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Monday, March 31, 2008


Hard to get motivated on a dismal grey day like today. I am so into SPRING and it is just taking it's good olde time getting here. I can think of alot of adjectives to describe the weather today but luckily one of them is NOT snow!! I am thinking of herbs and strawberries....quite a combination! Of course some fresh pineapple mint leaves on a bowl of strawberries and cream does perk up my spirit! I did get our newsletter printed and ready to hand out at the store. Now it has to be folded and some are going out in the mail so envelopes have to be addressed - the olde fashion way - by hand. The forsythia is trying hard to bloom and a whole patch of daffodils are in bud...think I might pick a few and bring some "spring" into the house. Spring is trying hard to arrive....I am so impatient.

I saw on one of the blogs gals were showing off their button collections and all I could think of was my buttons....yegads....who has time to separate and display all their buttons...???....I am so jealous...the picture at the top is MY button collection...well - part of it....have more at the the same condition - all thrown together in a big olde tin...some real treasures could be found in that drawer! Maybe when I am REALLY olde, and not just olde, I will take the time to enjoy them more. Hmmmmmm.....maybe that really was a job for a rainy Monday.........

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