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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready, Start, GO-O-O-O-O !!!

We are ready for open house this weekend.....although snow is forecast for tomorrow and that will surely put a "coldfront" on the festivities! Can't change the weather and will do the best we can with what we are dealt. Saturday is suppose to be great, and Sunday, so keeping our fingers crossed the snow will melt fast and go away. Everywhere you look - in every nook and cranny - there is some "spring" to brighten your day. Lots of beautiful florals, bunnies and spring rabbits are peeking from their hiding places...the hens have laid the most beautiful Easter eggs you ever did see, and the baby peeps are hatching in the oddest places. Carrots have been harvested and none of the chocolate bunnies have is going to be the BESTEST open house ever. Hope you can join us...."MERRIE SPRING"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ready for spring...

I am paying no nevermind to the snow on the ground and the chill in the me it is SPRING and I am going to do my best to bring SPRING to everyone who enters the store! I have Monday and Tuesday to decorate....make our garden on the porch....get everything priced and ready to display for Friday - Open House day! Miss Wigglesworth's candy has NOT yet arrived but I am sure it will be here this week - I will be sure to post a picture of all the goodies. It is exciting to redo the store from it's Winter Blues....into it's rainbow of pastels for Easter and spring. The promise of spring is in the air at The Cinnamon Stick - come get a whiff.....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One room down.....

and two to go.....What a job! Our store is an antique and country gift store...with special emphasis on handmade seasonal treasures. Moving just one cupboard is a major job....BUT moving a whole room...yegads!! After realizing where I wanted to place an olde wooden chicken nester (holds our votives) wasn't going to work, the whole plan dissolved and there wasn't a Plan B! Needless to say it involved alot of trial and error but I am finally pleased with the one room - haven't named it yet (I have this NEED to name everything - maybe it is more a!!) In this room are the candles, stationary and linens (tea towels) with antiques mixed in to make it look GREAT! Any ideas on a good is on the second floor of the store - all comments are welcome! The problem are the other two rooms...working on the big room but it needs alot of "tweaking" and that may have to be the way it is till the other smaller room gets "undone" and "redone". We sell mostly small antiques and it is starting to look like a "flea market" in that room....MAJOR OVERHAUL SOON!

On a brighter note, I am starting to put our spring and Easter items out which certainly makes the store look cheerful admist the grey skies. Fun stuff happening at THE CINNAMON STICK hope you can stop by and watch the progress. Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Two weeks ago we changed the whole first floor of the store...moved everything...the big olde gift wrapping counter..all the display cupboards - and it was hard work but I love the way it turned out. That made me discontented with the second is "overhaul day". I want to change one room which means all three rooms will need to (at one point or another) be changed around. Although new items arrive daily, the display pieces stay basically where they are planted.....TODAY that will change. I also plan on "springing forth" the store - which I know will take in reality all week to do. We are going to strip the one room - vacuum all the stone walls - and give it a thorough cleaning and hopefully what is in my head will work when we start filling it back in. Stay tuned.....

We went on a shopping spree yesterday and have the most beautiful spring florals to put in the store this week...and I am really excited about the cool fabric I found to cover tabletops and all those little places I NEED to have some color. I am into "polka dots" !! Will show you a picture when all is done. Have a sweet day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The start of another week....

My weekend is Monday and Tuesday...the two days the store is this "weekend" I will of course be shopping....(for the store)! Owning a country store is a 7 day a week and at the least 12 hours a day job. The best job to shop and find new and unique items for the store and it sure does fill the "compulsive shopper" in me. We are headed to Lancaster County - an hour drive with many stops along the way including my favorite antique shop - Pheasant Run Antiques in Parkesburg on Route 30 (thought I would share just in case you ever decide to go antiquing) Hopefully the treasure hunt will be fruitful. New items are arriving from the trade shows we visited the beginning of January and February - the picture at the top are new bunnies on rusty springs that just arrived....plain olde whimsey!!! Visit our website and picturetrail to see the new items as they come in. and

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Valentine Social....

The Social was a big success.....lots of good conversation, sweet treats and SALES!!! We always have a fun time at our events....would have one every week if we could! Attaching a picture of the goodies we enjoyed. It certainly was "all about chocolate"....the chocolate covered big girl lollipops you see are really chocolate covered cheesecakes.....OH MY OH MY OH MY !!! All our gifts recipients were called today and now they have to come back to the store to pick up their gifts.....hmmmm....some good salesmanship there !! Now it is off to start spring and Easter......AND I AM READY....Just hoping the weather will cooperate with our "thoughts of spring".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to our new blog...."THE SPICE CUPBOARD" (a little corner of our country antiques and gift store called THE CINNAMON STICK). We hope you join us often as we share our newsy notes, country observations, and all the fun stuff that goes with being in the business of "COUNTRY" ! Tomorrow is our 3rd Annual Valentine Social - we have a fun time pulling names from our old-fashion Valentine box (pictured above)....customers have been adding their names since the beginning of the new year each time they visit hoping to receive a special gift during the "social". We will serve yummy "sweet treats" - Brownies with lots of gooey icing and "candy kisses" on top, Valentine cookies, a Cranberry Rosemary jelly over cream cheese with butterfly crackers, a White Chocolate Raspberry dip with "tea cookies" and a refreshing Cranberry/Strawberry Spritzer to wash it all down with. A "token of friendship" will be given to each visitor this very special day. WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!!