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Monday, March 31, 2008


Hard to get motivated on a dismal grey day like today. I am so into SPRING and it is just taking it's good olde time getting here. I can think of alot of adjectives to describe the weather today but luckily one of them is NOT snow!! I am thinking of herbs and strawberries....quite a combination! Of course some fresh pineapple mint leaves on a bowl of strawberries and cream does perk up my spirit! I did get our newsletter printed and ready to hand out at the store. Now it has to be folded and some are going out in the mail so envelopes have to be addressed - the olde fashion way - by hand. The forsythia is trying hard to bloom and a whole patch of daffodils are in bud...think I might pick a few and bring some "spring" into the house. Spring is trying hard to arrive....I am so impatient.

I saw on one of the blogs gals were showing off their button collections and all I could think of was my buttons....yegads....who has time to separate and display all their buttons...???....I am so jealous...the picture at the top is MY button collection...well - part of it....have more at the the same condition - all thrown together in a big olde tin...some real treasures could be found in that drawer! Maybe when I am REALLY olde, and not just olde, I will take the time to enjoy them more. Hmmmmmm.....maybe that really was a job for a rainy Monday.........

Friday, March 28, 2008


The "spring cleaning" on the second floor of the store is all done (now if only I could get our home cleaned!) - The picture at the top is what the area looks like now - the picture below is what it looked like before I moved almost every cupboard, chest, rack and everything thing else in these 3 rooms. I took lots of pictures but everything looks so "empty" as we are waiting for our trade show finds to come in. Candles, handwoven tea towels and lots more should all be in soon. I love the changes....feels less cluttered and I have been getting good responses from the customers. So on to the next project. GARDEN DAYS! April will be devoted to the gardner - we will have seeds for sale, garden treasures - olde & new - herb markers, sprinkling get the idea. For the month of April we are going to publish a newsletter each week all about herbs, herb gardens, herbal recipes and crafts....stop in the store for your copies. Hoping to spread our excitement for the upcoming Herb Faire - May 9th, 10th & 11th. We are also taking reservations for our "Fairy Garden Classes".....sign up now!

Monday, March 24, 2008


I am working hard on the upstairs of the store...moving and changing everything....cupboards from one room to another....All the vintage textiles will now be in the big room - altogether - instead of here and there. Agate will still be here and there and everywhere - laughing as I have no other choice. I have "cleaned" up the barnwood walls in the Green Room (which can no longer be called the green room as there is every color in there now) looked all jumbled and really needed a weeding out....DONE! Now I have to figure what to do with all the "stuff" ! I should have taken "before" pictures but of course I didn't. Really didn't want to remember what it looked like! I got a good start on the rooms today and will (have to) finish up tomorrow. There aren't many Easter items left - lots of eggs - seems I go overboard ordering eggs of every kind. Put some of the Easter away today as I do that, the downstairs will have to get "redone". I have lots of plans and things I want to do....just "never enough thyme" is all to do with our Herb Faire and preparation for the planting season. If you want to keep informed on what is happening in April...sign up for our email newsletter at - and I will add you to our address book. Attaching a picture of how the upstairs DOES NOT look now.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Whew!!! Home again, home again, jiggity, jig, jig - My mom use to say that to us kids whenever we would come home from an outing - needless to say I said it to my children and now I am saying it to you! My daughter and son-in-law took a 5 day mini vacation to Mexico and Tony and I had the night shift with the grandboys...ages 7, 4, 3, and 2. They were good and so funny....they give me such joy....HOWEVER it will be sweet to sleep in my own bed tonight. Funny how "out of sorts" you get when your normal routine is nixed. I will be glad to get back to "my" routine....boring though it might be I miss it. I am very busy "mentally" preparing for the month of April....I have lots of neat ideas to keep everyone busy till it is time for planting and sprucing up our gardens. I am an herb gardener....just love them...Tony does the flowers (and the weeding) I am not particularly crazy about "playing in the dirt"....I love to reap the rewards however! I like to container plant and hopefully we will have lots of unique and one of a kind planters to share with you at the store. Keep an eye on our website and PictureTrail for the latest "happenings". Wishing everyone a blessed Eastertide.....Judy

Monday, March 17, 2008

Miss Wigglesworth's Candy Counter...

Thought I would attach a picture of our candy counter. It is directly across from our check-out counter and I HAVE to look at it all day....and I HAVE to sample every new candy that comes in....and I HAVE to go on a DIET ! The candy is all but gone for Easter but new goodies have come in that aren't shown..Chocolate covered pretzels (yum).....and more is on the way....lots of chocolate before it gets too warm to have it shipped...Oh is it fun to work here!

Friday, March 14, 2008


This evening my friend Barbara from Turkey Hollow Folkart had her first "sale" of her one of a kind folkart treasures and some early antique smalls - it was so exciting. I made a purchase...yippee for me! I was afraid my email would get all tangled up with the hundreds she must have received. I got a Folky Berry Make-do that I just fell in love with. Everyone should own a Turkey Hollow Original.... ( I have quite a few) Pay her a visit....and let her know that you were there. You will enjoy every minute.

The store has been quite quiet leading up to the week before Easter....hoping this weekend will be busy with Easter sales. We have some of the neatest handmades for you to decorate with or give as gifts. Miss Wigglesworth's Easter candy is just about gone but we have some other treats for you to enjoy......always those caramels!! Well..just wanted to stop in and tell about Barb's sale...hope you get a chance to visit .

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Monday AGAIN already???

You know you are getting olde when the days go so fast and then the weeks ....not ready for the months to go fast yet !!! Tony went to his usual Monday morning auction and did quite well! A couple small benches, some child's olde garden tools, GLASS DRAWER PULLS... for Sharon our worker bee - (the picture at the top is how she uses them on all kinds of creations), a cubby with four drawers....this is going to be a really nice piece when Tony gets it cleaned up...a clothesline winder (two weeks in a row for them) a real nice dough board and a really cool olde wooden potty that is going to look great with a "red" geranium in it. Can you tell we are thinking 'GARDEN DAYS" !! There is more but my mind is blank right now. (Babysat our 3 year olde granddaughter this afternoon, an angel for sure, but I am still in 3 year olde mode!!) Since Easter is so early in March, and our next "big" event isn't until May - (our Herb Faire) the whole month of April is OPEN.....for something? I am looking into getting a few other stores in our area together to have "garden days" of some kind. Looking for a cool name to call it.... suggestions would be helpful and a gift will be given to the person who comes up with a fun name. So put your thinking caps on and leave me some comments or email me.... ........Thank you - Judy

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Usually Monday and Tuesday, when we are closed, I am busy cleaning, grocery shopping and the usual "weekend" duties at home. Geez I lie...cause normally one of those days is a shopping trip for the store....THIS WEEK, both Monday and Tuesday were fun shopping days. Mostly Tony does all the antique buying, and me the crafts, but Monday we both went out to a favorite antique co-op and found lots of fun things. The olde nesting pantry boxes at the top were a great find and are in the store for sale. Then on Tuesday, Sharon my friend, worker bee and very talented folk artist and I went for a fun day. First stopping at a quilt shop "The QUILT BLOCK, in Lionville, PA. Wonderful shop for quilters....lots of great fabrics and the owners are so cheerful and helpful - I loved it there and can't wait to go back. Then off to Adamstown - The Antique Capital of PA - for a day of antiquing. We found lots of being the little pair of Maryjanes in the picture above....I purchased the notecards from "As the Crow Flies" at the trade show last month and when I found the little shoes....I just had to have them and make this sweet vignette. It is fun to have a country store...I am always finding something to excite matter how trivial or small I love it ALL !!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Open house is over and it was a fun weekend - the best was seeing olde friends that have been hibernating for awhile....and the second best was NO SNOW! I love when the weathermen get it WRONG! It is always fun to have a special event at the store - a party atmosphere takes life and everyone seems to "know" each other for a time. Sharon, a friend, worker bee and artist, made the best goodies....Mango pound cake, toffee shortbread (lots of chocolate icing) and peeps and eggs sugar cookies. Strawberry Lemonade was the beverage (even though it was cold outside). We just cranked up the heat and pretended it was spring - not hard once you walked into the store as the flowers (faux-but looking so real) were sprouting everywhere. The task at hand is to fill up all the empty spaces with fresh new springthyme treasures - and do that before we open on Wednesday. I did get some wonderful new "pillow bearers" in today from an "olde heart" Terri Leamer. Terri is a young gal with a passion for the past - and a love of history and preserving it. Her items are always historical in nature and the "pillow bearers" are such an item. Real Pennslvania Dutch history. I will post a picture and note all about these on our picturetrail later this week. Hopefully auction will bear us some great new antique items tomorrow and they can get in the store too. All and all it was a good week...I worked hard, and in a hurry, to get it all decorated - just to have it emptied - yes....a good week indeed!