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(we are now closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


...but I didn't answer the phone!  Seems we were spared the white stuff but not the freezing temperatures!  What a year of "unusual" weather - (I am being kind)!!
This is the last few days to purchase Easter gifts....we will be open Thurs. thru Sat. 10 am to 5 pm!  Then....SPRING will be filling the store!! 
I finished the "gifts" for our SPRING TEA (wear your garden hat to receive one)!!  Now I have some work to do to get ready for our workshop this Friday and then make plans for a Mother's Day gift workshop.  More on that later! 
Wanting to wish everyone a very Happy Easter - We are so blessed ...

Monday, April 14, 2014


Is winter over and spring here....I am looking out my window and the woods are starting to turn "green" - slowly but it sure looks promising!
Daffodils are showing their pretty yellow faces "everywhere" you look...love them!!
The store has been busy and keeping me on my toes.   There are still some goodies to purchase for unique Easter gifts - some really cute bunnies too.  AND, don't forget our delicious dip mixes for your Easter hor'dourves !! 

I had the best visit ever Sunday with a Facebook friend - Gail and Paul McFadden from Manasquan, New Jersey.  They own a Bed and Breakfast there  - the Nathaniel Morris Inn - and I can't wait to visit!
http://www.nathanielmorris.com/   I only wished we lived closer, cause I would love to "hang out" with Gail...oh I bet we could get into some fun antique trouble !!

Maybe we could get a group together...stay at a B & B here and just spend two days antiquing...might have to work on that !!

Update on Raelyn - Her post op visit went very well - everything was healing nicely.  She is sitting up on her own and playing with her toys - and smiling.  However - she just doesn't like to eat...a big problem as she needs to gain weight - so please keep those prayers coming that she starts eating better.   Hugs to you...

Gail and me....
 Raelyn playing...
 ..our last wire egg tree...come and get it!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


      It's all about the birds and flowers -
Hi Country Friends,
After a  too "long"  hiatus we will start our workshops again.   Our next workshop will be -
                                          Friday, April 18
                                              6 pm to 9 pm
                                               Cost: $12.00
                                       (all supplies included)
These pictures do not do the projects justice as I wanted to get this email out today and don't have the supplies to make "great" samples here at home.  but by the 18th we will have lots of goodies for you to create fun Posie Pockets and birds for your Springthyme decorations.   We will make as many as time allows and/or supplies last. 

There are many pretty papers to choose from for the Posie Pockets and the paper flowers . (and lots of vintage buttons)!!  Ric rac and cotton lace will also be available to dress up the pockets.
The birds can be made using our many different card stock papers.  These are so much fun to hang or sit on a branch.  Perfect to put on your Easter tree or one of those branches you are needing to clean up in the yard!!
I will post better pictures by Friday on our blog  -----www.thespicecupboard.blogspot.com and our Facebook.  However if you are interested please let us know as soon as you can as there are only 6 seats now available.
Call - 215-541-7907 or email -  cinnamonstick@comcast.net

Monday, April 7, 2014

I KNOW, I KNOW...sorry!

This blog has always been a favorite place to talk to everyone who wants to listen....sorry for not being "talkative"!  It has been a crazy couple months but I think (I think) I have my "act" together and will be posting here with all the news.  (XOXO for your patience)! (Thank you Mona for kicking me in the butt)!! :)

I do have lots of news....first Raelyn is doing well after her surgery.  It will be a long journey of healing, but she has so much love from family and friends that the journey will be a lot less painful because of all the prayers from you.  Our gratefulness cannot be measured.

STORE NEWS... we are filled in every nook & cranny with fun Easter and Spring goodies...some you will not find anywhere but The Cinnamon Stick.

A SPRING TEA - instead of our annual Herb Faire, this year we are having a "Spring Tea" on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday May 18.  We will put up the tent so you can relax and have fun with others while you enjoy some "herbal treats" !  We are working on having a great selection of garden goodies for your "outside" living with some unique items.

The "hot" items this season seem to be anything "wire"....baskets, shelves, wall hangings.  Stop in and check out the pieces we have found.  Most are new but have such a great old feel to them.

We have been changing the store little by little to include more "gift" type items...hoping you like the changes - but be assured we will never change our love of olde and wonderful!! 

We post (almost) every day on Facebook - even if you do not have a Facebook account you can check out our page.  Just click on the Facebook icon on our side panel.  We post pictures of new goodies as they arrive....today we are hoping our 1803 spring candle scents arrive - you never know what is on it's way!   We are also selling new candles
from Briar Patch Primitives in "apothecary" jars that are absolutely wonderful. 

Here are some pictures to intice you to visit....
Easter goodies !!!
 ....burlap sacks - filled or empty to fill yourself!
 ...lots of spring florals in the store!
 Cooper Mill jellies...so good and a nice gift !
 These new candles are soy and burn great!

...and Raelyn - 9 days after surgery...she is such a little trooper!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


First, so sorry I have not kept up with my blog.  Time just seems to slip away and sometimes I just don't have enough to say. (if you can believe that)!!  I do have some news to tell you today though...

We will be closed Monday, March 17 as I am needed to get the grands off to school and stay with Trilby (2 1/2 yr. old) while Mom and Dad take an early morning trip to CHOP for Pre-op instructions for Raelyn.

New date for Raelyn's surgery is March 19 - please keep those prayers coming as two titanium rods are being inserted on each side of her body...from ribs to hips.  Very scary and very serious goings on.  I will be staying with them as Wendy will stay at the hospital until Raelyn is discharged...so I may not have computer time (unless I confiscate one of the grands laptops...(smile)!  However I will give updates as soon as I have them - mostly on Facebook as it is quick.  (if you click on the Facebook icon it will take you right to our page)!

A bright spot - the store is filled to the seams, every nook and cranny - with wonderful Spring and Easter treasures.  Most every day new goodies arrive so there will always be lots for you to see!  This Thursday a brand new batch of lavender potpourri will fill the store with great scents!

We are planning something different for our herb sale this year - sign up on our email list at  cinnamonstick@comcast.net , watch Facebook or check in here for all the news!

A new soy candle line is for sale at the store.....I am totally in love with these candles - we are burning one at the counter and it is fantastic!!  Honeysuckle & Clove !!  We will be adding to these scents very soon.  Here is a picture...in our new "Apothecary Department" -

 New Note cards for spring in the Paper Goods department....
 ..our new spring sacks for all your goodies -
 ..and "whimsy's" galore to tickle your fancy !!
As always, looking forward to your visit.  Fondly, Judy