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Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Monday AGAIN already???

You know you are getting olde when the days go so fast and then the weeks ....not ready for the months to go fast yet !!! Tony went to his usual Monday morning auction and did quite well! A couple small benches, some child's olde garden tools, GLASS DRAWER PULLS... for Sharon our worker bee - (the picture at the top is how she uses them on all kinds of creations), a cubby with four drawers....this is going to be a really nice piece when Tony gets it cleaned up...a clothesline winder (two weeks in a row for them) a real nice dough board and a really cool olde wooden potty that is going to look great with a "red" geranium in it. Can you tell we are thinking 'GARDEN DAYS" !! There is more but my mind is blank right now. (Babysat our 3 year olde granddaughter this afternoon, an angel for sure, but I am still in 3 year olde mode!!) Since Easter is so early in March, and our next "big" event isn't until May - (our Herb Faire) the whole month of April is OPEN.....for something? I am looking into getting a few other stores in our area together to have "garden days" of some kind. Looking for a cool name to call it.... suggestions would be helpful and a gift will be given to the person who comes up with a fun name. So put your thinking caps on and leave me some comments or email me.... ........Thank you - Judy


sheepyhollow said...

I loved visiting your shop! I've been making lots of prim bunnies, they're multiplying like...bunnies! For your garden themed shop hop, how about "A Step at a Thyme" or "Teacups and Trowels" or "Bulbs, Branches and Blooms"? It's a bit early to garden in MI, but I'm soooo ready! I've been planting wheat grass seeds in every container!


Oh got my head spinning around...."A Step at a Thyme" is so perfect...especially since April is so early to plant. But I could do something "thymely" each week about gardening until the Herb Faire (May 8-9-10. Thank you! Gotta give others a chance - but this one is good! Love the Teacups and Trowels too...good themes.