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Thursday, February 21, 2008

One room down.....

and two to go.....What a job! Our store is an antique and country gift store...with special emphasis on handmade seasonal treasures. Moving just one cupboard is a major job....BUT moving a whole room...yegads!! After realizing where I wanted to place an olde wooden chicken nester (holds our votives) wasn't going to work, the whole plan dissolved and there wasn't a Plan B! Needless to say it involved alot of trial and error but I am finally pleased with the one room - haven't named it yet (I have this NEED to name everything - maybe it is more a!!) In this room are the candles, stationary and linens (tea towels) with antiques mixed in to make it look GREAT! Any ideas on a good is on the second floor of the store - all comments are welcome! The problem are the other two rooms...working on the big room but it needs alot of "tweaking" and that may have to be the way it is till the other smaller room gets "undone" and "redone". We sell mostly small antiques and it is starting to look like a "flea market" in that room....MAJOR OVERHAUL SOON!

On a brighter note, I am starting to put our spring and Easter items out which certainly makes the store look cheerful admist the grey skies. Fun stuff happening at THE CINNAMON STICK hope you can stop by and watch the progress. Have a good day!

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