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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy Halloween

You Can't fool this olde witch...
Those silly witches thought they could pull one over on me....well I am one step (hopefully) ahead of them!  They have gotten together and planned this "shindig" at The Cinnamon Stick and thought I wouldn't find out.  (I am laughing wickedly)!!  
They have this all planned for Thursday, September 7th - thinking they can get away with lots of partying, as no one will know they are there to take them to new homes (where they KNOW they have to behave)!!  Just letting you in on our little secret so you can surprise them - oh much fun is to be had when they get busted!
This is going to be fun... 
                               *~*HALLOWEEN WEEKEND*~*
                                         September 7 - 10
                                        No Tricks all Treats

THE UPCYCLED NEST - is in on all this and is planning a few surprises of her own.   (she is as sneaky as me)!!

We will just go about fussing with the pumpkin guys and gals and decorating as usual...and then SURPRISE...oh how I love surprises!!  I do think the black cats are in on it but they aren't spilling the we are being very quiet!!

                                                     Wicked fun to be had,
                                                                Judy, Tony and Sharon

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When I count "backwards" to how many years we have been having herbal faires and garden parties - I wonder where the time has gone!  Our first was 1991, in Morgantown, at our little store at the end of the Mill Property.  I remember seeing "herbs" in Country Living Magazine and wanted to sell them - and we did (with much help from a new friend at the time, Lorraine Filmore - who guided me to the right place)!  The following year we met Alta and Glen who served us the best herbs for 25 years.  After their retirement last year, we made the BIG decision not to sell herb plants anymore (since we felt we sold the best) but the Garden parties must go on.

This year our "Garden Social" will be May 19, 20, 21 - no herb plants, but lots of great garden treasures for your home - inside and out!  The Garden Fairies will still prepare delicious refreshments and you may receive something special with your purchase (while supplies last)!

In the fall customers always say to me  "this is your favorite time of the year" but truly, every season is my favorite as they happen!!  Right now I am filled with the love of flowers and herbs and sprinkle cans and bumble bees!

I hope you will join us for our "Garden Social" and enjoy spending some time in the country at The Cinnamon Stick!!

Flyers in the store now~

Thursday, March 30, 2017


As the final days of March are upon us, spring can't be far away.  I am anxious to clean up the gardens, and instead of seeing the piles of dead maple leaves, to see the budding of spring flowers and herbs.  I am ready to make our "Fresh Chive and Radish" spread.  (mouth watering)!!

Easter is a little more than two weeks away and family plans are being made to celebrate.  We still have TWO little ones (out of 10) that fill our hearts with Easter Bunny joy.
There are Easter decorations available in the store that make it fun to decorate or use as a nice hostess gift - baskets, eggs, bunnies!!

These small paper crafted baskets are delightful.... $4. each!
Prim Easter Grass to make your vignettes really cool -
Lots of beautiful floral sprigs to fill vases, crocks and baskets... many wonderful goodies- stop in soon!

                                                                   Happy Spring - Happy Easter,

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Always a fun time at our classes....
Wednesday, March 8
12 pm to 3 pm
Cost - $12.00
All supplies and lunch included
Welcome spring by creating a pretty SPRING BANNER.  Many colors and paper designs to choose from.

Learn new techniques, meet new friends and enjoy familiar faces.

If interested in this class email or call the store 215-541-7907 to sign up.  Seats are limited .
Stop in the store to see just how pretty this banner is.  
Looking forward to creating with you!
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Friday, February 10, 2017



SPRING FORWARD... (no open house news)

There are four floors at The Cinnamon Stick - counting the basement and attic - all become very active at certain times during the month.  Right now the basement (OMG!) is "very" active!!   I am finding "eggs" hidden everywhere and am gathering them as fast as I can. The rabbits are getting restless in their cages as they watch the peeps squawking and scratching in a "free range" manner.

Controlling all of this is daunting, and I feel any day now there will be a revolt as they make their way up the basement steps.  (I will admit I am getting anxious for the "springthyme goodies" to appear).

Are you ready to spring forward?  Easter and spring, like everything else in the life of The Cinnamon Stick, will just happen. Pictures will start to appear on Facebook (love Facebook) as displays come together. New goodies arrive constantly (like the 18 little baby bunnies coming tomorrow), so stop as often as you can! 

If we can't have spring outside - we can certainly enjoy spring inside! 
                          "Tweet Tweet", said the robin,

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