We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Saturday, March 17, 2018


I am thinking it is time to start using our website to sell some of our wares.  There are "storekeeper items" that I will not need in our booth.  (my vintage metal price clips - and metal sign holders for instance)!  Everything in our booth must be priced individually with a code so the cashier knows what dealer had it for sale!  It would be silly not to sell these hard to find vintage wares.

I will let you know when this will start - I need to find a "clean" spot in my house to take decent pictures (not kidding)!!

The store is "almost" empty....just cleaning aids like the vacuum and all that kind of stuff.  I am hoping tomorrow (Sunday, March 18) will be the final day of are washed, cobwebs are down (oh my 18 years those shutter valances were up there and we NEVER took them down - I mean why would we)??  The fronts were "wand dusted" but oh my the backs...HA!!
And then it will just be the final touches in the powder room (can't take that curtain down quite yet) (smiling)!!

We are "loving" our booth in Morgantown - still not quite "cinnamony" enough for me, but most customers who visit recognize it right away.  Thanks for the compliments and emails girls.   I know it will always be a "work in progress" because I hope to never get satisfied trying to make it better!

Exhausted would be a good word to use for the end of every day (the days keep ending sooner too)!
It takes me forever to find whatever I might be looking for, even when it is right under my nose.  Once I get out - I will be on fire~~

Have a great week - and know that my Irish eyes are smiling today....HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I am starting to realize I "DO NOT" have a job to go to these days.  I have everyday to do what I want without any kind of schedule ( so you can imagine I am very disorganized and certainly need some kind of order)!
After working on a schedule - a must if you want to be organized - I have NONE.  I get up the same time each day, but no longer have daily book work to do..that feels odd but I am getting use to it.  So instead I stuff eggs, rabbits and pillows.....IF I have them ready to stuff (which usually means a run to the sewing machine).  Or, I make my beloved paper treasures...cut - cut - cut - little snippets for price tags and more.
It has only been 9 days since I closed the store....and I am already in need of a schedule.  I work better that way - I make plans and try to follow through.   On a better note, I am ridiculously happy with our decision to close the store - no regrets - I just have to get use to a new way of life.

Starting with our first "workshop" at Morgantown Market.  I wasn't prepared to do an Easter workshop (but next year I have great ideas), and since SPRING will be here (any day now), I thought making a "Spring Banner" would be much needed.  (to let us know the promise of spring really is going to happen)!

Go to our site - for all the information on this will learn new techniques, the best glues to use, meet new friends and have a finished project to take home.

Join us at the Market for -

The Luck of the Irish Celebration 

Saturday, March 17 from 10 am to 5 pm

Always something "special" happening at Morgantown Market!

Friday, February 23, 2018


As we prepare to close the store...customers are visiting to say " Goodbye" - it is a bit emotional. 
A little story...many years ago when the store was in Morgantown (before Hereford), a regular customer just retired from teaching.  She was 69.  After congratulating her and (being stupid) I said now she could take it easy and relax.  She just looked at me and smiled.  About a month later she stopped at the store and told me she had just come back from putting a bid on a Bed and Breakfast.  Shocked I said you just retired why would you do that.  She put me straight and I have never, ever forgotten those words...  She quoted "I retired I am not dead" !!  I finally know what she was saying and feeling. 

The Cinnamon Stick is not dead - and (fingers crossed) will continue to grow for many years yet.  We are just in a new home , a bit smaller and surrounded by lots of wonderful vendors with awesome treasures.   If you miss us - (no I will not be there every day but will always post on Facebook when my work days are - and when I am taking goodies to our booth) you can visit 7 days a week 10 am to 5 pm!  There are usually some fun events going on - Stacey (owner) has lots of energy and likes to keep things happening.  If you have not visited Morgantown Market then you them on Facebook to keep up with the news, and visit often as new treasures come in daily with the 90+ vendors.  

I am excited to start this new journey - to have time to go searching for new/old treasures and get back to creating.  

So, we are NOT retiring....we are just going back to the beginning and doing it all over again.  
Hope to see you at Morgantown Market - downstairs in the corner!!

Have a great day - sending our gratefulness for the past 18 years in Hereford....!!
Judy and Tony..

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


 Things change constantly every day we are open in the store....The "Attic Studio" has one table left in it and a rug.  Oh yeah one trash can and a clock.  It sure looks different that it did a little bit ago.

Ironically this is what I was working on today....but not for a get my spring goodies ready for Morgantown Market.  I will miss these fun times and hope I can get my act together soon to have some workshops at Morgantown Market.  

Changes keep happening...the UPSTAIRS is now DOWNSTAIRS except for a few odds and ends...the second floor of The Cinnamon Stick is now closed.  There are candles I need to bring downstairs (and find a place to put them (smiling)...they are ALL 25% off.

We still have lots of good country wares for you to purchase and I am going to decorate with Easter items and new goodies that arrived last Thursday and some arriving this Friday. so when you visit there will be something new to see.  I am planning on closing the store February 25th....unless the weather gets crazy and we miss days open.  We are not officially out of Hereford until March 31st., so if weather puts a damper on February...we will stay open a bit longer. 

Morgantown Market is such a fun place to be....honestly, you will love shopping there.  Vendors are super nice, management is excellent and will help answer any questions you might have.   There is such an eclectic array of treasures to be found...and if you leave without a purchase then you just were not in the mood to buy anything that day !! 

Our booth is coming along nicely....I am finally getting the "feel" for it.   I hope you will stop by soon and check us out.  
The "Market" is having "CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS" February 9, 10, 11th - this is a fun event so mark you calendars....!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


UGH!  The weather is not very friendly this winter - trying to make plans is almost impossible.  Weather reports are "screwy"....can't go by them.  I just have to wake up and say is a good day to (blanky blank)!! (smiling)!
The booth in Morgantown seems to be taking a bit more shape.  I have display pieces yet to sell in the Hereford store, so till that is done (or not done), I have no idea what pieces are going to our booth for sale or just for display.  We did some damage last week so may be (weather again) can move some other things this week.  My goal was to close the upstairs the end of January....get it nice an clean and ready for a new tenant.  Store is still available for rent. 
Meanwhile I am working on Valentine treasures and "thinking" about "Rabbits and Spring". 
Oh yeah and then there is the "Internal Revenue Service" to take care of...I was a bit lackadaisical on some of my bookkeeping over the holidays so that has to be done. 
Lots happening - Although we have the store till March 31 - We plan on closing the store February 25.