Fall and Halloween galore...
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Sunday, October 12, 2014


The weather has turned to a true fall - chilly willy at night and early morning, then turning nice during the daytime hours...!!I MUST get out and harvest the herbs that certainly have given us a third cutting this season!

With Halloween fast approaching I see so many homes decorated - doesn't matter to me if they are the big inflated monsters and pumpkin houses, or the cornstalks attached to porch posts, mailboxes and lampposts....surrounded by lots of orange  pumpkins...it is ALL wonderfully beautiful !  October is going too fast for me...as I have to think of the next holiday....yes, coming too fast.

I am working on more Thanksgiving pillows (the first batch sold quickly), as I don't want this holiday to go forgotten by us.  We have wax turkeys - they look great - and some Pilgrim Sitters are on their way from Helen Voytilla.

And, here is our Christmas Open House flyer.   (click on picture to read)
and....our turkeys and pillows !

We also have the coolest brown bags (see in background) with a "Turkey" printed on front - great to give a small gift to the your "Thanksgiving" hostess and nice enough to frame !

Stop in the store soon as new goodies arrive all the time!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I know I have been laxed in posting BUT - with the new computer everything went "haywire"....upgrades are NOT, in my opinion, worth the confusion.  Determination finally won and I can now log into my blog without changing the password every (yes every) single time!!
So by now all the "news" is old news so I might as well let you know what it happening now.  Our Halloween workshops are over and Christmas ones are in the planning stages....HOWEVER...we are so enjoying the fall and Halloween in the store.  We still have a nice display of fall and Halloween....adding some Thanksgiving as fast as we can!

Will post Christmas flyer as soon as it gets printed.  Stop in the store for the Cinnamon Thymes Christmas newsletter.  MY seasons are colliding but it is fun no matter which one I am working on.

Our last workshop was making "Afterlife Fairies".....it was fun and all are sold that were in the store....will work on more today and tomorrow !  Here's a peek at the workshop and fairies...
...a really fun group of gals.

Prudy and Michelle...

...Cyndi making an umbrella

Dana...hold the skewer in the glue puddle...

Kim...dressing her fairy !
...a happy dead fairy!!

Afterlife fairies dancing in the light!!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Last evening a really cool group came to The Cinnamon Stick to "play and create" - and that is just what we did!!  Scissors were snipping, glitter was flying and sticky fingers were some of the fun happenings!

After a few instructions we started to put our jars together...not as easy a task as it sounds - however this group listened and did fantastic!  Really fantastic!  We finished in record time and had time leftover, so we decorated the "take home" sacks!  I think the girls had as much fun doing that as making the jar - lots of pictures to share.  One long picture explanation first - This is Mike and Maria who take many of our workshops.  (they are engaged and much, much fun)!  Maria has taken the Witch in a Jar workshop before so she made a "Mike" witch and Mike took a picture of Maria (they came to our last Witches Nite Out and I snapped a picture of Maria in full costume)  dressed from that night and made their own jars using these pictures. I am showing this picture first so you get an idea of how much fun and how much creativity goes on in our workshops!
(If you click on the pictures they enlarge to see more detail!!)

Mike and Maria - Mike (owner of Valley Forge Antiques) is in full Revolutionary Soldier uniform ( his passion and business)

Waiting for the girls (and Mike) to come!

Everyone is working diligently..

Sticky fingers with orange glitter - what could be more fun!

Mary being very patient waiting for the glitter to dry on her witch!

Lori and Cas....being patient also...!!!

Busy, busy, busy !!

Ta-Da - Dana and Pam's captured witches!

April's witch looking very festive with her glittery dress!

Lori and Cas....perfect students!!

Prudy with her finished jar - looks great!

Michelle...owls whooing all over the place....fun night !

Decorated "take home" sacks...

...and more

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.....just a big thank you to the girls for putting up with me and my camera!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We have 5 gals already signed up....5 more openings still available !!

(let's capture a witch...)
I have had several requests to repeat the "Witch in a Jar" workshop and am most willing to do so (it is a fun workshop)!!   If we can gather enough gals I would have this class -
                                        Thursday, September 18
                                                    6 to 9 pm
                                        Cost:  $12.  (all supplies included).
Even if you have taken this class before it would make a great gift for a special friend!
Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.  Email -cinnamonstick@comcast.net or call the store  215-541-7907 to reserve your seat.
Here she is with one of our "solar lids" shining down on her.  The quart jar comes with a vintage zinc lid - but solar lids can be purchased at the workshop.

Looking forward to another fun get together!!
Spooky fun in the Attic,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


After a very nice open house we are restocking and redoing the store to make sure everyone who stops gets to see the amazing goodies we have for sale!  I can't pinpoint what has been the most popular item we have sold..."everything" is all I can say.  I love this time of year and now "even" the weather is cooperating....(last week it did not..hot and humid)!

No matter if you like fall or Halloween...we have something for you to enjoy!  

Colorful faux gourds...
...lots of fall sprigs, garlands and wreaths

...a few olde crows

Many of our handmade treasures are exclusive to The Cinnamon Stick - handcrafted by our very talented artists.
...a sweet olde witch

...these owls do a bit of whoooooooing!

SOLD OUT but waiting for a new order....love Hector!

..pumpkin garlands have been a constant seller!  More coming Thursday!
There is so much to see, touch and smell at the store...hope you will stop by and take a peek!
                                                                      Happy September,