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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

...the next season

We are only halfway thru July and I am getting very excited about the Fall/Halloween season.  It is a favorite time of the year for me.  Besides the color palate of rust, gold, orange and black, I am needing a change in decor.

While others are tending to their gardens, I am picking fabric to make pumpkins.  So goes the life of a shopkeeper (now known as a "boothkeeper").  Each year those orange orbs show up earlier in the department and craft stores, teasing us into forgetting about summer and to hop on the train of creativity.   I admit it is okay with me.

My living room right now is filled with bins of fall/Halloween goodies.  Some in the make-do stage and some ready to price and sell. (patience Judy)!   I will do the turnover in our booth starting in August - not too much right away, so not to offend the summer worshipers, working my way into changing our space for the next season.   The challenge is, I no longer have "permanent" display pieces (well one or two), so filling it the way I would the store is so completely different.  This has not been easy for me as I felt I was always pretty darn good at displaying our country wares (I am not fond of the word "staging" so you won't hear me use it) and some doubt has me trying to figure that out.  All those years of having wood beams, ladders hanging from the ceiling and those BIG display pieces spoiled me.

Meantime, I am working on Halloween Workshops for August and September.  No dates are set yet - as soon as they are I will post them on our Facebook Events Page.

Enjoy the rest of summer, 
Fondly, Judy

Friday, June 29, 2018


O MY GOODNESS what have I gotten myself into now!! Since the close of the store I have (honest) been trying to get myself the most unorganized manner you can think of. Flitting from one project to another...and not ever accomplishing much.

Yesterday I decided if I want to get organized I have to start with "ONE" thing and finish what do I start with??? All my fabric bins...sorting them and selling the pieces that I know I will not use, or only keep some for me and some for sale. I can "always" purchase more fabric - right!! It is truly the lack of space, in this little farmhouse, that has prompted this...especially since we closed the Hereford store.

I moved all the fabric bins to my craft room (a tiny bedroom that you can hardly walk in now). It is time to make this room functional - #1 on my list. But, oh what a project this is going to be. I am rolling pieces by the yard, fat quarter and tons of smaller pieces that are quite usuable. Many really cool fabrics that you can't find anymore. All high quality fabric and pricing it to sell. This is what 3 1/2 hours looks like - YIKES!!
These are variations of blacks....(there is more)!!
Thought I would start with the fall Halloween pieces in here. Great for quilting, pillows and things that go BOO in the night. Next will do the harvest colors of Autumn....and pumpkins.

These will arrive at the store very soon....and will be in the white wooden bins. I promise all the fabric is in (although uneven) great condition and ready to use. AND, very, very reasonable..especially with the price of fabric now. Stop in and check it out for all those little projects you want to do.

Happy July 4th !! Judy

Friday, May 25, 2018


I have a head full of new ideas for our booth and not quite sure how to proceed.  I was hoping our workshops would take off and I would be able to sell kits and accessories that you can't find in the local craft stores.  Distress ink pads  - are not always available in the stores, and of course there are Tony's special ink applicators!  The Tacky glue that is my staple isn't either.  We sold these items in the Hereford store along with all that wonderful ribbon and the best paper pads.  (again this brand not available in the local stores)!

Where do I start....should I try at all?....start small and let it grow???  So many questions and as yet no answers.  Although I have ordered glue, scissors (honestly the ones we use are the best), and I am packaging up some ribbon and putting some kits together - in anticipation of making this work.

Not sure why I am tiptoeing around with this...certainly not my nature  - hmmm - naming this space may make me go forward.   (after much thought and rejections (hours) I got it.....CRAFT CUPBOARD!!  Simple yet combines all the items I hope to sell there.   Now I just have to make up my mind to DO IT!!

You know I have always said  I have an antique store because I want to be an antique dealer...sell gifts cause I wanted to be a gift store owner, sold herbs and garden treasures cause I wanted to be a florist and of course I had the candy counter cause I wanted to be a candy store owner.  I have always been lucky that I was able to combine these "want to be" jobs  -  am I adding another "job" to the list?
Morgantown Market has allowed me to do all of these within the confines of a much smaller space...that makes me a Happy Storekeeper! (well except the candy store - so I really "need" to add being a craft store owner to the "wanna be list"...smiling)!!

Feedback is always welcomed - it keeps me on my toes!
ENJOY your day,

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Weather, The Cold, The Positive Thinking

Rain, Rain go away - enough said!!

Over one week with a chest cold....getting old and quite annoying to say the least.

Old Glory Banner workshop was fun.  Only two gals signed up but that didn't matter - I think of our classes as a group of friends getting together for lunch, creating something special and making new friends.  I am surprised though that more gals don't want to participate.  Not sure how to get the word out.

Our next class will be Saturday, June 16th and we will be making another Americana decoration.  Red, white and blue paper flowers to display in a favorite vase or box along with our version of the old time tin sparkler" !  Remember that tin toy that you pushed a spring with your thumb and it spun around and around? (Google spinning sparkler toy)  Well this one of course doesn't spin but it certainly does sparkle!!

Hopefully we can get some new gals to join us!  Samples will be in our booth shortly!

Today was the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.....I did not get up "early" to watch it, but saw everyone arrive and oh my, those little ones were so special.   My blessings to this couple who will, I am sure, change many things in this world we live in.

The rain will stop and the sun will shine - my cold will go away -our workshops will be full to the brim - and the Royals will live happily ever after as they start their journey of changes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Celebrate America Workshop

Saturday, June 16, 2018
11 am to 2 pm

COST: $12.00
All supplies included and light snack served.

WHERE:  Classroom in Morgantown Market
                                                2940 Main St
                                                Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19543

Join me in making this patriotic bouquet of paper flowers and our version of the old time "sparkler"!
Always fun to create with old friends and make new friends.

Sign up at -  or Morgantown Market.