going to have "strawberry soup"with "mint"....there was a neat recipe in the Wool Street Journal magazine and I can't wait to try it.
We pick up our herbs on Tuesday and will set up Thursday evening.....guess you can tell I am excited... It seemed like a very long winter.....and now it is time to play outside!