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Thursday, March 19, 2015


All in a day's, creating, pricing, decorating,  cleaning, creating, pricing, decorating...!! That is the reason I love what I do ....never boring always changing!  New goodies have arrived this week - Easter workshops are all complete and now it is time to celebrate spring!  Hmmmm....what did the weather report say for our area....5 to 8 inches of snow the first day of SPRING!! This must be an early April Fool's we haven't had enough white stuff!  I shouldn't have put the snow shovel away.

Not going to let the weather get in the way of the springthyme magic that is happening.  The store is filled with flowers and all kinds of treasures for Easter and spring.  Great gift ideas - lots of baskets to create fun decorations or gifts (in many sizes and shapes)!  Eggs, bunnies and peeps too!

Some pictures of our last workshop - Easter Egg Wreath....we were all "a glitter"...literally!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Nine days till it is officially spring....seems like it is taking forever even though today is suppose to be in the high 50's temperature wise.  We still have mountains of snow, that is melting, but still makes it feel cold outside.   I am going to think positive and welcome these days with open arms.

The store is filled with springthyme and I am getting antsy to work outside...(yes me..who doesn't like to play in the dirt).  Lots of "clean-up" has to be accomplished ...never ending.  New goodies are arriving almost daily and I am loving the store - when I open in the morning I "smile" !

Update on Raelyn....she is still very sick and heavily sedated with complications from the it over 5 weeks.   The doctors and nurses do everything in their power but her compromised lungs don't always respond.  She is in the best place possible...Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...and Wendy (her mother) has not left her side.  We continue to ask for your prayers for our sweet little granddaughter....she turned 2 years old on March 5th...quiet celebrating until she comes home.

Enjoy your day and I hope you are getting a good dose of "springthyme" too.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


...of February is something to celebrate!  Yippee, Yahoo, Hurrah,  - what a month of frigid temperatures, pesky snowfalls, days of leaving early or closing the store altogether....YES....happy to see February come to a close!

Sounds like March is going to come in "like a lion"....whatever!!  The store is filled with Easter treasures and lots of springthyme is a happy place to visit!

We filled up two Rabbit in Jar Workshops in one day...that says a lot about "cabin fever" around here- smiling!!  I am working on another workshop before "Egg Wreath"....will send email and pictures about that soon.

Raelyn is still having a hard time getting those lungs to heal...22 days now at CHOP....I can't express the heartache and your prayers are most welcomed.  Wendy has not left her side and we are all trying to fill in when we are needed.  Pray for Tad he is keeping the other 5 children as best he can.

I am having trouble getting deliveries from (of all places) North Carolina....because of severe weather conditions...hugs to all my NC friends. believe me I fully understand!

Wishing everyone a great weekend...Judy

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

...a newsy note

Sharing store email sent yesterday....

THE CINNAMON STICKFebruary 23, 2015
Hi Country Friends,

Is it SPRING yet? (rolling my eyes as I look out the window)!!

It may not be spring outside, however, inside The Cinnamon Stick flowers are blooming, bunnies have left their winter homes and the chirping of newborn peeps spreads "music" thru-out the store.
                         YES we are ready for SPRING!!
If you follow us on Facebook, you are aware that our little granddaughter Raelyn is in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  She is in critical condition, the aftermath of viral pneumonia - your prayers for Raelyn and our family are most welcomed. (hugs)  Raelyn is a delight to everyone and we are anxious to bring her home.

The weather doesn't always cooperate with our store hours...if you are planning a visit and the weather is "iffy", please call in case of early closures.  (215-541-7907)

New goodies arrive daily as we prepare the store for Easter, spring and gardenthyme - it is exciting!  We won't be having a scheduled Spring Open House this season....between the weather, Raelyn and dock strikes - we are presenting our new wares as soon as they arrive.

I am working on two Easter Workshops and will be sending information soon.  Stay warm, stay safe and visit often!

                                    Mantra- patience is a virture,
                                          Your Country Friend,

Cadbury bunny is a pattern from Sweetpea Primitives.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


...the way we expect it or want it to go.  Our dear little granddaughter Raelyn is in the PICU at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  She was born with EA/TEF and two viruses have attacked her and turned into pneumonia.  She is on an oscillating ventilator while the viruses continue to run their course.  There have been ups and downs and I am asking for your prayers to help her win this battle.  This is our sweet little girl....she is fighter and has been dubbed "Sugar Rae" by my sister...she is a Champion...