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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am looking forward to "May Day" here in is such a beautiful time of year - the trees are flowering - red bud, weeping cherries, apple blossoms and beautiful dogwoods. Rows and rows of tulips dot the countryside and the woods are turning that special "new" growth green! May also starts all the summer happenings at the store...Our Herb Faire begins Friday, May 9th thru the 11th. Lots of garden items and ideas can be found during our "Faire". The garden fairies have promised delicious herbal treats to sample - and have been supplying me with lots of fairy dust to sprinkle in your gardens. We do hope you can visit. Much work is yet to be done in the gardens, however the weather is not co-operating just now....very damp and rainy.

For those of you who know (and love) Fitzgerald, our resident gnome, he is no longer "miffed" at me and promises to do his duty in the garden....he has had a nice bath and is ready to greet you. Whew.....I won't forget and let him out in the winter again!!! Robin Birdwhistle is already in the yard greeting customers as they stop by - she is such a loyal friend.

***I was walking in the park one day, in the merrie, merrie month of May, I was taken by surprise by a pair of roving eyes, while walking in the park one day. ***

Not sure if they are the correct words but I have been singing and humming these lyrics all day....sing along with me.....!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Forty-one years of marital bliss - did I really just write that!!! What a journey we are on....April 22, 1967 - he was in the Army - stationed in Germany and for some odd reason we just wanted to get married..I think we were in LOVE !!! ..He came home for a 30 day leave...we married and off he went back to Germany for 10 more months. Forty-one years later we (I) have a stepdaughter -45, daughter -37 and a son 35. Eleven beautiful grandchildren from 17 all the way down to 2 years of age. 9 boys...2 princesses. We live in an olde farmhouse built in 1828 for 37 years and have been the owners of an antique and country store for the past 25 years.... I WOULDN'T CHANGE ONE MINUTE OF MY AMAZING LIFE. .......And today Tony took me "antiquing"....he's a good sport I must say!! Dear me I am getting olde and very spoiled!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring or Summer....???

I have been wishing for spring and we get summer - 80 degrees today.....hmmm....glad I wasn't wishing for fall cause then we would have gotten winter.....don't shake your head - I got an email from a friend in Washington State and they are getting snow !!! I will take the summer! Tony and I worked hard the past two days in cleaning up the gardens...still not done but getting there. Our Herb Faire will start May 9th and everything must be spic and span by then (wondering if any of the young gals know what "spic and span" means....and where the phrase came from)....!!! I have been working on garden signs and herb markers this past week - getting ready for the barage of customers who will need new "garden art" for their yards. (wishful thinking)!! The third issue of THE SEEDBOX newsletter is in the store now....filled with lots of herbal recipes for sachets - keeping the ants and moths away and giving your laundry sweet herbal scents. A little surprise is tucked in the newsletter too. We have been toying with the idea to reprint a little herb booklet that we published in 1995. The artwork is amazing and was done by MaryLou Jenkins - her first "country" attempt. It has lots of its and bits of herb facts helpful for the beginner herb lover. The booklet makes a really nice gift - might just have to make up my mind to do it. It is reasonably priced and given with an herb plant would be so special. (click on pics to enlarge).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Olde Baby's Shoe....

Tony and I went shopping last Monday and in an antique co-op and I found this wonderful little pair of "baby shoes". I know they NEVER saw a bit of white shoe polish. The patina was so original..not dirty...just olde and worn. I had to have them - and made the most adorable little pinkeepes with the pair. Do you remember "polishing" baby shoes ( I am that olde). My friend Barbara - ) and I had a nice little walk down Memory Lane talking about polishing our baby's shoes using the bottle of white shoe polish with the "nurse's cap" on the front that had the little square fabric piece that you used as the applicator. After letting them dry you took a soft cloth and "buffed" them - it was VERY important that the shoes be kept nice and white. It was HARD getting those high top shoes on your baby's foot...and I couldn't wait to get my daughter her first pair of RED Maryjanes....that is what getting older is all about isn't it...those wonderful memories. My grandbabies wear sneakers....good ones....but it was Stride-Rite and Buster Browns for my babies!!! After wakening all those memories I thought - now what !!!??? So these tiny little shoes will be preserved as darling pinkeepes - vintage fabric cushion, old glass pins and olde baby buttons on a safety pin. Have a good day today.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do you talk to the fairies.....

I talk to the fairies in my garden.....they are there - and although I haven't actually seen one, they do leave little signatures every day to let me know they are taking care of things. One of these days when I am "pure of heart" I know I will see a fairy - meanwhile I will do the best I can to keep them protected from the world of pesticides and weedwackers ! Little it's and bit's of fairy dust has been showing up in cupboards and windowsills so I am sure they are back from their winter vacation tending to my herb garden. I will make them a fairy house and add lots of odds and ends to make the work days easier. I don't see any signs of the Mother of Thyme sprouting in the garden.....I must be sure to plant new as this is their very favorite plant - want to know more about the fairies....??? Come take a "Fairy Garden Class" at The Cinnamon can be found soon on our website and picture trail....

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thought I would post a picture of an herb display....Orange Begomot (mint) Delicious for tea.

Still no spring here in my corner of PA.....going to get 4 days of rain. That we don't need. I did see some trees starting to "bud" and my daffodils are so pretty nodding in the wind...they look like they are just a "chattering" away to each I picked some!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Found lots of treasures today....good stuff - and all the herbs you see in the picture are headed for the store. The scent is devine....don't know how else to describe it. I have lots of olde tins and "unique stuff" to put the herbs in - the store will have a "breathe of spring" tomorrow. I do sell the bestest herb plants....from the coolest husband and wife that just wholesale to stores here in PA. They only have two greenhouses but they have a constant selection of ALL the herbs. I just love visiting there - they surely love what they do and their plants give love back.


It is TRADITION at THE CINNAMON STICK to write on our outside slateboard -
"EVERYTHING IS FREE TODAY"...and then inside on the slateboard behind the check-out counter it reads "APRIL FOOLS"....I am sure the customers are happy we are closed today and I don't put them thru that torture! I tried to "get" hubby this morning....I opened the door to our porch room and screamed....he just rolled his actress I am not !! Hope everyone has a good day today...I am off shopping - it is raining but going to be in the high 60's so let it rain. A day of antiquing is fun no matter what the weather. Picking up herb plants today too...just to bring some "early spring" into the store. A pot of rosemary or thyme is a simple country pleasure.